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Shares Dyson hair dryer
Rosanna 2019-4-16 10:24
Dyson hair dryer
Two weeks ago was my daughter’s birthday, I checked with her what kind of birthday gift you want this year. As you know every year of the day, we prefer to buy one gift which is very useful and more valuable, on the one hand to helping her life easier, on the other hand to make her happy. ...
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Shares 15 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-15 12:28
The wage level of Chinese teachers ranks third from bottom in the world. If the situation continued, Chinese basic education system would collapse one day. 中国教师工资水平全球倒数第三:长此以往,中国的基础教育体系终将坍塌 In recent years more and more ...
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Shares 14 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-14 23:06
China Daily Net April 12, eliminating poverty is the common desire of mankind. 中国日报网 4 月 12 日电 消除贫困是人类共同的愿望。 Through the unremitting efforts of China, a poor population of more than seven billion has successfully got rid of poverty, making up over 7 ...
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Shares 13 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-13 22:19
If you come to visit the Imperial Palace, remember not to take pictures at these spots within for they will make your flesh creep even by day. 如果你要来参观故宫,记住故宫这几个地方是不宜拍照的,这几个地方白天在那里都会让人不寒而栗。 Never photograph at the bedrooms of the imperial c ...
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Shares a public goal
sys 2019-4-13 09:39
One should have enormous power if you set a goal and persist it , no matter what happened to you , However, few people can indulge in it , and ignor what happened around him . so I don't want to be the few one . Now I promise publicly ...
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Shares A failed English interview
Sophia.JIANG 2019-4-12 20:10
This is the second time that I participate an English interview for almost the seem purpose compared with last one, and the result was same too. I failed, twice. It really disappointed me when getting that message the first time, but this time I was calm and thought careful ...
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Shares I am more of nearing death
freefu55 2019-4-12 15:51
Time never lies, while it is so hard to wait. We have fun and feel not enough, we suffer hard times and feel so fragile. No one has right to disturb others life, I need some distractiom, and I saw the day I die. As you can see, I am standing in the point of a half life of a man, we ask less while se ...
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Shares 12 April 2019
Sumingyu 2019-4-12 13:43
Lu Xun had called countless people names but had never commented on Chiang Kai Shek. After Lu died of illness, Chiang entrusted mayor of Shanghai with going to the mourning hall paying his respects and sending a saluting wreath in his own name, on which were written six very common characters ...
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Shares How to improve my oral English
bao936653368 2019-4-12 07:19
can you help me
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