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wangjide01: My wife always ask me to get a new job close to home to spend more time taking care our children.  I want that but I don't think she can afford my lower salary and more busy work. It's difficult.....
2018-9-11 13:43 Reply|
wangjide01: Keep silent before we succeed, or we will be more like a loser in other people's mind.
2018-9-11 13:37 Reply|
wangjide01: I lost my weight of 7 kg in half a year.  my method is sports, diet control and the pressure to get a new job.
2018-9-7 11:34 Reply|
wangjide01: A colleague of mine get a new job and will leave the company in 1 month. That's a good job. When will me get my new job. I am not so confident after half years of resume sending.
2018-9-7 11:30 Reply|
Sharer: In a blink of an eye, eight years is gone, I've been through a lot, but also I've grown a lot, the world is so huge, we still have to keep learning, just be happy with the current life!
2018-9-6 12:37 Reply|
wangjide01: I fell in a negative mood these days and not easy to cheer up . For my confused future, My driver test  failure, and too many things to solve .  Hope everything will be OK tomorrow.
2018-9-4 17:11 Reply|
johnsonwu: Sino-Africa Summit is coming, with ceaseless security check, heavy traffic jam and common financial loss for inevitable late arrival in company.
  • wangjide01: All for the great image of the country.  One day political not bother people marked the real civilization   (9-4 17:15)
2018-9-3 08:12 Reply|
wangjide01: I will have my drive test this week for diver licence. I am nervous about that. Good luck to me.
2018-8-27 15:16 Reply|
johnsonwu: Being or living?
2018-8-26 09:23 Reply|
johnsonwu: Sometimes, employment is just a conspiracy that the employer against employee.
2018-8-25 12:56 Reply|
wangjide01: Finished an interview of a german company, waitting for reply.  If they give me an offer, will me received it.
  • johnsonwu: Wish a good news for you (8-25 13:03)
  • wangjide01: Thanks for your wishes (8-28 18:01)
2018-8-21 11:00 Reply|
wangjide01: The days running so fast , day by day, month by month, and year by year. We have so many things to do before we get old.  
2018-8-9 17:31 Reply|
wangjide01: Sitting at my desk all day without any excercise make me irritable.
2018-8-8 17:05 Reply|
kerryxuke: Welcome back!!!!
2018-8-7 16:24 Reply|
wangjide01: Eager to leave my current job and search for a new position. waitting for any telephone or face to face interview.
2018-8-7 16:24 Reply|
wangjide01: Preparing to move to my new house in two weeks,  there are so many luggages need to pick up.  We are happy to have the new life in the new home although it's tired to move so many luggages.
2018-8-7 10:54 Reply|
Xunli: Without the direction and help of others, one is hard to grow up in a sound and fast way.
2018-8-5 23:14 Reply|
Xunli: Once breaking away from the group, one is easy to lose himself.
2018-8-5 19:40 Reply|
Xunli: This is my first miniblog. I hope I can improve my English here. I hope I can make new friends here. I hope I can become a better thinker here. That's all. Thanks.
2018-8-3 16:47 Reply|
wangjide01: Not received an   interview invite after sending more than 200 resumes. That made me depressed.
2018-8-3 10:26 Reply|


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