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Shares 28 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-3-1 11:06
The old man had been twice nominated as one of the candidates for Moving China of CCTV, but was rejected two times at the end. 老人曾两度入围央视“感动中国”候选人名单,但两度落选。 In the appraisal through comparison of the nominees for 2004 Moving China, Bai Fangli ranked third aft ...
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Shares 27 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-28 13:16
Bai Fangli came from Baijia village, Cangxian county, Hebei Province. 白方礼,河北省沧县白贾村人。 He moved countless Chinese for subsidizing nearly 300 poverty ‐ stricken students with the ¥ 350,000 earned by pedaling his tricycle transporting passengers from 74 ...
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Shares Introduce a girl to my little brother
wangjide01 2019-2-27 18:22
My little brotherstillsingle at the age of 32, athough I don't think it's a big problem in the current world. But my parents who are both farmers worried about that very much. Andthere are no any indications that he will try his best to get a g ...
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Shares 26 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-27 14:12
The past ideals of fame and position have lost their attractions to me. I never envy other people ’ s possession of wealth, beauties and power any more. I ’ m satisfied with my circumstances at present. The only hope I have is to live healthily until a peaceful and natural death. I witne ...
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Shares Bad News
douglas-baily 2019-2-26 22:14
It is really a disappointed announcement that big boss announced in monthly communication meeting today. Of course, the disappointed news that the pay rise will be cancelled temporary which should be scheduled in Feb. as to whether have the opportunity of salary increase will ...
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Shares Take my umbrella
teadrinking 2019-2-26 21:48
This evening, it started raining again. The umbrella I have always had it in the briefcase, so I did not care too much and just took it out and went all the way to the subway station. The weather does not stop the enthusiasm for the stock market. The Shanghai and Shenzhen index has so ...
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Shares Where is the sun
teadrinking 2019-2-25 22:16
Where is the sun? The sun is over there in the universe. Now it is covered by clouds and I can not see it for the time being. For months, the sun has not come out frequently. On the contrary, it rains a lot. Tomorrow is said to be rainy again. It has no sign the rain will stop soon. ...
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Shares Is it necessary to have a car?
wangjide01 2019-2-25 18:50
My second child birth at the beginning of 2018. So buying a car became a topic in my family although I don't think it's not so convenient as it seemed. Itake partin a drivertraining classand got my driver license in the end of 2018, ...
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Shares 25 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-25 13:53
I ’ ve been absent here for a whole fortnight without writing diaries since mother came down with lumbago. She can’t take care of herself any more. I have to look after her all day long. Last week I took a leave from work to care for my sick mother. I think I should work this week with mother ...
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Shares Poor sun
teadrinking 2019-2-24 21:56
This weekend is sunny. Finally, the sun comes out. While the bad news is it will rain again the day after tomorrow and it will not end till in the next early month. So I went out this evening to run around. I have not done outdoors workout for more than two weeks as of the Spring Festival. And I d ...
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