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Shares 7 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-8 12:38
Last night when I watched TV, I happened to switch to Channel 1 of CCTV which was televising live Session III of Season IV of Contest on Knowledge of Chinese Poetry and Lyrics. The former anchorwoman Ms Dong still chaired the competition. One of the two distinguished guests present was Profess ...
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Shares The Fourth Day of the Chinese New Year
lovingfun 2019-2-8 09:30
In Chinese, today belongs to the Kitchen God. In different region in China, people may have different customs to celebrate it. One of the traditions on this day is eating “Zheluo”(putting left-over of the dishes together into a meal.) This means that people will never was ...
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Shares Old Memories, New City
bluephoebe 2019-2-8 09:13
Old Memories, New City
I was born in 1986 out of Chengdu Amusement Park. Once, I was the best Roller Coaster. I sent many, many people fly into the sky and rush downhill into a twisting drop. With me, the connection between my riders and the world was strengthened in every ride. T he adrenaline rush, ...
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Shares Anita Anita Anita
Rosanna 2019-2-8 08:32
Anita Anita Anita
It is often said that three times for important thing. Anita is a very important friend in my life, I have written a lot about her story in my blogs, I believe many people read my blogs has already mentioned her life, her work and her family. She was still working in Cambodia since th ...
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Shares You are never leaving
freefu55 2019-2-7 20:16
You are a star high above the sky while I can not touch you. I never thought I would be like this, I didn't keep my promise and strive for my dream, I am fallen, I am falllen into the unknown darkness. I am afraid at the same time I am happy, I am relieased, and I am enjoy having fun everyday, but ...
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Shares 6 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-7 11:09
Words of the song: 歌词: Have you ever heard that a girl had been to the stream that you are crossing? 走过那条小河,你可曾听说, 有一位女孩,她曾经来过; Have you known that a girl had left a song to the reed slope that you are passing by? 走过那片芦 ...
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Shares Happy Chinese new year
Rosanna 2019-2-6 15:01
Happy Chinese new year
Chinese New Year eve is the most important day in a year, the day is the family get together, no matter where you are, everybody wants to go back home and sitting in front of parents and relatives have an evening dinner. That’s why a lot people just for the day, working overtime before the d ...
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Shares 5 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-6 11:16
The words of the song A True Story 一个真实的故事歌词内容 Aside: 旁白 : There was a girl who loved raising red - crowned cranes from childhood. 有一个女孩,她从小爱养丹顶鹤 After graduating from college, she returned to the same place where she ...
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Shares 4 February 2019
Sumingyu 2019-2-5 12:17
Spring Festival is a joyous occasion for children, teenagers and young people; a fortune - making opportunity for shopkeepers; also a harvest season for me, a part - time scavenger, because at this period people are inclined to discard many old objects for daily use. But it is catastrophic ...
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Shares happy new year
jeniffer 2019-2-4 16:56
happy new year
Happy New Year to all my old friends here.Hope you still remember me ...Today i change my name from jeniffer to Jelly,cause the same name with one of my colleague ,please be kindly noticed.Thank you all . Speciali wishes for you.May the Sping Featival Bring You Endless happiness and goo ...
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