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Shares Happiness is Unconditional
2amlittle 2023-9-8 09:01
Whatever your life is rich or poor , whatever your work go smooth or not, whatever you reach your goal or not, wherever you are in, you can always be happy. Happiness is unconditional, your happiness is only deponded on you. You are responsible to your hapiness, you can give yourself ha ...
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Shares Keep Alive, Keep Passion
2amlittle 2023-8-22 20:01
passion is the most important thing in one's life. And to be keep in passion the most important thing for one to do is to be kind to others. A kind heart is an open heart and an open heart would accept any things that happen in his or her life or any other's life. Imagine that if you can accept all ...
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Shares What Is Negative Energy
2amlittle 2022-11-1 21:16
I think negative energy all due to the reason that you can not be yourself you can not act as what you think and you lose the freedom. loyal to yourself is an ablity it also need many couragements.although it needs many couragements but once you get the couragement and begin to listen to your ...
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Shares You Can Only Depend On Yourself
2amlittle 2022-11-1 17:52
You can only depend on yourself no matter other people give your what kind of promise. Because as a humanbeing one people is already very difficult to deal with all the things in his own life. A person would never have the power to bear all the problem that happen in other person ’ s l ...
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Shares Some Insights I Get Recently
2amlittle 2022-11-1 00:59
Some things happen to make you understand the nature of things, and when the nature of things are laid bare in front of you, on the one hand, what you didn't understand and couldn't let go of will suddenly be relieved at that moment, on the other hand, the naked nature of things will leave tra ...
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Shares Hapiness is About Your Inner Mind
2amlittle 2022-1-12 21:12
Happiness is an ability, it is about your inner mind not about any other objects in the world. Happiness is a feeling of silence that is very pure and very powerful. Hapiness belong to the kind of people whose soul is movable. Hapiness is a matter that belong to yourself but not to any other ...
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Shares For The Year 2021
2amlittle 2022-1-10 23:25
The year 2021 I knew myself more, I knew what I want in my inner mind. Because I knew the need of my inner mind so I was more brave to reject others. The more important is that I was not longer tangled and anxious when I rejected others but had a mood of peace. After I knew the shortcomi ...
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Shares When I Really Love myself
2amlittle 2020-12-11 14:04
When I started to really love myself, I understand that upward is an attitude and an ability. When I started to really love myself, I understand that to dominate my own life is a kind of courage. When I started to really love myself, I understand that what I want in my heart is true. When I s ...
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Shares New year is coming
2amlittle 2020-12-11 13:44
Year 2020 is a tough year, actually to say is that the tough period begun before the Spring Festival of last year, because we engage in the hotel industry, so when the Covid-19 spreaded the hotel industry is the first to be affected. during the whole Chinese new year holiday I processed the ...
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Shares What’s Love And How to Be a Girl who is really Independent
2amlittle 2020-8-3 18:57
I think love is something that to do with yourself if you love someone is not mean that someone need to love you in return. It is all about your own feeling and nothing to do with the one you love. Once you decide to love someone and start a relationship you need to bear all the consequences such ...
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