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Shares History As It Is
2019-7-23 09:55
History in Oliver Cromwell and Henry Ford ’s words and attitudes are opposite. Then who is right? Or better reasonable? Last December passing by a water works on the bank of Huangpu River,I took a picture of water pipes for its water intake. Again in March this year I took a same pict ...
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Shares Half a Year
2019-6-13 19:12
“Only half a year left,” friends and family advised. Half a year? How many ten years do we have in a lifetime? How many years are there within ten years? And how many half a year in a year? And how many months in half a year? Half a year can be critical on some ...
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Shares Just One of Those Days
2019-5-31 21:20
One morning in 1995, wife went alone for the parents’ meeting. On departure, 4-year-old daughter asked why father had not come. Wife explained that father was busy, and so was mother, “Mom and dad will not be able to be with you the coming weekend.” To appease her discontent, wife promised ...
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Shares A Mute Greeting
2019-3-6 13:25
“ Eat or not? ” That is a normal greeting when people meet. “ Haven ’ t seen you for a long time ” is another greeting. The former greeting is responded with “ yes ” or “ no ” , whereas the latter is perhaps a prelude for a longer chat. “ Hi! ” modern ...
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Shares A Bowl Talk
2019-1-26 21:47
A motto I always keep in mind is a man’s basic need is no more than three meals a day and a bed. Needless to say bowls are dear to me just as dishes dear to westerners. I almost eat everything with bowls. Even at leisure. I once wrote in a miniblog:“I watch TV with 2 bowls on hand fo ...
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Shares To Err is Human
2018-11-14 09:18
What do Nanjing, Nanchang and Nanning have in common is that they are all southern capital cities, all shortened Nan-Marathon, and, of course, all are beautiful. Last Sunday, I saw Nanchang Marathon from TV and hear the hostess say: “Indeed we see the marathon race around Gan Rive ...
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Shares A Conception Renewed
2018-11-10 12:04
When I was in primary and middle school, we criticized with teachers the conception of” Whereas buying ship is better than building it, renting ship is better than buying it.” As a graduate student in university, my tutor helped us analyze the positive and negative aspe ...
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Shares Year In Year Out
2018-2-12 20:13
Year In Year Out
In the Namibia girl ’ s eyes, the dog and chicken are aware that one room cannot have two masters. With this in mind, the dog is waiting for the room to be vacant. The hen knows that it ’ s time for her to look for new frontiers.
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Shares the Dust has Settled
2017-12-15 10:18
the Dust has Settled
The dust has finally settled. Walking up the slope was an open clearing, vague with morning fog. Deadly cool after boiling, the machines lay there fast asleep. Iron cages were empty, stacks of quarry weighing list wet with night dew were scattered on a broken table, a damaged calculat ...
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