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Shares 24 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-24 08:36
Time tries to wear out our will. Very few souls can persist still. Ideals seem like grain in a mill. Chances of success are just nil.
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Shares 23 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-23 08:42
I was in high spirits one moment. Very soon the feeling got absent. All the charms are only transient. It's futile to hope sth. permanent.
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Shares Sunny afternoon
teadrinking 2021-3-22 13:10
It is comfortable to soak up in the sun. Flourishing pear flowers present the spring vitality. After the rain, in the morning there are scattered white petals making a huge carpet in the yard. Fragrance of flowers remains in the air but the voice of people is not the same as before.
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Shares 22 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-22 08:15
Hearing from mom and wife far away, He judged not all they'd like to betray. He could speculate where the fact lay. Unpleasant matters we'll cease to say.
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Shares Warm spring
teadrinking 2021-3-21 21:40
Warm spring
End of rain, it will be sunny for a couple of days. And i t is getting warmer, spring is here. This is the right time to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some of friends have posted the sale of tea on their wechat moments which is a nice way of e-commerce. The call composed of thunder and l ...
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Shares 21 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-21 11:46
Winter temporarily won the fight For snow turned the world white. Spring received a powerful blow. But this was just a passing show.
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Shares Life
douglas-baily 2021-3-20 13:03
Recently, I always have dreams when I am sleeping and don't feel well rested. The similar situation already continue several years and I am sure I don't have insomnia, just a lack of deep sleep. I feel like I never come back to before when I was a teenager, I was always full of energy a ...
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Shares 20 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-20 12:40
Night and day are of equal length; But winter still has some strength. I haven’t changed my heavy wear, Which is required and can’t retire.
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Shares The trip to be cancelled
Rosanna 2021-3-20 11:02
The trip to be cancelled
After 15th of March, Beijing is released the test report of corona virus into the city. That’s why many people who is starting for travel or business including Tiger and me. We are going to Gui Zhou province with other two friends after Chinese new year. We did the plan at ...
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Shares My Little Niece
Dempsey 2021-3-19 21:22
As early as she was just born, my elder male cousin had been voicing in his WeChat Moments that “I have a Princess, she is fine.” He also attached a photo. I knew he could never feel too good to be a father. If I am to give her, my little niece, an English name, I think it would be ...
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