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Shares Climbing is Climbing
2022-11-30 17:02
Mt Emei, a stock listed on Shanghai stock exchange, is really hopeless. At least till today. I first bought it below 7 Yuan on broking firm’s recommendation in April last year for its advantage of business monopolistic. However with pandemic lingering on, the firm, not so optimisti ...
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Shares The Art of Complaint
2022-6-25 09:40
“ Dig again!”Yet I do not complain in public. Instead I respond to the apologies of drilling workers outside the unit I live: “Convenience at doorstep doesn’t mean nice walk in the street nowadays.” On another occasion I compare urban renewal with sycamore trees: “Those comp ...
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Shares A Key Talk
2021-9-15 12:35
Now my turn comes to be forgetful. This morning no sooner had I closed the door than I remember my key was inside. Things like this happen more often than before. What a poor memory! On second thought, I believe it's reasonable. It is rather the mind and attention tha ...
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Shares Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter
2020-8-30 15:09
Waiting at bus stop near Zijinshan telpher this morning, I heard a man in his 70s boasting of his granddaughter (following his comment on the fierce quarrel minutes earlier on a bus between an old man of similar age with the driver over wearing face mask in the bus): ...
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Shares Men in Vigilance
2020-7-10 17:49
With two fried leek pies a cup of soybean milk, I slipped through the small door into the community DT Homeland, the only side gate convenient for home owners’small shopping and breakfast in no eyes of door-keepers security guards. Loitering aimlessly around the well planned pa ...
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Shares Real Business
2020-2-13 16:35
Kept indoors for days, many ladies are busily finding something to do, say, to let a broom stand on end. Except daughter,who, busily preparing for an exam, told me:“Review textbooks really matters.” “Aren’t you already an engineer since last December?”I asked. “That’s diffe ...
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Shares Cat and Rat
2020-1-19 12:47
Cat and Rat
Dog eats rat we’d say “It’s none of your buisiness.” What about cat eats rat? “Good, but some other time. It’s pet now,”we’d say.
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Shares Rat the Cowrie
2020-1-18 20:15
Rat the Cowrie
Now a rat crossing the street is met by people who are yelling “Well! Well!” instead of “Kill! Kill!” Time is the best choice before anything else.
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Shares On the Move
2020-1-11 21:12
Laptop broke down. I had to be hurry. It started raining a few steps outdoors, drizzle at first and then more than drizzle… Navigating for a Lenovo shop exhausted the last percent of the phone power so that I had to wait for a 5% recharge in the service centre before receiving ...
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Shares Sleep or Not
2020-1-3 14:37
Aunt asked me to translate a Chinese meditative poem to help her to sleep. Enclosed here is my rough translation: Worries away in the still of night, Desires leaving behind with attention to Dantian. Breathing at leisure to bridge the Meridian gap, As if floa ...
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