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Shares Of spring
teadrinking 2023-4-1 09:56
Spring, oh spring, how we long for thee, With sunshine's warmth and flowers to see, The trees once bare, now dressed in green, A wondrous sight, a sight to be seen. The cherry blossoms bloom with pride, As countless tourists come to abide, Their beauty, fragrance, and hues, ...
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Shares The Tomb Sweeping Festival
teadrinking 2023-3-31 18:08
A time to remember thepast, And honor the ones who havepassed. We sweep their tombs withcare, And offer them flowers andprayers. A time to celebrate thespring, And enjoy the beauty itbrings. We travel to places near andfar, And ad ...
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Shares Love
teadrinking 2023-3-29 19:33
Love is more than afeeling. It is a choice, a commitment, a bond. Love is not alwayseasy. It takes patience, forgiveness, andtrust. Love is not alwayshappy. It can cause pain, sorrow, andtears. But love is always worthit. It gives meaning, j ...
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Shares 29 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-29 10:08
Nephew drove me to graveyard, Saving my cycling journey hard. It cost half of time I may spend. I'll visit another at the weekend. 30 March General Lee was defeated at last, And still respected as in the past. To my mind he was a great hero. The surrender was full of sorrow. 31 March Weathe ...
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Shares Tom
teadrinking 2023-3-28 19:33
Tom was born into a poor family, and from a young age, he dreamed of being somebody important. As the only child, he felt a tremendous pressure to succeed and lift his family out of poverty. However, his parents were almost illiterate, and they could not afford to pay for his education. To ...
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Shares Ongoing cultivation
teadrinking 2023-3-27 21:11
The majority of pear flowers have been faded by wind. Thanks to its strong blossom, it still has some left on branches. And the changeable weather does impact a lot on the buding of plants. Anyway, tea is about to harvest for sale. Compared to previous years, it has already postponed. As the approa ...
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Shares AI
teadrinking 2023-3-25 23:15
As of the launch of Chat GPT, the AI has again showed its enormous potential and high-tech companies have joined to speed up the research and development on their own. Meanwhile, human brains are the best design for creative innovation which is the advantage to lead and guide mankind's future. Two ...
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Shares Transformation
teadrinking 2023-3-24 23:04
The light chill does not freezeseriously but it really reminds me of the changeable weather. Sometimes I can meet rain, and at some other moment I can enjoy the warm sunshine. Every day I meet with people, someone I know, and with some others I am unfamiliar. And even when I am alone, I am no ...
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Shares A surprise
sys 2023-3-24 14:34
It has been long time that I didn't come here to leave my track . however, there are still a few of friends appeared sometimes . it is can't be difficult to be aware of the strick for any blog , that the mordern mediea come out now and then , all kinds of apps off ...
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Shares 24 March
Sumingyu 2023-3-24 09:29
The strong wind turns to breeze. So by now I might cycle at ease. After days the blow seems tired. My pleasure may not be shared. 27 March Sacrificial paper can't sell well. The reason we may easily tell. Burning that is to cause a fire. Then it is banned everywhere. 28 March Severe winter ...
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