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Shares How to choose a interest class for our children
wangjide01 2019-7-12 16:38
The summer vacation is coming. Choose interest classes is a necessarywork for most parents who have children between 4~12 year's old. My son have been attended in the classes of drawing, hand-writting, guitar, english, go in the past 3 years. And we may try some class ...
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Shares Not sure about time
freefu55 2019-7-12 15:07
I can't bear anymore, I wish I cry, and let the tears wash my pain. For every single day, every night, what consume my mind and contry my feeling is you. How far away you from me, what can I do. There is an uncertainty for the day to my dream, but I just cann't going on, or I need a lucky day to hel ...
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Shares Twenty thousand RMB PART-VI
noah.xiang 2019-7-11 14:34
the year when i was twenty-one years old, i left china, went to another country, it's too expensive for me to get home, i even have no extra money to go home. mom always say there is no money at home in the call. and say grandma very miss me, want me back to take a look. i study at school in the d ...
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Shares Why is a sense of humor important?
Rosanna 2019-7-11 10:17
Why is a sense of humor important?
A sense of humor, God’s greatest gift to mankind, is universally considered the most valuable personality. Is it born within e very person’s heart, but has to be cultivated. A person without humor is just like a spring without flowers, or like a dish without seasoning. In a sense, your per ...
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Shares I failed to choose another life.
morlly 2019-7-10 19:22
We always have to be faced with different choices since we were borned.At in my view,making a good choice is difficute because we have to think many aspects for dealing with them.this time i lost my last chance to get PHD.One thing that i was considered is that my parents are getting&nbs ...
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Shares Medicine drawer
Rosanna 2019-7-9 10:04
Medicine drawer
Every family has the first-aid kit or medicine box just in case if something happened urgently, we can help ourselves before go to see the doctor or the hospital. There are two medicine drawers at my home; one is for Tiger which has three or four kinds of medicines only on daily basis, due t ...
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Shares 24 June 2019
Sumingyu 2019-7-6 09:53
Have no family member to say goodbye 無家别 After the Tianbao of Tang Xuanzong, the vast country has become desolate and uninhabited. The deserted villages are completely overgrown with wormwood and pigweeds. 寂寞天寳後,園廬但蒿藜。 In our hamlet there ...
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Shares Diary 20190705 Fri
Sophia.JIANG 2019-7-5 23:22
Now it is a precious transient break in the middle of the two-week long exam week. I managed to push myself through the passed five days in some way, finishing three subjects and have my mind merged by chaos during the process. Nothing goes well, I lost my braces retainer just made last week. ...
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Shares The Great Dictator Speech by Charilr Chaplin
jennie_li 2019-7-4 15:42
I'm sorry,but I don't want to be an emperor.That's not my businees.I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone,if possible,Jew,gentile,black man,white.We all want to help one another.Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's misery.We don't want to ...
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Shares Working in the lab
wangjide01 2019-7-4 11:35
Asked IT to repair the internet connection of the lab yesterday, and I can do my daily work in the lab now. The lab has a bigger areathanour GM's officeand only three equipment there. The most important is that it always silent.&n ...
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