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Shares My first English blog
Kevin.shen 2023-11-2 23:13
It's my first time to write English blog. I want to improve my English.
75 views|1 replies Hot 1
Shares Trip From Past to Future
teadrinking 2023-11-2 13:01
Looking back at the past evokes a sense of nostalgia, serving as a mirror reflecting our personal growth and revelations. Delving into history, with its blend of mistakes and victories, offers a canvas for shaping a better tomorrow. It's an expedition towards a more refined and promising future—a ...
74 views|0 replies
Shares Fine Day in November
teadrinking 2023-11-1 15:59
The unyielding brilliance of the sun sculpts an atmosphere where warmth becomes an art form, redolent of the pinnacle of summertime. It flawlessly complements the landscape bedecked with a mosaic of golden and crimson leaves, summoning the wistful echoes of autumn's spirit. This exquisite fusion o ...
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Shares 1 November
Sumingyu 2023-11-1 12:05
Now fell heavily the first snow. Beforehand none should know. It could cause troubles to ride. But I put inconvenience aside. 2 November At present this road is very clean. In shadow snow still can be seen. Only pines keep intact and green. Others all fade away from screen. 3 November Large ...
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Shares Timer in Every Tick
teadrinking 2023-10-31 18:04
As the river of time weaves its threads, it becomes the undeniable evidence of your continual growth, a living testament to your never-ending evolution. It stands as a testament to the vast distance you've traveled from the fragility of your former self. With every passing second, you're not merel ...
76 views|0 replies
Shares Breakthrough After Action
teadrinking 2023-10-29 09:53
In the palace of the mind, thoughts and ideas flicker into existence, shimmering briefly before fading into oblivion unless they're given purpose or closure on their destiny. They possess an uncanny power—left to their own devices, they either evaporate into the ether or establish an unyielding s ...
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Shares What to Say When I come back here again?
freefu55 2023-10-29 02:28
Toolong since I left here. Also, too many pages writing I have posted here. I am a person with huge energic passion, when I fix a goal, I will try no effort to complete it. Ambition is growing when I am in youth, but now, I can accept more things especially my common. To be common is not a bad ...
105 views|1 replies Hot 1
Shares Mind Sculpting Through Writing
teadrinking 2023-10-28 13:59
Expressing thoughts orally allows for a spontaneous outpouring of ideas. Words flow freely, sentences might remain incomplete, yet as long as everyone comprehends, the communication serves its purpose. Verbal exchange prioritizes speed, and efficiency is evident in live interactions. Howev ...
90 views|0 replies
Shares Ultimate Meaning of Words
teadrinking 2023-10-27 21:54
The ultimate purpose of words is to record and convey information. They transcend the physical realm of spoken language, allowing information to spread widely on a spiritual level, while also enhancing the efficiency and precision of human communication. Words are like seeds that can grow into tow ...
83 views|0 replies
Shares 2023-10-27
Dempsey 2023-10-27 14:25
When the dear words of others are projected like a beam of light into my heart, where certain passions have been dormant for a long time, certain seeds of thoughts not even realized by myself are awakened by this light to make their first buds sprout and the flowers bloom. The pleasure of being to ...
81 views|0 replies


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