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Shares I need your encouragement
Sharer 2011-11-19 22:17
I can't imagine that the date I released my last blog was on 10th Nov in 2010.The whole year has gone in a blink of an eye. As I metioned in the last blog that I've given up my job. Anyway. I made the decision and I'm out of job at present. Three months have passed. I'm st ...
Individual Classification: Inner feeling|1397 views|11 replies
Shares Just about the recent life
Sharer 2010-11-10 05:26
Just about the recent life Long time ...
1320 views|9 replies
Shares Some complains about the current situation
Sharer 2010-9-11 06:17
Long time no update, For the reason that I am going on about the work day and night recently. I feel so exhausted that I even wanna quit, but I don't wanna give up so easily. Just as the saying goes,The beginning is the hardest for the recruit. I must kno ...
1420 views|9 replies
Shares The words from lonely island
Sharer 2010-7-27 16:57
I am so sorry that I haven't been here for such a long time. But I never stop missingthe friends here.During the lasta few days.I am receiving ajob training before going to work. We were sent to a lonely island which is near to&nb ...
2049 views|23 replies
Shares I am so glad to be here again
Sharer 2010-6-5 10:17
Hello~everybody! I feel so happy that I don't eat my word, also I feel so lucky that I can be together with all the good friends in dioenglish again. During the days I left. I was so busy with the stuff related to the graduation of college. I think many f ...
2144 views|30 replies
Shares Temporary Farewell
Sharer 2010-4-21 05:13
My dearfriends of Dioenglish, Now for some reasons I have to say. I am sorry, I have to leave here for several days, However, I miss you guys,I will be back as soon as possible. & ...
857 views|11 replies
Shares Can hooligan make a miracle
Sharer 2010-4-9 17:59
Somebody cann’t imagine that I was ever just a hooligan in middle school, nor do I. Hooligan is little serious saying. But I was once a completely bad student. Who was really a big headache for the teachers. I liked fighting with others and always broken the shcool l ...
2035 views|44 replies
Shares A really awful day
Sharer 2010-4-5 23:53
Today. I felt really exhausted. Till now my head is aching. I have been staying in my room for several days. It was just like a prison. so I performed prison-break this afternoon.somehow I need to suck up some fresh air. I went shopping with delight. But I came back with headache. You know. The har ...
1019 views|29 replies
Shares Smile is the most beautiful language in the world
Sharer 2010-4-4 16:28
There are so many languages existed in the world. It’s too narrow to connect language only with word. Universally speaking. Language consists of behavior language, body language, gesture language and expression language. Smile is thought as a language of expression. Among those different lan ...
1410 views|20 replies
Shares I love my family
Sharer 2010-3-27 14:33
1274 views|26 replies


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