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Shares Better later than never
teadrinking 2022-7-1 22:20
For the majority of people, it is not easy for them in the first half year 2022. Now the best way to survive is to enhance and improve to be prepared well for the upcoming uncertainties. Nothing is assured in the future. In the short term, the zero-tolerance policy for the covid-19 is ...
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Shares Pour
teadrinking 2022-6-30 22:12
Damp and heat as the togetherness to stimulate the rain pouring down. Days of heatwave finally dismiss for a while, amid tranquil hills vapor senses the pulseof land. Not a single moment is wasted and memories are always stored in the river of history. Vicissitudes follow the change of time a ...
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Shares Shortcut
teadrinking 2022-6-29 09:18
Throughout the entire life, it is so brief that we just usually do not realize. Once we know that short life we never feel we still own too much time to waste of. Not a single day is the same as we always consider. Actually, it could be different and colorful. Even though the reality sometimes bloc ...
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Shares In person
teadrinking 2022-6-28 22:02
No one else is stupid as long as the one is normal in recognition conception. Another point of the a man's moral lies in the attitude of acceptation in mistakes and correction in humbleness. Anything being in the existence should not be meaningless and wasteful. Thus, a modest view over ever ...
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Shares Hotter
teadrinking 2022-6-26 21:51
As the rainy season halved for approximately 14 days, now comes the real summer. And cicadas spontaneously join in chirping as the sun scorches. A walk in the day just has no chance to avoid sweat. This is the only beginning to last months.
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Shares 3 to 7
teadrinking 2022-6-26 10:26
The latest official statement which declares the frequency of nucleic acid testing is loosened from 3 days to 7 days has somehow alleviated the trouble of testing too often. Many local governments have already announced the covid-19 regulations should be in line with reality and unnecessary lockdow ...
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Shares Super power
teadrinking 2022-6-24 20:49
As the improvement of civilization, human beings have made remarkable progress. And money plays a key role of commercialization boosting. Money is not almighty, but without it we almost can do nothing. As the credibility of payment, currency is convenient and effective for exchanging commodi ...
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Shares Be water
teadrinking 2022-6-24 09:59
Sea waves formed to ripple through oceans, ultimately they hit coasts and leave nothing but destruction. Not a power can resist that when it comes to nature, otherwise, it faces the destiny of failure and even perishes itself to ashes. Not a thing is useless and not a man is redundant. Everyone sho ...
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Shares Weather
teadrinking 2022-6-23 10:42
Provinces such as Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan are suffering floods, at the same, the majority of north west provinces are in face of drought. Natural disasters frequently come out and climate somehow experiences its extremes.
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Shares Mask everyday
teadrinking 2022-6-21 20:30
Currently the testing for nucleic acid policy every three days is normalized and the mask wearing habit has cultivated to be a part of life. Any of a public occasion is required to show the health code and itinerarycode. Everyone has to repeatedly check if the nucleic acid test is expired. Ma ...
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