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Shares Two rabbits
Aurasolar 2022-4-17 23:14
Individual Classification: Gallery|400 views|0 replies
Shares Chapter 7 A winged ball
Aurasolar 2022-4-17 22:56
I want to fly outside! Gene and Amir! Here we are! We chorused. Gene bounced up and glided with his winged shoes. Amir tried her wings and fluttered from a window in the breeze. I stood on the window sill and flapped my fluffy wings. We sailed in the morning sky. Amir was ...
Individual Classification: Sol Symphony|311 views|0 replies
Shares Chapter 6 Amir
Aurasolar 2022-4-16 11:13
I hovered over treetops and wandered in a glade. Flicker among sprouts and curling tender leaves. Shimmer on the waves. Flutter among the greeneries, and spread my fluffy wings. Glide through the strawberry shrubs. The air smells balmy, the fragrance of honey, blooms and berries drifting. Glide a ...
Individual Classification: Sol Symphony|319 views|0 replies
Shares Chapter 5 Star seeds
Aurasolar 2022-4-16 11:09
The sky is full of stars. All the stars are around Gene. Gene stretched out his fingers, as if he could reach the shimmering pinpoints. A constant star gazer, his clear eyes gleamed with joy on seeing the stars. Gleaming hearty Regulus was rising from the east over a s ...
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Shares Chapter 4 Snowflake and Maple
Aurasolar 2022-4-11 09:19
I grew fanciful, when several pearly clouds dappled the clear blue sky. Imagine fluffy snowdrops blossoming in springtime, or pearly gems strung on watery thread. From remote sky, a plump whale with a fluffy tail was sailing in the deep blue sky sea, tapping the unknown world in curiosity. ...
Individual Classification: Sol Symphony|291 views|0 replies
Shares A Cat wearing chocolate boots
Aurasolar 2022-4-10 12:38
He is a cheerful cat! He likes eating all kinds of food: Fish, pork, beef, mutton, and he even nimbled some scrapes of chocolate biscuits. Cats can't eat chocolate. But he is extraordinary. He survived even after eating chocolate. His boots are made of chocolate and ...
Individual Classification: Gallery|295 views|0 replies
Shares Chapter 3 Gene and Doris
Aurasolar 2022-4-10 12:27
All the birds were chattering and chirping. The weather was fine, always warm in spring. In our sphere, it is warm almost all year long. On a sunny slope, little seedlings are sprouting pale green, and morning glories were opening. In a valley, violets were blooming, spr ...
Individual Classification: Sol Symphony|256 views|0 replies
Shares Steamed bread
Aurasolar 2022-4-9 19:06
I steamed such big bread! Successful! One egg, small amount of honey, small amount of warm milk, mix with flour Add ferment Add flour for several times, and make a soft dough Add small amount of oil, sugar and salt Ferment for one and a half hours at warm places Rub th ...
Individual Classification: food|306 views|0 replies
Shares Endurance
Aurasolar 2022-4-9 17:25
There are happy people on the globe, who has to abide by some rules. Favored by Fate and striving on their own efforts. There are poor people in the world, Symphothetic for poorer ones. Angels would bless innocent souls, God creats humans for endurance, rather than pleasure. ...
Individual Classification: poems|239 views|0 replies
Shares Chapter 2 By a creek
Aurasolar 2022-4-9 14:50
In the early morning, I woke up in warm sunrays. Fresh air dipped in clear sky. Ivies turned tender green, and morning glories were blooming on the vines. I yawned and stretched myself. Then I dressed in a downy pinkish cashmere gown. Of course, two holes were poked to stick out my wings ...
Individual Classification: Sol Symphony|223 views|0 replies


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