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Shares The strategic pass
Sumingyu 2019-7-29 12:02
Head of the strategic pass named Tongguan 潼關吏 How busily the soldiers are building fortifications at the Tongguan Pass ! 士卒何草草,築城潼關道。 The old fortresses are stronger than those forged in iron ; the new ones are over ten thousand zhang high. ...
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Shares Busy
douglas-baily 2019-7-25 23:54
The real tough time began last week and it would continue to the following two week at least, even all machines will be arriving in the following weeks, but, employee recruitment has not started yet. That means, we have enough manpower to follow up these machines. I thought ...
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Shares A sad parting
Sumingyu 2019-7-25 12:07
An aged recruit parted from his wife 垂老别 The continued war here and there keeps us from enjoying a calm old age. 四郊未寧靜,垂老不得安。 All our sons and grandsons have laid down their lives in battle. What ' s the need for us to survive ? ...
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Shares Extremely hot
Rosanna 2019-7-25 11:21
Extremely hot
Absolutely, the second of the three ten-day period of hot season, these days everywhere including Beijing is really hot like sauna day. After back from Lu Shan mountain where is mountain resort and be away of summer heat. I have to adapt it for the coming weeks. I have gotten right ...
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Shares Grandpa's Tears
raicy 2019-7-24 18:30
July 24th, 2019 Life is like a tide which rises and ebbs. In the past two years, my life had several episodes, leaving mixed feelings in the heart. But the two years is also a time when I wrote so little that some emotions have already diminished. This afternoon I thought of this corne ...
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Shares Something About Children’s Education
lovingfun 2019-7-24 14:17
We all know that education is very essential to our lives. We can benefit a lot from long-life learning. As the time go by, we have many facilities to help us learning. But problems about how to learn ,especially how to teach our children is really a hard nut to crack. Nowadays learn ...
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Shares be willing to change
freefu55 2019-7-23 15:20
Playing all the time recently, I began to worry my future. However, everytime when I take the book to read, I quit and cannot hold on to study, my passion is fading. I am changing myself to be a better one, at the same time, I try to reach my goal. Life is meaningful, take care.
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Shares Trip to Lushan Mountain
Rosanna 2019-7-23 10:20
Trip to Lushan Mountain
Lushan Mountain is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, to the south of the Yangtze River and northwest of the Poyang Lake. According to records, it has a history of more than 2,000 years. I have been there at 20 years ago of red tour with the company, the impression was th ...
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Shares History As It Is
jpliu 2019-7-23 09:55
History in Oliver Cromwell and Henry Ford ’s words and attitudes are opposite. Then who is right? Or better reasonable? Last December passing by a water works on the bank of Huangpu River,I took a picture of water pipes for its water intake. Again in March this year I took a same pict ...
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