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DoraZheng: Life does not always please you. But you should please self to gail power and spirit by any ways. Be strong in spirit, be determined in heart and never be destructed or disturbed by anyone.
2018-4-13 09:43 Reply|
Gillian's: 10:30 it  is bedtime, sweet dream. tomorrow I can see my angel whose skin is.getting darker and darker like a country girl. but it is as long as she is healthy
2018-4-12 22:37 Reply|
Lucaslu: Write blog to improve my writting, I will insist to write every week.
2018-4-12 17:00 Reply|
Gillian's: I was told that Channy said she missed mummy and daddy when she was in the middle of playing. and she patted her chest to show that from where she was thinking of. my eyes were full of tears for that
2018-4-11 22:00 Reply|
Gillian's: finally I saw the happy ending I have been expecting...
2018-4-9 22:48 Reply|
Gillian's: still not finished
2018-4-8 23:07 Reply|
jeniffer: hi,i haven‘t been here for a long time ,miss every friend here
2018-4-7 19:56 Reply|
ruanbom: Ten thousand years are too long,seize the day,seize the night.
2018-4-6 22:27 Reply|
Gillian's: too tired today, better go to bed with Channy
2018-4-6 21:13 Reply|
Gillian's: like a drug, it make me addict to the ending. just want to know the truth
2018-4-5 20:05 Reply|
Gillian's: it is tomb sweeping day tomorrow. the traffic of going back to hometown is really terrible. when Channy is old  enough and  I have a holiday, i will take her to Syprus.
2018-4-4 20:58 Reply|
ruanbom: May be you know a wealth of people but most of them are only passers-by in your life.
2018-4-4 09:37 Reply|
ruanbom: work hard!strive!
2018-4-3 22:22 Reply|
Gillian's: It seems i didnt publish my miniblog successfully yesterday, I am happy today, since i just finish an important isse. what a.relief
2018-4-3 22:18 Reply|
Gillian's: WOW,!I left my english spot blanked for three days. my bad. I WAS too tired these days for shuttling around
2018-4-1 19:56 Reply|
warmjaney: Reading is the best habbit, try the best to cultive Emily treating reading into necessarity in daily life, which it's long-run lesson, it's easier said than done, but take action step by step.
2018-3-31 11:28 Reply|
Gillian's: If you wanna do it, then try it hard, or you just drop it so you can save time for what you want.
2018-3-29 22:19 Reply|
xiaoxiao2018: I am very happy now! I'm very thankful for my colleague, because I will go to Zhuhai by her friend's car tomorrow, and we’ll return to SZ next Monday morning.
2018-3-29 14:29 Reply|
xiaoxiao2018: Good morning, my friends! I am busy with my work now. how about you? like me? for children? shopping?... What are you plan this weekend? I have a date with my classmate. I‘m looking forward to it.
2018-3-29 10:16 Reply|
Gillian's: shitty thing happens before you notice it. the worst thing is you can do nothing about it and just wait for good luck. that is too sad
2018-3-28 22:25 Reply|


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