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Shares Encouragement from what you like
teadrinking 2023-1-10 22:03
Interests are the best teachers to guide you and inspire you. If there are something difficult, you do not feel awful instead you find it interesting and is not tired of dealing with countless so-called meaningless things. Actually, you do not think setbacks are your enemies, you just like the expe ...
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Shares Actions speak louder
teadrinking 2023-1-9 20:25
In contrast to doing nothing, a doer is always obtaining something new even though he might fail ever, yet it does not matter because he at least had tried and done all the best he could. A green hand never grows to be a skilled driver if he never manipulates a car in person. In most cases we just ...
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Shares New as the beginning
teadrinking 2023-1-8 22:52
As spring festival approaches and the recovery for the majority of people who suffered covid-19, plus the warm weekend, the atmosphere of new year is coming back. The parking lots were stuffed with vehicles and the West Lake was crammed with countless tourists that you could not rely on a car to ta ...
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Shares 2023-01-08
Dempsey 2023-1-8 15:20
The lessonsof greatlosses in life makes people no longer concerned aboutsmall losses. There seem to be two perils of life . The first is thatwe haveto rebuild our lifeor career from scratch due to sudden misfortunes. The second is to die in the robu ...
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Shares i like write the truth
tomlu6 2023-1-8 10:36
The would is full of stories,and from time to time they permit themselves to be told.
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Shares Born to be appointed
teadrinking 2023-1-7 20:41
Before the arrival of glacier, no signs of its emergence instead there are only snow and ice. We never know what exactly will happen. We are neither immortal nor almighty. Anyway, God lead what us to see what he wants. So, we'd better be pious to achieve our existence at best endeavor.
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Shares 2023-01-07
Dempsey 2023-1-7 16:35
There is e ncounter before there is the charm of life.Sometimeswe need no more, but onlya single loving glance from somewherewould beenough to dispel the dark clouds of the years and awakeour faith in happiness. The painof parting, when ca ...
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Shares Cherish everyday
qianwen 2023-1-7 10:26
There is a saying on the Bible: You should take good care of your neighbors and regard them as your own family members, , which I think is to advise us to help and treat the people around us well. But nowadays, we live in the apartments and shut up our doors when we get back home. Sometimes we even ...
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Shares No idea what to write
teadrinking 2023-1-6 22:38
As the use of phones and some more electronic products, we seldom write by hands in person. Sometimes we even just do not remember the spelling of words and characters. Even we write something down, handwriting is just that lame. Actually,good script is a mirror of a person's personality. But ...
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Shares You still need to go on
teadrinking 2023-1-5 20:03
Whether you admit it or not, there are some guys who are better than you are. You always find something which you cannot achieve would be some guys' piece of cake. More importantly, no matter how hard you try catching up those talented, you just realize it is impossible to get them. The world never ...
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