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Shares Spring thunder
teadrinking 2021-3-19 14:05
Awakened by the thunder at the four in the early morning, then I was clear to listen to the rain. Abundant rainfallmakes the lucid water run in streams. Flowers were blowndown and it would be a wonderful viewin the yard. What a spring.
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Shares 19 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-19 08:04
Retiring age is said to be delayed. I have got another year fully paid. This information sounded not bad. When it reached me,I felt so glad.
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Shares 18 March 2020
Sumingyu 2021-3-18 08:41
Don't you think it quite wrong To keep pupils in class so long? When recalling their childhood, They won't be in a good mood.
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Shares work & study
tomlu6 2021-3-17 16:30
hello, everthing well. i left the company on December 1st last year 。 now i work study everyday. work for myself my family. study for myself more best work. study can make people strong. i should keep on studying. hope goes well!
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Shares 17 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-17 08:15
Though sometimes it's still quite cold, Barks of twigs turn greenish I behold. What an exhilarating time flying kites In my childhood full of sweet delights.
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Shares 16 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-16 08:08
Our office was no longer warm, Perhaps due to the sand storm. Wind and rain refreshed the air. Later on the sun began to glare.
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Shares 15 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-15 09:00
Yesternight I had a worst nightmare: My legs couldn't carry me anywhere. I was driven to the depths of despair. The situation gave me quite a scare.
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Shares 14 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-14 16:31
Today I purchased a new bike With short fenders I don’t like. I went by bus with my brother. He cycled back alone however.
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Shares Flower arrangement
Rosanna 2021-3-14 11:14
Flower arrangement
I like fresh flowers very much, sometime I would like to buy some fresh flowers to decorate my home, not only for fresh smell I love, and the most important thing is the flower can bring some new sprite and full of energy, without the flowers in the life, I think there is no vitality. B ...
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Shares 13 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-13 12:30
Across the frozen mud of the plot, I took back corn stalks very short, Which as fuels we usually bought. I ever stole some and was caught.
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