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Shares Happy children's day
yvonneandmandy 2016-5-26 20:24
Yesterday evening, the qiqiaoban kindergarden spend their children's day party. All the programs are very interesting and funny,All the children are so lovely and cute just like the angels. they can dance , sing ,speak. They can do better without the accompany their parents. My daugter is also the o ...
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Shares climbing daluo mountain
yvonneandmandy 2016-5-16 21:06
Last sunday, My ex-colleague and i climbed the da luo mountain with her another two friends. Though we do not know each other but we are familar just like the good friends soon. It seems that we can have different feelings and can emjoy diffenent scene with different people at different time. Though ...
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Shares All work with Play
yvonneandmandy 2016-4-28 21:56
As the coming of labor holiday. Many people are planing their little holiday. but we do not have. We will work that makes me feel annoying.Most of the time. i was thinking why the boss in wenzhou always arrange the work in the holiday but in other areas will not. In fact, i do not want to work durin ...
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Shares take a good picture
yvonneandmandy 2016-4-21 20:04
Today i had take the picture of the shoe to our client for confirmation about the shoe box size. But the picture i took are not so good. And our client asked me to take again for about three times. To be frank, i was a little dispressed about myself. maybe it is my problem. So i am wondering how to ...
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Shares an disgusted day
yvonneandmandy 2016-4-12 20:29
Today i have met a lot of disgusted trifles that annoy me a lot. there is one client that require us the scan the case barcode then upload to their system. But there is something wrong with our website. at first we can not login in. After solving the problem then the data can not be load. We had che ...
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Shares Coughing
yvonneandmandy 2016-4-6 19:53
These days i fell into coughing. I do not know why since i am great at day time but cough at night. I have buy some cough syrup and anti-infammatory medecine.Just hope that i will be better soon. When i am ill everything goes not so good. So i hope i can take my health serious later by doing some ex ...
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Shares the VR technic
yvonneandmandy 2016-4-4 20:43
Yesterday i read some weichat shared by my friends about the VR. It was a amazing skill. I admire the starter who had the great idea. It is out our our common person's mind Since i did not experice by myself. Maybe after one year or two it is unneccessary for us to shopping on the computer or the mo ...
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Shares a holiday
yvonneandmandy 2016-4-3 21:06
It is the tomb weeping holiday, but we did not have holiday. Today is sunday, So i take my daughter to theAmusement ParK since i have great guilty on her. I had less time to accompany her. I am busy on my work. In fact, in my opinion, the work is not so imprtant in my life. And i donot have so ...
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Shares the past affection
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-30 20:15
Today i found one lovelorn.and it makes me remind of my past affection.Since once i am the one think that i can not live without him. For have been together for about 4years. As times goes on , i found i love him so much that i am afraid that he will live me one day. But at last he still leave, The ...
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Shares financial plan
yvonneandmandy 2016-3-28 20:32
Nowadays , the financial plan varies and differ from eath other, It seems that we had much more chances but less safe. There are many online and offline way. Some of my friends will share some ways on the weichat, and i will read it sometimes. But actually i do not know which way to choose since i a ...
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