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Shares Sunny Day
douglas-baily 2021-3-13 12:24
It's finally sunny day after almost one week raining, what's more, today is Saturday that's mean I can take my little son to go out enjoying the spring scenery. No doubt it is the beautiful scene of flowers waiting to blossom outside and I always think spring is the best ...
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Shares Book review: Eat love and pray
bluephoebe 2021-3-12 11:23
I do feel better, mentally and physically. My diarrhea is finally checked. So far, only one run to the bathroom, what a miracle! So it couldn’t be cancer. My husband suggests me to do more checkups to be sure. I don’t want that. No more hospitals, at least right now. Another thing to light ...
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Shares 12 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-12 08:25
The fog was extremely heavy around. Things paces away couldn't be found. I pedalled on the very muddy ground. Cars moved over with warning sound.
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Shares Double Kill
bluephoebe 2021-3-11 12:30
Depression and Fear are going to track me down. I could hear their footsteps right behind—perhaps just one step away. Once they get to me, they will frisk me, empty my pockets of any joy I have, confiscate my identity; sap away all of my energies and leave me a broken sell. ...
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Shares 11 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-11 08:13
The misrule has come to an end. Soon a new principal will ascend. I think this an unavoidable trend, Which people might comprehend.
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Shares Women’s Day
Rosanna 2021-3-10 10:15
Women’s Day
As our ages in the life, there are old and young at home even we have been retired. The parents are almost more than eighty years, and they should be cared by us. Our children have been worked and married, but still need to show our loves including making the dinners or purchasing some ...
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Shares 10 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-10 08:24
This needy engaged girl is a beauty, Leaving her honest fiance in misery. She desires to become a noble lady, Eloping with a handsome lad finally.
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Shares Delicious dish in the dinner
teadrinking 2021-3-9 23:45
The salted pork with eggs was a nice dish for the dinner. It will be great when localbamboo shoots come into season in the bamboo garden. Then thatpork can be simmered with bamboo shoots. Anothertype of nice dish is to demonstrate good food.The consumption of such a good dis ...
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Shares 9 March 2021
Sumingyu 2021-3-9 08:19
I was no more tortured by toothache, Which had kept me restlessly awake. But so badly swollen is my left cheek, Whose recovery must require a week.
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Shares Simplicity of life
teadrinking 2021-3-8 13:42
The simplicity of life is the style of making everything clean andordered. It does not ask for too much needs, instead, itfollows the principle of the less the better. A room does not have to be full of furniture. A closet does not to have many clothes. And a dinner is just as sim ...
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