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jpliu: Visual hi-tech’s polishing effect is cheating effective. Photos, old and new, the difference rests in seeing. Old photos vague the actual scenes; new ones sharp them.
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: The square saw 3 groups: school students waited for tour bus; mid-aged company staff & a dozen elders met for climbing. I walked past like passing through 3 points of human life now to the 3rd point ...
5 days ago Reply|
sedgehead: I'm back!  Now, I just need to drag my lazy bones out of bed!
6 days ago Reply|
jpliu: Day & night temperatures over ten degrees apart. To narrow the gap,I wrap up neck with plastic bags on leaving home early morning. Then no need for me to take off coat walking in the sun in day time ...
7 days ago Reply|
loong: Eventually, i log into this blog web by PC, my passionate gonna vanished, cuz of my damned imac, which is needed to launch up for one hours, what s the heck!!!!!, now i again to restart to meet u.
2019-11-14 12:05 Reply|
loong: feeling curious.  feeling confuzzing. why when i start to blog something here.  and the PC launch like retarded snail?
2019-11-14 11:37 Reply|
loong: I wondered  why cant dioenglish develop an App?  
2019-11-14 11:22 Reply|
loong: what happened to that damned iMac. I try to open it.  45 minutes needed
2019-11-14 11:21 Reply|
loong: What a long time! When I come to visit dioenglish.com, I wonder it is still opening!
2019-11-14 11:06 Reply|
loong: I come back here to read, anyone still keep blogging here or tweeting here?
2019-11-14 11:05 Reply|
jpliu: 8:30am runners came, we blocked on the other side. A couple complained to police in vain. An old man sat down quietly. At ten the couple crossed. On request we left were lead across. The old man is 95
2019-11-11 16:03 Reply|
jpliu: 3 years ago a stock swap saw me swapping  3 stocks for a blue chip. The result is heartening: in 3 years, one of the sold one dropped 37% plus while my blue chip down over 30% during the same period
2019-11-7 16:38 Reply|
jpliu: Gardeners are seen decorating walls with flower-baskets on the way marathoners pass by. One tells me they’ll stand by on that day to collect baskets back in time before flower-lovers take them away
2019-11-5 20:01 Reply|
jpliu: I like watching ball games, soccer, pingpong, volleyball … to such an extent that referees look familiar. The world is packed with people. Yet those worthy of being watched are nobody but a very few. ...
2019-11-4 19:54 Reply|
jpliu: Practicing Shufa, once I write down“He who knows himself is wise;  he who conquers himself is strong”,I’d recall my elders’ repeated contradictive reminder : Safety first.
2019-11-3 09:20 Reply|
jpliu: Happy to see Ms Ji leaving at the gate, I: “I’ll pay management fee next time”“It doesn’t matter, someone’s there in the room” Sadly, I: “Of course, boss never collects money, she counts money ...
2019-11-2 13:20 Reply|
voiceheart: Time is flying, many  things had happened,let me feel joy and grief. Now, l'm here, and calm,just  to think about the  future……
2019-10-26 21:25 Reply|
jpliu: Thirsty on hilltop. Shop lady: “A bottle of water, a cup of plum syrup, a piece of cucumber, 15Yuan ok?” I: “Ok, only don’t charge me less.” “Sure but I sometimes give more changes,” the seller ...
2019-10-25 20:43 Reply|
jpliu: Thoughtful ,Ms Chen of Ye Mei In-Home (for elders)kept guiding during our day-tour. She also sang, but didn’t sing “Qinhai-Tibet Plateau”,knowing all in the bus were age-olds fear of “highs” ...
2019-10-21 14:27 Reply|
jpliu: To a countryman, crossing road in cities is testing. A citizen quite used to crossroads, I’m still cautious like a mongoose in crossing a paved village road even it’s empty with cars
2019-10-19 16:15 Reply|


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