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Shares April
Sumingyu 2024-4-1 16:23
1 Memorial day draws near. Weather turns quite clear. Back from parent s ' grave. What good life they gave! 2 I'd like to watch the alien plays. Our native ones fail me always. Something charms me in them. The domestic tempt us seldom. 3 When praised not too happy. When blamed not ...
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Shares 2024-March 28th-eraly morning
tomlu6 2024-3-28 08:09
Today i wake up by my wife on 6:45 am,she need me to take our son to school. then i go to my officeroom. now i think about own lifes meaning. why i born,why i study,why i work,why i what do? too why? i don't undetstand. i need more thinks!
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Shares Rebirth After the Rain
teadrinking 2024-3-25 19:21
The spring rain arrived overnight, its gentle touch causing pear blossoms to scatter across the ground like confetti. Amidst the pitter-patter of raindrops, diligent bees continued their tireless work, flitting among the flowers to gather pollen, ensuring the hive's bounty. Blossoms, nourished by t ...
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Shares Joy in Springtime
teadrinking 2024-3-23 15:04
Spring warmth and blossoms epitomize nature's most treasured offerings, symbolizing the miraculous cycle of life's renewal year after year. It heralds a season of rejuvenation, where the world adorns itself in a wonder of hues, with flowers blooming in profusion and trees awakening with verdant vi ...
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Shares Inward Exploration
teadrinking 2024-3-15 16:31
When time is surrendered to solitude, life quietly withdraws from the public eye. Henceforth, amidst the ebb and flow of existence, the crescent moon of the soul remains a steadfast companion in the darkest moments. Farewell to the pursuit of materialism ushers in a burgeoning of spiritual wings. T ...
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Shares Sometimes, you are always scolded on your right.
Sophia.JIANG 2024-3-12 18:57
There seems to be less reader in this English Blog Web than before, though I still use it as a way to record my mind as there is no other where to express. 翻译 搜索 复制 Today I was scolded on being late to the surgery room. It was said "As a resident doctor, you should take company with yo ...
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Shares Nature's Masterpiece
teadrinking 2024-3-8 21:30
The trees around me are erupting in a chapter of vibrant greens. Each bud, a tiny emerald fist, uncurls to reveal its heart, tender and new like a newborn's. It's a season of genesis, where everything awakens, stretching and yawning towards the sun. Like a hidden code being unveiled, the very esse ...
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Shares Believe and Achieve
teadrinking 2024-3-7 20:36
Success is no happenstance, and failure bears no shame. Rather than languishing in inertia, it's wiser to boldly venture forth, for therein lie the chances of breakthrough. Often, excessive wavering and hesitation only render one indecisive. The path ahead is paved with relentless effort and unwave ...
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Shares Prosperity of Spring
teadrinking 2024-3-4 22:17
As the gentle drizzle unfurls the curtain of spring, delicate willow buds eagerly awaken, promising a breathtaking bloom in mere weeks. Each raindrop baptizes the earth, rendering the lakes crystal clear, inviting observers to marvel at the hidden wonders beneath. Under the warm caress of ...
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Shares March
Sumingyu 2024-3-1 16:29
1 Don ' t believe what you see. This can cheat you and me. Most times we ' re just blind To falseness hidden behind. 2 Why take a woman to wife? She'll ruin my peaceful life. Now I choose to live alone. I could survive on my own. 3 Temptation seems to recede. I'm ashamed of recent deed. ...
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