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Shares About dating
Sophia.JIANG 2019-2-23 23:10
Well, actually I know little about the title in both meaning and method. But, it seems that I have just finished my first truly dating in life today, 5 hours ago I think, which last for nearly the whole day. I am wandering on what I have got, what I want to get, and what I want to get next. Only one ...
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Shares Dream and the Reality
jeffrey0301 2019-2-23 02:04
I have read an article that said a painter rented a courtyard in the countryside at the foot of the mountain and costs 4000 yuan to buy 20 years of usage. After simple renovation he moved into the cottage that is inside the yard and lived a happy and leisurely life. It gave me a leap in my heart a ...
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Shares Timing List of Working Day
Antique.Luc 2019-2-22 22:00
Whatever, I must travel across the city two times a day to go to work, making full use of common transport of the city. To avoid being late in morning, I rise about 6 o’clock a.m. and arrive in subway station in 6:45. Meanwhile, I usually do some preparation of the day such as washing ...
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Shares Rain has the meaning of life
teadrinking 2019-2-21 21:55
There seems no end of raining. And almost everyday, it keeps raining, raining and raining. Though it makes me incovenient for the outdoors workout, I sense it fine in the night that I can read quietly. Besides, I can do some push-ups and sit-ups in the bedroom. I call it the creation of circumsta ...
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Shares My potential
Rosanna 2019-2-21 10:45
My potential
I like swimming since many years ago, not only it doesn’t like running which is making me so sweat and a little bit tired each time, but also I like be a fish in the water freely, I have never missing any chances for swimming, such as going to the beach or the seaside or any hotel with pool ...
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Shares Stay true to yourself
sweetolive 2019-2-20 19:15
Last Friday, when I chatted with my Aussie colleague, Kaylene, she said: “ Sweetolive , that’s how I love you so much.” “Haha, really? Thank you.” In fact, I haven’t done anything cateringforher. One month ago, she sent me a ...
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Shares Sluggish Market
douglas-baily 2019-2-19 21:04
It seems not a good beginning of this year, it should be sent out envelope of five hundred for every employee at the first working day failed to receive till now. What's worse, how averagely percent of raise still not published? If everything goes as plan, it should be publis ...
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Shares Lantern festival
Rosanna 2019-2-19 14:49
Lantern festival
Lantern Festival is the fifteenth day of the first month of lunar year, and the last day of Spring Festival, the people would like enjoying the glorious full moon and decorating the colourful light in the evening, eating sweet dumpling at home, making the day to other high remark. The ...
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Shares Flower plus
Rosanna 2019-2-16 14:08
Flower plus
Flower plus is one of delivery fresh flower App, I knew it from my daughter, I found one bottle of fresh flower at her home, the fresh smell was really attractive me, and I was told She bought it from this App, the package was sending four times a brunch fresh flowers with two vases, it is be ...
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Shares Los Angeles of 4 a.m.
Antique.Luc 2019-2-14 22:49
Los Angeles of 4 a.m.
A reporter asked Kobe: Why you are so successful? Kobe asked back: Do you know Los Angeles morning four-points looks like? This is a famous story from Kobe, the NBA star, which has encouraged many people including me to fight for their own dream. Furthermore, his words not only express posi ...
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