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Shares Following My Hunch
teadrinking 2023-10-11 20:22
That evening, I found myself at a pivotal moment in my career, the future uncertain and shrouded in mystery. It all began with an enigmatic proposal during a car ride, hinting at a fresh start in an unfamiliar place. Intrigued, I couldn't help but ask, "Could you tell me more about this pr ...
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Shares 2023-10-11
Dempsey 2023-10-11 16:33
A group of birds rest in a tree. If the tree is cut down, would the birds disappear? They wouldn’t. There are no birds in the single tree, but they have been elsewhere. In the same way, some thoughts and feelings inhabit a human body, would they disappear once the body is cremated? No, they are s ...
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Shares The Nocturnal Autumn Rain
teadrinking 2023-10-10 21:48
In the hushed stillness of the night, the autumn rain descends from the heavens with a grace reminiscent of a prima ballerina taking the stage for the first time. Its presence is not merely an ordinary meteorological event; it's a theatrical performance of nature's most enchanting beauty. Each rai ...
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Shares 2023-10-09
Dempsey 2023-10-9 18:31
Someone says I give up now so that I wouldn’t regret as late as my sixties, but I say I would succeed if I persist eventually till my sixties. There are a great many people far more capable than you to do a great thing, but the one who wants to do the thing most is no other than your ...
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Shares The Road Beyond Yesterday
teadrinking 2023-10-9 16:03
In life's grand play, we meet and part, Yet dwelling on regrets, we must depart. For God's grand plan, it we must trust, In the infinite of time, we're but dust. Sometimes we find, in complaint we roam, Draining mind and soul, we lose our home. But in the present, let's make ...
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Shares A Post-Rain Reunion
teadrinking 2023-10-8 19:50
Following the gentle cascade of raindrops, a serene coolness settled in the air, a delicate balance between the warmth of the departing day and the imminent arrival of night's chill. Above, the once-brooding sky had transformed into a canvas of subdued shades, offering a breath of respite that see ...
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Shares Reading Vs Gaming
teadrinking 2023-10-7 09:01
"Have you read all those books?" Bunny asked absentmindedly, his gaze locked on the screen of his phone, where he was deeply engrossed in an intense round of online gaming. "Yup," replied Uncle Jack, his attention split between Bunny's question and the task at hand on his laptop. He glance ...
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Shares Daily Soundtrack
teadrinking 2023-10-5 20:57
Amidst the eloquent symphony of the piano's ivory and ebony keys, a magical transformation transpires. Suddenly, the pandemonium of life vanishes, replaced by an exquisite peace that permeates every breath. Music, with its timeless charm, unfolds its very essence before us. In those moment ...
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Shares 2023-09-29
Dempsey 2023-9-29 21:47
The more encyclopedic a mind, theless he indulges in high-sounding talks. There are two kinds of self-abasement. One is when facing God, the man holds infinity in awe and has humility, is well aware of the limits of all human achievements, and never gets above himself. One is fa ...
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Shares Writing, Fitness and Reading
teadrinking 2023-9-28 16:03
When it comes to writing, I find myself constantly engaged in the art of crafting words to convey a multitude of narratives. Whether I'm weaving stories, sharing personal experiences, or delving into the realms of inspiration and imagination, it's a truly remarkable world where I navigate with unb ...
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