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jpliu: April 2005 saw me trading in shares 600089 & 000157, both 6 Yuan plus. Today the former is up to over 29 Yuan; the latter stays put. Regret or not, I sold them both by the end of the month.
The day before yesterday 19:45 Reply|
s300679: what happened to your will happen to you same again
The day before yesterday 16:27 Reply|
s300679: I am back again .
The day before yesterday 16:26 Reply|
jpliu: The opposite side of “Seeing is believing” is “Seeing sees nothing”. That’s dialectical. We often hear people say: “The place is so familiar that I can get there with eyes shut.”
4 days ago Reply|
jpliu: “Risk zone is said to be close to where Ms Yang lives”I told daughter soon after my acid test again for the 1st time in 3 weeks.10 Minutes later she told me: “She has already been working at home” ...
2022-6-28 22:54 Reply|
jpliu: Changes are great since 1949 or 1978 & afterwards. Changes,not great,are occurring every day:A shop today, a new one tomorrow, another new one… build,renovate,repair,upgrade, adjust…evermore new ...
2022-6-21 19:06 Reply|
jpliu: Watching live-broadcast of China Super League match Guangzhou Town vs Henan. Audience absent, the shouts of on-site players & voice of commentator is accompanied by the songs of field crickets.
2022-6-15 21:07 Reply|
jpliu: Nobody I ask shows me where Harbin Lu is-it’s just the other side of the block where they live!Now no need for them to know street names:youngman has GPS;elders only have to know where to buy & spend ...
2022-6-12 19:36 Reply|
jpliu: Outside exam site.“Yester she in green dress took water melon for photo”“Meaning?”“No idea”“Cracking as firework?”“Today in grayish-green she brought apples”“Meaning?”“No idea. Fruitful? ...
2022-6-9 11:53 Reply|
jpliu: Parents:“Hard?”Contrary to math, examinees felt the physics exam easier. A father however was philosophical:“Be cautious of traps. The math is different–it’s just difficult.”He said to his girl ...
2022-6-8 11:46 Reply|
jpliu: There is no need to sport for me today. Walking to and fro to the high school watching entrance examinees and their parents cost me over 4000 steps. Twice of a day is close to 10 thousand steps.
2022-6-7 09:23 Reply|
jpliu: I can’t find my IC card when I remember it was left in a pocket of my ripped pants thrown away yesterday. Then I glimpse to my delight a rubbish bag at door side-a shower had postponed its throw-away ...
2022-6-5 10:50 Reply|
jpliu: It is crucial for an elder to make full use of what he has learned and mastered while he was not so young.
2022-6-4 15:59 Reply|
jpliu: Rush hours passing the cat roamed the quiet street.I moved close aiming at him.He flashed into the iron grid & then leisurely moved step-by-step higher onto the steps aware of me kept away by the gate ...
2022-5-31 07:23 Reply|
jpliu: “Oh, it lost contact!” The on-lookers around  looked upset. Its driver however was confident: the boy maneuvering his drone comforted us and himself alike:"It will fly back itself soon."
2022-5-28 20:11 Reply|
jpliu: 3 elders,2 women & a man sat talking about 9-year-schools & like. The man strongly recommended grandkid to be grown up in one school, from pupil to student.“Among others the dog food is thus saved.” ...
2022-5-24 13:20 Reply|
teadrinking: Summer
2022-5-23 16:05 Reply|
jpliu: A man in a speech is said to reply to a listener’s question why leading officials always sit in 1st row: It’s them who need to study most. Imagine why I used to sit on the last row at meetings
2022-5-17 05:41 Reply|
jpliu: “See what people say on the net?”I said point to the soybean milk machine on the shelf, “They say fruit nutrients are spoiled once  crushed into juice.”
2022-5-7 09:53 Reply|
jpliu: Young man seeks happiness by comparing with other people. Old man does so by doing the opposite.
2022-5-5 11:35 Reply|


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