2019-02-20 阅读 :
  Having had your name and address from the Commercial Counselor's office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in..., we now avail ourselves of this pportunity to write to you and see if we can establish business relations by a start of some Practical transactions.

  2. 从中国国际贸易促进会获悉,你们有意采购电器用具。
  We have heard from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade that you are in the market for Electric Appliances.

  3. 驻贵地的中国领事向我们介绍,你公司是……生产……(商品)的大出口商。
  Your name has been recommended to us by the Chinese Consul stationed in your city as large exporters of... goods produced in....

  4. 从……获悉你们行名及地址并了解你们是……有经验的进口商。现向你们开报……,盼能在贵地市场推销。
  From... we have obtained your name and address and understand that you are experienced importers of... We have pleasure in offering you... of which we would appreciate your pushing the sale on your market
  5. 从……获悉你公司专门经营……,现愿与你公司建立业务关系。
  We learn from... that your firm specializes in..., and would like to establish business relationship with you.

  6. 承……的介绍,获悉你们是……有代表性的进口商之一。
  Through the courtesy of.... we have learned that you are one of the representative importers of ...

  7. 据纽约司密斯公司所告,得悉你公司名称和地址,并得知你们……日本东京商会已把你行介绍给我们。
  Your name and address has been given to us by Messrs. J. Smith & Co., Inc., in New York, who have informed us that your firm has been recommended to us by the Chamber of Commerce in Tokyo, Japan.

  8. 我们能开报十分优惠的条款。
  We are able to quote you very advantageous terms.

  9. 承贵地…银行通知,你们是…的主要进口商(出口商),并有意与中国进行这些方面的贸易。
  The.... Bank in your city has been kind enough to inform us that you are one of the leading importers (exporters) of... and are interested in trading with China in these lines...

  10. 据了解,你们是中国……(商品)有潜力的买主,而该商品正属我们的业务经营范围。
  We are given to understand that you are potential buyers of Chinese...,which comes within the frame of our business activities.

  11. 通过贵国最近来访的贸易代表团,我们了解到你们是信誉良好的…进口商,现发信给你们,盼能不断地接到你们的定单。
  Through your trade delegation that recently paid a visit to this country, we learned that you are well-established importers of... and are writing to you in the hope of receiving your orders from time to time.

  12. 我们欣然寄发这封自荐信,希望是互利关系的前奏。
  We are glad to send you this introductory letter, hoping that it will be the prelude to mutually beneficial relations between us.

  13. 我们有幸自荐,盼望能有机会与你们合作,扩展业务。
  We have the Pleasure to introduce ourselves to you with the hope that we may have an opportunity of cooperating with you in your business extension.

  14. 我们冒昧通信,以期待与贵公司建立业务关系。
  We take the liberty of writing to you with a view to building up business relations with your firm.

  15. 现向贵司自我介绍,我们是国营公司,专门经营轻工业品。
  We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a state operated corporation dealing exclusively in Light Industrial Goods.

  16. 也许你们已有所知,我们是国营公司,经营……(商品)的进出口业务。
  As you may be well aware, we are a state-operated corporation handling such items as... in both import and export business.

  17. 鉴于你们是……的主要进口商之一,特此联系,盼能建立业务关系,以有助于你们满足各项需求。
  As you are one of the leading importers in ..., we have pleasure in contacting you in the hope of establishing business relations and rendering you assistance in a wide range of your requirements.

  18. 了解到你们对……(商品)的进口和出口都感兴趣,故愿自荐,希望在我们两公司间建立互利的业务关系。
  We understand that you are interested in both the import and export of... and it is on this subject that we wish to introduce ourselves in the hope of establishing mutually beneficial business relations between our two corporations.

  19. 你公司是信誉卓著的照相机进口商,我公司极愿与你公司建立业务关系。为此,我们现在寄去商品目录和价目单,用以向你公司毛遂自荐。
  The high reputation, which you are enjoying as camera importers, has rendered us desirous of entering into business relations with you. Accordingly, we introduce ourselves to you by sending you our catalogs and price-lists.

  20. 我们经营的商品包括本国第一流造纸厂的产品,因此,我们有良好条件就你们提出的商品,向你们的顾客提供质量最可靠的商品。
  The commodities we are handling consist of the manufactures of the first-rate paper mills of this country, and so we are in a good position to serve your customers with the most reliable quality of the line you suggest.

  21. 我们专门经营中国美术工艺品出口,愿与你们进行交易。
  Specializing in the export of Chinese Art & Craft Goods we express our desire to trade with you in this line.

  22. 我们的主要业务是纺织品和手工艺品。
  Our lines are mainly textiles and handicrafts.

  23. 我们经营这项业务已有多年。
  We have been in this line of business for many years.

  24. 本信目的是探索与你们发展贸易的可能性。
  The purpose of this letter is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you.

  25. 我们愿在平等互利.的互通有无的基础上与你公司建立业务关系。
  We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and exchanging what one has for what one needs.

  26. 我们愿与你们建立友好业务关系,分享互利的交易。
  We wish to establish friendly business relations with you to enjoy a share of mutually profitable business.

  27. 盼直接洽谈,以便将你公司特种经营商品引进我地市场。
  We wish to enter into direct negotiation with you with a view to introducing your special lines in our market.

  28. 我们有意向中华人民共和国寻求原油供应来源的可能性.
  We are interested in the possibility of establishing sources of supply of crude oil from the People's Republic of China.

  29. 建议试试利用一下我们的经验和专门知识。
  We advise you to make use of our experience and special knowledge on trial.

  3O. 相信我公司的对外贸易经验以及对国际市场情况的熟悉,可能使我们有资格得到你们的信任。
  We trust that our experience in foreign trade and intimate knowledge of international market conditions will entitle us to your confidence.

  31. 我公司与此地可靠的批发商有密切联系,能与你公司作可观的进口业务。
  Being closely connected with reliable wholesalers here, we shall be able to do considerable import business with you.

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