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Shares Picture life
teadrinking 2022-12-10 22:19
Everything can be photographed if we find it a must to record life around us. It could a tree, a puppy, people and anything else. Thus, from images we can recall what we did at that time and remember again everything happened before. When you discover something interesting, just take out your phone ...
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Shares The first day after two week's suspending
qianwen 2022-12-9 19:55
After almost two week's suspending of schooling, we finally resume to normal school days. Even though the COVID-19 bacteria is still around us and we have to wear masks to protect us from infections, everything is coming back to the regular routines. Today it's a busy school day. As a head ...
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Shares Come on for the fight with demon
teadrinking 2022-12-8 22:27
Don Quixote imaged the windmill as a giant monster that he rid his skinny and old horse with a spear rushing to the huge and tall building without hesitation. Even though he was reminded by his servant Sancho that the so-calledmonster was a mistake, he still believed what he saw and thought, ...
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Shares My new wish
qianwen 2022-12-8 09:57
At the beginning of 2022, i held a hope that this year would be a lucky year for me , especially for my marriage affairs . I was ready to start my new life and build my own family . However, i broke up with my previous boyfriend this summer, we have never contacted with each other since ...
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Shares What you do makes who you are
teadrinking 2022-12-7 14:48
You have to read to keep sane and exercise to state healthy. You also have to be zealous for life because you own brief lifespan. Whatever you do, you do have some regrets since you cannot complete everything. You are not a great man,but you can be an ordinary one to realize self-value. Even ...
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Shares December 5 2022
teadrinking 2022-12-5 18:39
As of the first case confirmed in December 2019, the three-year long covid-19 pandemic now seems to call an end of its restrictions. Lifting of health code scanning and nucleictesting is an improvement though the show of green health code is still needed in public. Time flies and history reco ...
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Shares Rainy days
teadrinking 2022-12-4 22:36
This weekend is raining all the way. And it reports there will be another round of cold wave. The first half year is deficiency in rainfall, now it probably comes to make up for the loss that I clearly hear of whisper of streams. Every time, it comfortsme, I fancy for the sense of rainy momen ...
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Shares the feeling
ada23 2022-12-3 10:49
It comes to the time i envy the cats in terms of winter warming. They have authentic furs, whereas you only have artificial coat. The cold push you do the exercise with the comfort of taking cream cake on the way back. By extend, inone stroke, you love the practice.
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Shares Beyond beautiful
teadrinking 2022-12-2 10:59
In the mid night it was chiller than it was in the day, though there was no sound of snow I definitely felt the damp cold, by looking through the window in the light of lamp I saw snowflakes quietly flying over in the air. People gathered to West Lake admiring the beautiful snow scenery. Here is my ...
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Shares What a snow day
teadrinking 2022-12-1 15:21
Continuous snowing has whitened the land. As the first snow of this winter, it does provide me with the surprise since it is kind of a snow coming at an early time compared to previous years. Streams are full ofrainfall and thawed snow,and I can clearly hear of crisp sound of currents r ...
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