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Last day of working in Tigel company, bye!my friends
2012-8-31 14:26 Reply|
Here I want to say thank you to Richardren, for he is the first one to join in me and practice oral English,who's also a great guy working in East Africa.Keep in touch!my friend
2012-8-22 09:31 Reply|
F-U-C-K! What a life am I living!
  • fatty: I like the word "fuck" (8-9 18:26)
  • reik: (8-9 21:45)
2012-8-8 14:37 Reply|
What a fucking day!
2012-8-3 14:09 Reply|
Why am I so angry with him? He really get me irretated. I need to vent it by doing sth coz right now it is really hard to focuse on my work
  • fatty: here is a perfect place to vent grievances. (7-28 16:42)
  • Kimi011812: Yeah,thanks!I'm much better now. (7-30 09:33)
2012-7-28 09:20 Reply|
Home,sweet home!
2012-7-23 09:24 Reply|
Cyber love, one-night stand, speed dating and flash marriage have been common in big cities。   网恋、一夜情、速配和闪婚在大城市里已见惯不惊了。
  • fatty: you heard about it or experience it? (7-17 20:01)
  • Kimi011812: hehe, just know it from daily news. (7-18 09:12)
  • fatty: (7-18 10:49)
  • possible: so what something else do you wanna say? (7-17 21:27)
  • Kimi011812: I do not want say anything,but I think it is well translated, so I make a copy from a news (7-18 09:13)
2012-7-17 13:52 Reply|
Another weekend comes, I'll go swimming with my friends this afternoon!
2012-7-14 11:06 Reply|
Already updated pictures shot in Yun Nan
2012-7-3 13:31 Reply|
It's a long day!
2012-6-18 14:58 Reply|
Will u dream the same or similar dreams? Last night I found myself drop into the a familar place that once I dreamt before,and the dream continues, more things happened last night, it's a kind of real
2012-6-16 07:56 Reply|
a strong sense of loss! heart-broken pain
2012-6-15 09:46 Reply|
Hey, everybody, Here I'll share a song named "Moves Like Jagger", which is a cheering up u in a second and inspiring song imdediately u hear it. Also u can search its vedio(维多利亚的秘密内
2012-6-11 08:05 Reply|
What u said deeply inspired me, I won't let myself down
  • Jennsweetie: I find it too much of a torture to live up to the expectations others have of you.. Why not just live your life your own way - be the master of your life and be happy.. But maybe your love for him is (6-9 15:47)
2012-6-9 10:10 Reply|
Hi! Morning! just want to say "Hello" to everyone. Life is short, cherish every moment!
2012-6-5 09:35 Reply|
Alina died and becomes Vampire in the end of third season, I know the story will not going to be end, what their relationship will three of them to be?
2012-6-4 14:59 Reply|
I'm a big fan of Vampire Dairies! I love Alina and Salvatore brothers , their triangle relationship runs though the whole plot, I do hope Deman would be the guy accompany with Alina in the end.
2012-6-4 14:34 Reply|

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