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【有关夏天的英语作文大全 篇一】

Summerismy favorite season.My classmates alllike me,waiting,looking forward tothe arrival of summer.

In summer,all kinds offruits areripe,have been listed,colorful,have everything that one expects to findthe rainy season,wecan taste thesour,sweetYang Mei;slippery,deliciousmango;not only refreshing,and thirst-quenchingwatermelon;andsparklinggrape;known as the"Queen of fruit"strawberry.Whatitis!

Summer is so beautiful,is soattractive,seductive,let us have tolove it.In summer,Ilikeyou,only one a year summer,I will cherishit!




【有关夏天的英语作文大全 篇二】

The summer is coming. I like summer very much. In summer days, I can do a lot of things, such as swimming, eating ice cream, drinking cold water. Besides, the summer holiday is my favorite time. I don’t have to go to school in holidays, so I can play with my friends. I can travel with my parents, too. I want to go many places, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and so on. This is why I love summer.


【有关夏天的英语作文大全 篇三】

Summer is the second season in the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, summer goes from June to August. Summer is the hottest season in the year. Sometimes, the temperature reaches 40°C. Many people can not stand such hot weather. So they always stay indoors. At night, people would go out for a walk. Swimming is the most popular sport in summer. It brings cool to people.


【有关夏天的英语作文大全 篇四】

It's almost the end of April. Summer has come to us in my city. In south, summer always comes earlier than north. It has been hot for about half a month. The highest temperature reached 37 degree. Now, there are much less people in the street. People are not likely to go out during the summer. It's so hot outside. Swimming is the most favorite activity in my city. The pools are always full filled with people. Parents often take their children to swimming pool at night. Personally, I do not like summer, because it's too hot and the sunshine is strong. I sweat a lot and that makes me very uncomfortable. Therefore, summer is tough time for me and I always expect winter to come.


【有关夏天的英语作文大全 篇五】

Summer is coming.

The tree have new,green leaver.Flowers is very lovely.It's hot in summer.We wear shorts ,T-shirt and sandals.In summer,I like swimming in the swimming pool,I wear a swimsuit and glasses.I like summer.



【有关夏天的英语作文大全 篇六】

I love summer very much. In summer, it's hot, and sometimes it's rainy. People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses. Girls love to wear dresses and skirts.

I love smimming in summer. So I always go swimming with my parents in the sea. Sometimes, I like to play basketball on the playground with my friends if it's not very hot.

My favourite food in summer is ice-cream. It's very cold and sweet. It's delicious for me in summer.

Wow, summer is really my favourite season!





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