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Shares A Life Without Love is Not Worth to Live
2amlittle 2023-10-18 19:53
True love is belong to the people who is brave. Love is an eternal topic for humanity, people always say that love is complex. The reason why they say love is complex is that the two person who in love is notstillness. People is always in change and when they changed their needs would al ...
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Shares 2023-10-18
Dempsey 2023-10-18 13:17
A man lacking in self-possession is very often a man who conducts himself awkwardly, and the awkwardness is not from the lack of knowledge in behaviour, but in disposition. I am active to tell unhappy stories about myself. I think, in any case, I am showing myself without make-up. Tho ...
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Shares 18 October
Sumingyu 2023-10-18 11:52
Mother died with nothing to regret. And I have never gotten too upset. At least she enjoyed devoted care. Looking ahead, I sink into despair. 19 October Mother lived ninety-two years. As she died I was not in tears. We saw her quietly pass away. The funeral was held next day. 20 October Sh ...
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Shares Morning Monologue
teadrinking 2023-10-17 21:35
Through the patchwork of his eighty-something years, a singular motif emerges—the unswerving devotion to early morning awakenings. With eyes barely parted from the realm of dreams, this elderly gentleman commences his daily ritual, tracing the familiar pathways around his surroundings. Ho ...
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Shares The Road Discovered
teadrinking 2023-10-16 14:06
In the early morning, as I made my way to the subway station, I couldn't help but notice a rather unconventional sight – a half-naked man vigorously jogging alongside the road. He appeared somewhat eccentric, yet there was an undeniable aura of determination and confidence about him. As I passed ...
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Shares From Maiden to Warrior
teadrinking 2023-10-15 21:22
When the sun once again kisses the land with its tender, golden rays, the world transforms into a breathtaking tableau as enchanting as a gentle and mild maiden. Yet, as autumn unfurls its grandeur, it reveals a different facet, akin to a sturdy and unquenchable warrior, standing resolute in the f ...
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Shares 2023-10-15
Dempsey 2023-10-15 13:52
If the world only gives you ten percentof warmth and ninetypercentof pain, how will you respond? Do you still givebackin the same proportion? From the world itself there isno warmth,whose every share in factcomesfrom every man. If ...
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Shares From Subway to Solitude
teadrinking 2023-10-14 19:37
Subway Girl's daily existence is a relentless chase, caught in the swirling currents of city life, perpetually chasing her subway lines and racing against the clock. Her mornings often start in disarray, for she frequently sleeps late, succumbing to the temptations of youth and late nights. As the ...
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Shares Autumn's Brush
teadrinking 2023-10-13 20:28
In a quaint little town nestled at the base of rolling hills, autumn had arrived with a gentle touch. The air was no longer icy, but it still carried a whisper of warmth from the departing summer. Leaves of various shades, from vivid green to fiery red, adorned the trees, and the town's streets we ...
112 views|3 replies Hot 1
Shares Echoes of the Forgotten City
teadrinking 2023-10-12 23:26
Amid the vast expanse of a once-thriving desert, where time had buried the memories of a forgotten city, a lone traveler, Ariadne, embarked on a journey of discovery. The wind carried with it the whispers of an ancient civilization, a tale waiting to be unraveled. The city's name had been ...
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