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Shares Arrival of spring
teadrinking 2023-1-29 21:58
Spring festival is over, and everything returns to normal. Though it is cold, spring is around the corner. I look forward to the blossom of flowers and flourish of trees.
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Shares Aftermath of the fireworks
teadrinking 2023-1-22 22:54
The fireworks show at midnight was extraordinarily thundering. Thanks to the drizzle which largely expelled the smoke of gunpowder. On the other hand, too many intense sound waves were just pressure for night sleep, particularly for the old and kids. Anyway, for the sake of expectation for ha ...
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Shares Something unhappy always happens ....
qianwen 2023-1-22 13:16
Not every year is a happy beginning. Yesterday I was criticized badly by my father because of some trivial things. I know that the real reason is not that thing but the broken relationship between him and my mom. They have been the familiar strangers for many yearsliving under the same roof a ...
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Shares New Year
teadrinking 2023-1-21 22:53
The year of rabbit is coming soon with the intense of firework-playing. And the drizzle somehow has done a favor for the alleviation of air pollution from the fireworks. After the lifting of restrictions, people can go back their homes or travel somewhere they want, and this moment is for everyone ...
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Shares Against the cold
teadrinking 2023-1-17 21:37
The sound of fireworks is sporadically reminding people of the lunar year which is just around the corner. And the down coats are quite necessary to cope with the chill because the damp cold is extraordinary harsh. But spirit of wintersweet is deserved our admiration. Nature power never recedes. En ...
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Shares First snow in the year of rabbit
teadrinking 2023-1-15 23:42
First snow of the new year has a strong advance for the spring festival. And within a week, the lunar new year is there, and everyone is going to be one-year older. Cold in the air yet warm in the heart, nothing speaks for the right moment because everything is waiting.
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Shares Follow what we are good at
teadrinking 2023-1-14 20:43
There are so many choices that we have to make and decide where we should head. Usually, it is really hard to opt for the so-called right direction so that we can march forward. We have to admit it does cost us much time and we sometimes do not know if the road ahead of us is just right. One thing ...
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Shares 14 January
Sumingyu 2023-1-14 18:35
Today falls Little New Year. I left mother and got here For working on night shift. My turn arrives very swift.
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Shares Wellbeing
teadrinking 2023-1-12 21:52
Any of an uncomfortable feeling occurs, we'd better see a doctor to check and assure if there are some problems. Otherwise, it might be getting worse and eventually that we are more likely to pay a huge cost on the pains. So, we shall never neglect any sign ofunwellness. And a healthier lifes ...
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Shares Nighttime for reading
teadrinking 2023-1-11 22:45
Before the time to go to bed, a thirty-minute or so reading is helpful to improve sleep that I do it when I feel it a must at a comfortable moment. Meanwhile, it alleviates pressures and enhances the ability of focus that I am relaxed. And do not look down upon the half an hour of reading, sooner o ...
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