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Shares My English Teacher
Dempsey 2021-3-28 20:20
I would still call her "Miss"after ninety-nine years. She is beautiful and warm. That is the reason of her youth. Everyone knows it, much less toadmit. I reckon that she doesn't have as much memory about me as before, because she has decreasing share for each student out o ...
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Shares 28 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-28 12:49
What a bright sunny sky! The wet fields might dry. Soon the clouds float by And cover heaven’s eye.
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Shares My Cousin
Dempsey 2021-3-27 16:28
My younger male cousin has walked into the most famous middle school in Beijing. Yesterday his mother sent me a page in WeChat with a sketch, a photo and an audio recitation. In it my cousin says he favors Emily Dickinson, the one of whose poems he regards as a beautiful piece and recites. &nbs ...
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Shares Strike Balance
douglas-baily 2021-3-27 13:17
We have to cancel the activity of picking up strawberries with kids due to light rain outside. As an alternative, we made an interim decision that taking kids to indoor playground, normally, we spend the whole day with kids on weekends and try to strike balance between work and life. Now ...
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Shares 27 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-27 11:36
Dad’s cemetery is located far away. I went before Tomb Sweeping Day, Adding some soil to the tiny grave, Wishing his soul peace in the cave.
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Shares Routine of daily life
Rosanna 2021-3-26 10:08
Routine of daily life
I am so happy to know that the opening hours of the fitness which is at our community is starting at 7am early morning from this week, I can get right my normal exercise as before. Since condone-virus pandemic it was closed for some months and then it changed the opening hour from 9.30a ...
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Shares 26 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-26 08:18
At the sunny foot of our bungalow, New grass makes a pleasant show. It's quite known as angel of spring. How glad to see it come into being!
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Shares Recent Days
Dempsey 2021-3-25 22:27
Recently I ’ ve been told that I should command myself to do things, when I feel forced by my own mental problem not to do them. I feel desperately difficult to actualize that, because I am too stubborn with it that the difficulties can be solved in a surprising moment. A friend told me that E ...
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Shares 25 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-25 08:22
He pressed forward in the dark, And heard some rural dog bark. He climbed to see an old friend, And didn't meet him in the end.
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Shares Forced to be a trouble maker
bluephoebe 2021-3-24 14:33
Yesterday I spent a whole day at hospital, from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm, finishing a mission impossible---to buy the medicine I need to curb my cancer. “How hard could it be?”” You are thinking too much.” “You complicate things, like always. “Before we go to the ho ...
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