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Shares 21 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-21 10:22
Seeing their babies sniveling, many parents and seniors would pick them up rocking, and then the kids would calm down gradually. 对于孩子一哭一闹,很多爸爸妈妈或老人长辈都会将孩子抱起来摇一摇,晃一晃,孩子也渐渐停止哭泣。 This seemingly effective method might be a catastrophe to a ...
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Shares Please have it quietly
teadrinking 2019-4-20 23:33
It gets warmer and even to be hot like summer. The changeable weather makes no possibility of experiencing a smooth spring. You have little chance to decide what kind of smart clothes you are to wear. Because it always ends up quickly and then comes the summer. The moist of ai ...
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Shares 20 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-20 17:05
According to the People ' s Daily, since the beginning the home stretch before the college entrance examination, the telephone service has been suspended at the students ' dormitory of Hengshui No. 2 Middle School in Hebei; the TV hasn’t been turned on at the dining hall; there have been ...
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Shares Change management
Rosanna 2019-4-20 09:35
Change management
Some positives and negatives points as below: l Set achievable aims l Plan ahead l Out of control l Unrealistic expectations l Lack of foresight l Stay on track Step 1 – Create a se ...
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Shares 19 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-19 11:10
A 49 -year old mother has passed the postgraduate entrance examinations with her son in the same year after accompanying him studying at college, dreaming of becoming a teacher by getting a PhD. 49 岁 “ 陪读妈妈 ” 和儿子成为同一届研究生:梦想读博当老 ...
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Shares 18 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-18 17:58
Under the temptation of a sharp rise of temperature the other day, the willow twigs got green quickly and the old poplars were all in bloom; the weeds at the roadsides wildly spread. Strong winds blew on and on for days. Cycling in the side wind, I had to incline my upper body towards the dire ...
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Shares Backseat Driver
bluephoebe 2019-4-17 14:31
So I'd like you to imagine for a moment, that you are a runner in the heat of a running contest, maybe you have already run for quite a time, your adrenaline is elevated, and you are tired and tensed up because other runners keep cutting in and running ahead of you. And then there is a ...
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Shares 17 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-17 12:48
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 16, President Xi Jinping sent a telegraph of solicitude that day to French President Macron for the Notre Dame fire, expressing his sincere condolences to all French people. 新华社北京 4 月 16 日电 国家主席习近平 4 月 16 日 ...
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Shares The Fragility of Beauty
bluephoebe 2019-4-16 16:02
“Notre-Dame de Paris, in particular, is a curious specimen of this variety. Every surface, every stone of this venerable pile, is a page of the history not only of the country, but of science and of art.” Victor Hugo described this masterpiece in his famous Notre-Dame de Paris . ...
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Shares 16 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-16 13:12
Not only I but also all my teaching counterparts are derelict in duty and run irrelevant business. 我是一个 ‘ 不务正业 ’ 的老师,不只我,全天下老师都是! What is a teacher ’ s proper duty? 教师的正 ...
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