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Shares Where am I standing now?
freefu55 2019-5-2 20:32
Years are gone without fruitfullness, friends went as well, expeirencing the life, I grow mature than before, not long before now, I will attain my aim as I have planed and see it will come ture.
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Shares 2 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-2 16:20
As the saying goes, parents are the first teachers of their children. But in the case recounted here, the parent and his daughter switched their roles. The father was judged as a drunken driver, but he denied it and lied to the police that it had been his nephew who had driven the car. Because ...
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Shares Translate an article of my colleague : Who Pulled the Fuse Out?
Antique.Luc 2019-5-1 22:51
" Around 10 a.m., power cut took place, which is a common thing in Djibouti. And then, self-provided diesel generator was launched automatically so there was no influence to us. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I went downstairs and saw that Ahmed our Ethiopian guard was talking to me with fi ...
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Shares Say Hello in Djibouti
Antique.Luc 2019-5-1 22:42
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Shares 1 May 2019
Sumingyu 2019-5-1 17:59
Life is the best teacher. No one ever told me to be thrifty, but I accomplish the virtue of frugality for the hardship in my early years. It ' s a pity to see so many foods and daily essentials going to waste. Then I couldn’t help becoming a scavenger. Without experiencing the shortage of m ...
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Shares 30 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-30 10:43
Most children and adolescents are not happy today although they need not worry about food and clothing. Every day they live under high pressure because their parents have great expectations for their future. They have to study all day long for the admittance to some prestigious universities. B ...
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Shares What a mess
douglas-baily 2019-4-29 22:00
I am on very bad mood, not only the big pressure around me but I am not happy with myself. In a word, I felt exhausted during the past two weeks, I can't find any happiness among daily working except tons of work surround me. Sometimes I would like to escape from the really ...
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Shares 29 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-29 14:16
Mencius once said one would survive in adversity and die of a soft life. And there is another saying, to spoil a child is to kill it. These contentions have proved true even today. Almost every couple try their best to bring up their only child without grudging any time and money. They satisfy ...
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Shares Financial management
Rosanna 2019-4-29 12:12
Financial management
I am not good at my money management even I was an accountant in my life, Most of money in my family was controlled and conducting by Tiger, that’s why sometime he is complain me only focus on accommodation, nothing else. Yes I am not a scheming woman, very simple and fully trust on Tiger wh ...
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Shares 2019-04-29
bluephoebe 2019-4-29 11:50
Yesterday I did something very special albeit sounds a little bit silly thing. I walked about 20 minutes to a post station and sent a letter to an online friend by regular mail. The girl at the station threw me a kind of curious look but she didn't say anything. There was no stamp, and th ...
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