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Shares 3 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-3 16:48
A long time has passed since the last time I went to the market buying vegetables because our garden can supply more than what we need. 園圃菜蔬足,市肆久不顧。 The leaves of some radish seedlings have almost been gnawed away by the insects. Then I diluted some insecticide with water ...
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Shares Sleepless Night - reinstate
phoebeJINGZI 2019-8-3 08:45
Last night, I cannot go into sleep well since taking a shower on 3:00am and also by the snoring, nothing eles to do but to browser the Weibo as usual; unconsciously waste to much time on that already but nothing to get on physical, affected easily by others in Web, maybe ...
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Shares Enjoy our life every day!
Translator 2019-8-2 21:05
How time flies! Half of the summer vacation is over. I was troubled by my two children's illness the other day. Fortunately, with the care of us,the two babies have recovered . I amreally relieved now. Today is a rainy day . My husband went to work early in the morning. We h ...
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Shares 2 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-2 10:53
He had been out for sixteen years without contacting his mother, wife and son. 一去十六載,妻子母相絕。 He barely managed to survive in a strange land, concealing his identity and passing every day in anxiety. 他鄕且偷生,隱名日惶惶。 He had fled at once to far - ...
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Shares Invitation letter
Rosanna 2019-8-2 09:10
Invitation letter
Dear Li Juan My whole family is excited about your visit. We are eager to know how long you will be staying with us. As you know, you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. We have a spare room for you and would love your company. Don’t worry about finding my house, because I wi ...
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Shares Success belongs to the persevering.
Translator 2019-8-1 22:57
Everyone wants to be a successful man one day. I saw a blog today, which is about success. It tells us successful people must have a lot of certain good qualities in their early life, such as honest, industry,enthusiasm,thrift and so on. I am completely agre ...
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Shares 1 August 2019
Sumingyu 2019-8-1 10:38
The downpour last night had not been predicted by the forecast earlier. How numerous the things are beyond our expectations ! 未報將雨雨滂沱,世事難料何其多 ! It ' s as cool as in the autumn this morning. Who can bear the chill outside in a T - shirt ? 今朝凉意恍 ...
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Shares A Northward Journey
Sumingyu 2019-7-31 16:12
A Northward March 北征 In the autumn of the second year under the reign of Emperor Suzong, i.e. on the first day of the leap month after the eighth by the lunar calendar, 皇帝二載秋,閠八月初吉。 I ' ll head north for a wartime trip home . 杜子將北 ...
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Shares Busy with upset
douglas-baily 2019-7-30 22:08
The bad mood is always around me and it even impacts my daily life. Sometimes, I am wondering whether I can't manger my own time so that I feel busy with upset, or can I keep a better status as before. No doubt, recently the workload makes me coking so that I couldn't help s ...
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Shares My birthday
Rosanna 2019-7-30 11:33
My birthday
I am leo, Yesterday was July 29 that was my day, the day of each year for sure big dinner, gifts and happy hour which is my time I do whatever I like, such as SPA or full set massage that is my favorite. Luckily at the early morning of yesterday had rain heavily, erase extremely ho ...
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