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Shares Lose weight
douglas-baily 2019-1-3 23:02
During the past of 2018, everything seems like to be as usual except my increasing weight. To be frank, I never worry about my weight, because I always think the weight is not a big problem to a man as long as the weight is not over standard too much. Based on this kin ...
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Shares 2 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-3 21:54
Now all the three colleagues of mine promoted to senior teacher have made a monetary sacrifice to ease the envy of others. For their monthly pay has been raised over 1,000 yuan, quite above the others. First, Mr W was required to hand in ¥ 1,000 for all the staff to take a dinner at a hot ...
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Shares The High School Reunion
jeffrey0301 2019-1-2 23:12
For most people, attending high school reunions is a problem because they become unfamiliar with each other after many years had past. As time goes by, memories of good old days seem to vanish away. There is no more common ground for the rich and the poor. Different people have different focuses so ...
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Shares 1 January 2019
Sumingyu 2019-1-1 23:52
Major domestic events in 2018 1 A girl named Zhou Yang died two months after taking the cancer-fighting drugs produced by the Quanjian Company, a giant in the field of health care. 2 A girl in Shenzhen aroused great concern as a victim of domestic violence. 3 In Heze the restricti ...
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Shares New year
teadrinking 2019-1-1 23:18
First day in the year 2019. Everything goes as usual. We more or less receice and offer some wishes. That is sweet to have news from friends, even though we do not often contact. Last night, many guys stayed late for the celebration of the coming new year. End of the three-day new yea ...
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Shares How can I get there
freefu55 2019-1-1 16:13
The year tow thousand and eighteen has just passed away, we are standing in the same point of time again, who will be the next star in nineteen, and who will make huge success in the following time, is just an answer unknown. We may have too many fantasies, this are the destinations we conquer ...
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Shares Reading the Thorn Birds
Lanie 2019-1-1 00:58
Reading the Thorn Birds
I have no idea how many times I have started reading the Thorn Birds. But then every time I stopped reading, not even half way through the book, for various reasons. The renowned book is written by Colleen Mccullough (1937~2015). According to Wikipedia, “the novel is the be ...
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Shares 31 December 2018
Sumingyu 2018-12-31 23:54
Comrade W had been stationed as a guard on the little island defending our country for thirty - two years. Without any regrets at his rigid adherence to duty, he had lived a life of usual brilliance at his ordinary post. We should make every effort to initiate this spirit of patriotic dedicati ...
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Shares Last day in 2018
teadrinking 2018-12-31 21:28
Last day in 2018
Today is 31st December, the last day in 2018. The snow stopped this morning and soon it melted out and the air is quite clean and cold. As always we smoothly say goodbye to the past and the new year comes in silence. This year, the domestic stock market is down by 25 precent. Many int ...
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