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【有关网瘾的初中英语作文(共5篇) 篇一】

As a primary source of information as well as an efficient means of communication, the Internet offers people a colourful and convenient life. Just by clicking the mouse, we can enjoy a brilliant and easy life that could not be achieved ever before: shopping, making friends, contacting relatives, looking for jobs, downloading music and movies, conducting business deals, and freely airing our opinions.

For its convenience, the Internet has attracted people like magnets and some people even claim that it is indispensable. To them, life can’t go on without it. Every day millions of people spend hours on end surfing the Internet. They are obsessed with it so much so that they forget many other important matters.

As for me, I don’t approve of unrestrained Internet reliance. Although the Internet is a gift of the technological revolution and a blessing of this information age, we should never let it control our life. The Internet absolutely doesn’t mean the whole world to us. Instead, we should guard against its negative effects. To those Internet addicts, I would add: “Self-control can make or break your life. With proper use, the Internet serves you; otherwise, it kills you.”




【有关网瘾的初中英语作文(共5篇) 篇二】

Nowadays,many students become addicted to the Internet.They spend too much time on the games, chatting,movie seeing and even shopping online.This has a negative effect on their study,even harmful for their hearts,health and their attitude towards the world,only because the Internet is so complicated that it is not easy for the young people to control themselves. So students should do more exercise and spend reasonable time on computer so that it won't affect our study~


【有关网瘾的初中英语作文(共5篇) 篇三】

Nowadays, with the development of cyber technology, more and more young people tend to be addicted with the internet.

This is a problem that should be considered by both their family and the scholl. Of course, it's also a social problem. Young people are very esay to be influnced by the social atmosphere, to provide a better studying environment, all people that are involved in the juvenile education shoud do their part in helping the young people.

But above all, the young people themselves should take the right attitude to this issue. Because they are the decisive factor in this problem.




【有关网瘾的初中英语作文(共5篇) 篇四】

With the development of the computer technology,the internet is becoming more and more popular.You can find computers and the internet nearly everywhere in our life,work and study.Even,the internet is becoming one of the most important parts in our social life.But, some young people,especially some of the students, are too addicted to the net surfing.They spend too much time on the games, chatting,movie seeing and even shopping online.That will not be good, even harmful for their hearts,health and their attitude towards the world,only because the internet is so complicated that it is not easy for the young people to control themselves.


【有关网瘾的初中英语作文(共5篇) 篇五】

Dear Li Lei

I am sorry that you are addicted in the internet. It takes you too much time to surf the internet every day. Sometimes you don't go to school and you don't often finish doing your homework on time. I am worried about you a lot. It's my opinion that being a student, we should place our study, health and safety before other things. If you spend too much time on computer, it'll bad for your health and your study. So why not concentrate on your study and you'd better spend some time doing sports because it's good for both your health and your study.


Zhang Ming





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