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Shares Mutual respect
yvonneandmandy 2016-9-22 20:38
We always definite our client as the god in our mind and show them much respect .But anyone had thought that the respect is mutual. Maybe you had respect your customer but what is their reaction? maybe disrespect.
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Shares a little self-abased
yvonneandmandy 2016-9-20 20:20
I found that my daughter is a little self-abased. I had realized for a long time and i am trying to find ways but there is no changes till now. Everytime when i am angry with her about her bad behavior then she will just stare at you without any other expression it seems that she is so poor. When s ...
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Shares a lot for new colleague join in
yvonneandmandy 2016-9-19 19:59
today many new colleague join in our department. Maybe you will be confused, It is not the new colleague just the colleague from the branch of our company. Since we are in cosolidation now. They all come and work in our factory. So it is noisy today, Many of them are very busy with moving. Meanwhile ...
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Shares where is my time
yvonneandmandy 2016-9-18 20:15
Times flys like a rocket and it had past when i did not realize it. There are so many to do things but i did not do. Recently, i had a lot of to-do-things but i did not do.Maybe it is an excuse that i do not have time.Every day after work after cooking and washing then i must accopany my daugter for ...
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Shares Wangcai had an accident
yvonneandmandy 2016-9-10 22:21
This morning when i am working i received a call from my husband. He told me that wangcai has passed away by an traffic accident. Actually i was just a little sad since it was not brought up by me. Wangcai , is a dog. My husband's boss bought it in the market when his factory opened, and it wa ...
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Shares my best friends have her own house
yvonneandmandy 2016-9-8 20:34
My bosom friend had bought her new house. I felt a little jeallous of her.But also i fond that our relationship has changed.It is the most pity. It is not what i desire. I did not know that they buy the second-hand house in wenzhou at first. When i go running with my daughter in the evening. when we ...
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Shares idle but nothing important to do
yvonneandmandy 2016-8-17 20:27
I haven't visit DIOENGLISH for weeks although i had intended to write every day. but I did not insist on recently. Am i busy? No. Maybe i am always idle.I am a little upset these days since i am worried that what i should do when i am a liittle old. Maybe all the boss do not like the old guy work in ...
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Shares broken her bowl
yvonneandmandy 2016-8-9 20:51
Mandy broken her favoriate hellokitty bowl tonight at supper. Since she did not pay more attention on it and she was playing when having supper. I had reminded her for several times to take are of her own bowl. Since it is special to her. It is the gift she get from school. and the bowl printed with ...
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Shares about business on weichat
yvonneandmandy 2016-7-25 21:09
In my QQ and weichat space, many ads and information about the business on weichat, It seems that their business are in great success. One of my school, she is a four- year- son mother. She sell the quanlifang in weichat space. Every morning at about 3 o' clock, she will wake up and send some encour ...
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Shares buying an oven
yvonneandmandy 2016-7-20 20:43
For a long time. I am desiring an oven hope to make cake or biscuit by myself. I had planned many times but gave up evey time first it is money wasting, on the other hand, i am afraid that i can not make it successfull then i will give up toasting. This time i had the strong desire again hoping to b ...
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