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【20xx久违的冬日雪景英语作文 篇一】

Snow, swirl to float down from the sky, as if countless butterflies fly, and like playing catkin gently, heaven and earth one integrated mass.

At noon, after lunch, I opened the curtains a look, ah, the view surprise me?? Heavy snow is outside, at this time I knew deeply snow the meaning of this idiom. I looked out the window trance, come back, such as sight is another story. Still under the snow, on the roof, the branches, the roads are in cladding on a thick layer of snow. Outside was silent, as if only at snowflakes gently falling down, on a show, really like a vanity of build by laying bricks or stones jade silver kingdom. Like on the road covered with a thick layer of carpet, walk to squelching sound, leaving a string of deep footprints. The world of ice and snow especially enchanting.

The children all came to the downstairs snowball fights, make a snowman. The laughter attract all the snow, their hair, stained with light snow at the end of the nasal tip. I was attracted to the downstairs. Hand and a piece of the snowflakes fell on my hand, fresh, soft, gentle, also very comfortable! Snow is hexagonal, is composed of many together at the end of the light snow, I do not know is the heaven of the gods have such a wonderful artical excelling nature of design.

Under the snow, is still a long time, like a pearl, crystal clear, like a goose feather, swirl, like fairies in the sky, naughty and lovely, like catkin, those from the sky

At this time, I was reminded of the distant mountains, white snow covers the on the curve of the ups and downs and tender, will she turn white packaging. If you snow mountains, that would be like in the fairy tale world!

Snow, like the wonderful music, deep feeling beautiful poem, brought happiness to the children, also let us enjoyed a snow beautiful.







【20xx久违的冬日雪景英语作文 篇二】

The first snow of the 20 xx years, already in imperceptible in, flexor index, this is probably the last fifth snow this year.

To sit by the window, look at the snowflakes falling down, have the feeling that a stranger. Jiangnan rarely have so of snow, so big, so frequently. Indeed, it is difficult to meet like this in the jiangnan "thousand trees critics, pear flower open" view.

This year's snow as if also become more volatile, and sometimes like a goose feather and down, and sometimes as earnestly as the spring rain falls on the earth, and sometimes like fine willow kissed the face of people.

Zhu zi-qing said that snow is the spirit of the rain.

But I don't fully agree with Mr Zhu zi-qing's point of view, although the snow like the rain has a heart of water, but they have a totally different spirit. The rain is heavy, it bears all the pressure. And the snow is very different, it can the be fond of according to oneself to change their form, so as to reduce the pressure of their own. The snow is so light, free, let me envy.

Snow, for lonely people, perhaps can only lead to a deeper loneliness in miserable; For optimists, it can give greater joy.

But for me, snow is a friend, a friend for long separation heavy seam, a cherished bosom friend forever

Snow in, it has become a let me to talk to friends, no matter happy or not, no matter how much trouble, I can talk to him. He will use his white heart to listen to all, with his flawless mind is containing my stubborn, selfish, road...

I'm snow, of pure white snow elves.










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