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s300679: if your life is beginning to feel like a runaway train take grab a cord and jump off it
2022-1-27 18:49 Reply|
s300679: womem must endure pain to be beautiful
2022-1-27 18:47 Reply|
s300679: this year must be a year china endure due to omicron outbreak in some big cities and ahead of spring festival
2022-1-27 18:47 Reply|
s300679: negotiations seems to have reached an impasse
2022-1-26 16:13 Reply|
s300679: this country has no way but ask for assistance from his allies during the worst bout of unrest in its nations history
2022-1-26 16:10 Reply|
s300679: his decision to resign caused furor
2022-1-26 14:46 Reply|
s300679: the president should resign if he can't quell the furor
2022-1-26 14:44 Reply|
s300679: morers were saw crying standing on both sides of street as the amulence car drove through while people showered car wih rose petals
2022-1-24 18:46 Reply|
s300679: Martin luther king is a figher against segregation
2022-1-24 18:44 Reply|
s300679: It's time for lawmakers in senate to change the rules including getting rid of filibusters
2022-1-24 18:43 Reply|
s300679: president is unable to discharge his official duties because of illness
2022-1-21 12:03 Reply|
s300679: Violent scuffels broke out between the rival groups demonstrating for and agaisnt independence
2022-1-21 12:02 Reply|
s300679: they want to uphold their value but is actually crushed down by government
2022-1-20 17:44 Reply|
s300679: I'm not sure if his arguemnt hold up , but i know it's stimulating
2022-1-20 17:42 Reply|
s300679: too good to be true
2022-1-20 15:23 Reply|
s300679: the mutations in RBD area in spike protain of virus will make immune from the anitibodies in drugs and some vaccines
2022-1-20 14:29 Reply|
s300679: Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? no, china has not seen the route ouf of the pandemic, even with the toughest rollout of lockdown .
2022-1-20 14:25 Reply|
s300679: this young saleman with inexpereince and less  maketing skills oversea is eager to clinch the deal. It is reasonable for that
2022-1-18 14:56 Reply|
s300679: The attempt to rescue the 18 schoolers trapped in cave was hampered by heavy rain
2022-1-18 14:54 Reply|
s300679: trump deflected biden's critique on twitter
2022-1-18 14:51 Reply|


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