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AnSen: Well, it's not as simple as it seems.
2018-10-8 23:04 Reply|
click_lily: Oops! gained weight... again...
2018-10-8 14:08 Reply|
click_lily: fighting against allergy!   definitely need more excercises!
2018-10-6 16:02 Reply|
click_lily: watching people go by is another way of interest.   
2018-10-2 15:02 Reply|
click_lily: 7-days holiday. I managed to have a good rest, clean up the room, make things tidy and well-organised, read more, see the doctors, get some excercise, and maybe wander to see people celebrating holida ...
2018-10-2 14:59 Reply|
click_lily: 7-days holiday. I managed to have a good rest, clean up the room, make things tidy and well-organised, read more, see the doctors, and get some excercise. Stay healthy, be nice!
2018-10-2 14:55 Reply|
click_lily: why write a lot...why can't my writing be short and brief...
2018-9-30 10:44 Reply|
AnSen: Looking back at the past,I should change the way of life ,a layer of constant state is badly  
2018-9-28 19:47 Reply|
click_lily: Here comes headache again...  
2018-9-28 18:56 Reply|
wangjide01: Love the Apps which can record the things you have done. Such as reading times, foot steps, running distance, studying days and so on which can tell us we are improving.  Fighting
  • click_lily: what app? (9-28 18:55)
  • wangjide01: Yodo Run for exercise; Liulishuo &Shanbei for english learning; suishouji for cost  and so on. (10-9 19:49)
  • click_lily: thanks! that's a lot! (10-10 10:46)
2018-9-27 17:06 Reply|
wangjide01: Met with my little brother last night. With some food and beer we talked much about our work , life , the opinion of the world and so on.  I am happy to talk with him.
2018-9-27 16:58 Reply|
wangjide01: My water colour came back today. So I can try watercolour painting besides sketch. I used mark pen for a pating before, but found that it's was lack of change for a adult's painting.
2018-9-27 16:53 Reply|
click_lily: yeah, thought it was down. But I finally find this website and my account works.    got to practise mroe
2018-9-27 10:28 Reply|
AnSen: The Project soon finished ,to be in a good mood,   FUCK!!!
2018-9-26 19:23 Reply|
JackMa: every day is a new day, go to our goat, keep on going, continuity.
2018-9-26 14:20 Reply|
wangjide01: My little brother is more than 32 years' old and havn't had a girlfriend till now. He is sick of the topic, so we have to avoid the topic  when we talking. We all worry about him.
2018-9-26 11:50 Reply|
wangjide01: Calm down and focus on something continuously.  Jogging, Learning and drawing
2018-9-26 11:46 Reply|
JackMa: happy mid autumn festival
2018-9-24 23:11 Reply|
JackMa: Today is a sunny day, after the "mangosteen"
2018-9-18 08:35 Reply|
wangjide01: Don't want to sleep at the deep night and sleepy at the daytime.
2018-9-17 15:55 Reply|


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