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jpliu: Busy hours start after 7:00am when more and more family cars streaming out on the road. A man is seen in front of the wheel of a “Ora Black Cat” followed by a black sedan driven by a lady in glasses ...
2024-5-29 08:34 Reply|
jpliu: For a photo without persons in sight, we sometimes have to wait before taking a snapshot. For that reason, I prefer to take morning pictures in high summer and night scenes in deep winter.
2024-5-26 20:08 Reply|
jpliu: Haircut in the morn by Master Liu of over 70.“You live to work,”I said.“I hesitate to pay for a membership fee of 20000,otherwise I’ll join in migratory elders,haircut tools with me of course.” ...
2024-5-23 21:05 Reply|
jpliu: “Cost-effective applies to your study.If a subject doubles your time & effort,you’ve to ask yourself if it’s worth your diligence.You’re young & you’ll count.”I said to a junior highschool girl ...
2024-5-22 21:51 Reply|
jpliu: Daughter spends the day writing several reports on a website.Only a few years ago she often asked me on“How to say in English”.No longer now.AI that does it all for her knocks me down for good.
2024-5-15 19:13 Reply|
jpliu: A mom seen with her tot near where I live.“A lot of advantages for parents to tend kid”“I’m at home,other times he’s left for my parents.Can’t be with him all day,he makes you crazy,”she said. ...
2024-5-12 09:17 Reply|
jpliu: “The house is less than 200 sqm,but the total floor space is half a ‘mu’.”“My apartment is measured the other way round.”(My dialogue with the owner in front of her resettlement house)
2024-5-1 08:28 Reply|
jpliu: A mom comforts another mom whose boy’s overall performance only average:The rule is even if your entrance exam not up to the level with math superb you’re still enrolled directly to choose math only ...
2024-4-30 13:38 Reply|
jpliu: Street scenes often impress me with the fact that I'm old as in the case of this morning when I saw groups of students on their way to school: " Today is Sunday, isn't it? Then why?"
2024-4-28 08:13 Reply|
jpliu: The base of educator Tao Xingzhi's statue is sth of an exchange: each tot takes out his toy to share with others.No doubt the best toy to play is all but his own. They return each with his own toy
2024-4-26 13:08 Reply|
jpliu: “She likes to play with kids older than her,"the mother said of her baby girl. My comment: " A bright future ahead.Old man likes to play with people younger.A splendid future behind him." ...
2024-4-23 13:45 Reply|
jpliu: The story of hare-tortoise race is told & retold even today. To rehabilitate the hare,as I do to label him behind a car in a kid's sticker book,you simply let him shown chasing after sth.like a car. ...
2024-4-20 08:40 Reply|
jpliu: Seeing me barefoot,grandson runs to bring for me my socks on bed.I don't credit him with doing me a favor.Like dolphins pushing drowning men out of surface,the motives're none other than fun/curiosity
2024-4-17 13:03 Reply|
lijuanandrea: lucky me
2024-2-5 23:44 Reply|
teadrinking: The joy of life is about using its fullest resources within infinite life.
2023-11-26 17:53 Reply|
teadrinking: One of the best things I keep is to review and drill.
2023-11-24 21:18 Reply|
teadrinking: Keep training.
2023-11-16 09:26 Reply|
teadrinking: Not a thing is useless, take it as for the power of movement.
2023-11-15 13:23 Reply|
teadrinking: A day of joy, a day of positiveness.
2023-11-14 18:50 Reply|
s300679: We are the last generation?
2023-11-14 10:58 Reply|


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