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Shares wish
sys 2023-2-25 14:55
I sent a application to get a position to other countries as a volunteer to teach Chinese . actually I am weak of the qualication to be one of them . I am worried to lost the chance . After the test for high school qualification , I will focus on the preparatio ...
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Shares 24 February
Sumingyu 2023-2-24 10:08
No filial son by parents sick long. I start to sing a depressive song. Something unluckily goes wrong. And we could no more get along.
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Shares Stand right
teadrinking 2023-2-22 20:24
Self-learning is not just for the improvement of skills but also the better cognition of life value. No matter how much you have mastered, you never understand everything. In the ocean of knowledge and the vast range of experience in reality, you merely get to know something specific in certa ...
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Shares 22 February
Sumingyu 2023-2-22 11:16
Time would fly fast in sleep, Which is light and not deep. As mother requires to ease, I help with what she needs.
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Shares About Logical Thinking
Xtasy 2023-2-21 19:22
I’ll begin this journal with a riddle: “A father and his son get into a car accident. The man dies instantly, and the son gets taken to the emergency room. The surgeon takes one look down at him and says, "I can't operate on him, he's my son!" How is this possible?” ...
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Shares Circle
teadrinking 2023-2-20 22:55
Everyone is the center of a circle of his or her own. Anything around might possibly become part of that circle. The accumulation of life experience, including knowledge, career, social connection and status, etc., would be the determination of how large the circle could be like. Every single circl ...
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Shares 20 February
Sumingyu 2023-2-20 10:15
I haven't cycled for quite long, Never thinking as ever strong. I am really man aged and old. That's certainly sign to unfold.
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Shares Nowhere on weekends
teadrinking 2023-2-19 22:40
Weekends plus the ideal weather, people flocked into scenic spots. Parking lots were already fully crammed with cars in the early morning. In that condition driving was unwise while hiking around would be an optimal alternation. No matter how crowded it was going be like, it just hardly stopped peo ...
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Shares Put away fantasy
teadrinking 2023-2-18 20:36
The best choice to win initiative is to do it right away in any event thus the possibility of success is getting whoppingly higher. Not a thing is there stationaryto wait for you. So, only can we do is to step out and go for what we want. Such an easy theory that almost everyone understands w ...
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Shares Wait in patience
teadrinking 2023-2-17 21:11
Neither too cold nor too warm, anyway the nascent spring is just at the beginning for a better start. And this special moment that everyone should be aware of warmth keeping otherwise it is easy to be sick due to the severe fluctuation of temperatures changing. Even we can predict what is the weath ...
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