2008年奥运会和我2008 Beijing Olympic Games and I

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  The year of 2008 is getting closer and closer to us. We need to take actions from now on to prepare for the game. What we need to do most is to work on our disadvantages and shortcomings. As a student of Senior high, I can do my own part. Although I can’t transform our city into more a beautiful place on my own, I can help Beijing in small ways and encourage our classmates and people around me to follow my lead.

  Let me take the environment for example, the atmosphere around Beijing is quite disappointing, factories and cars keep giving off exhausts into the air, we can hardly see the blue sky with our naked eyes, because the sky is covered with a thick layer of harmful substances. The sky is gray instead of blue. To our delight, the government has passed some laws of protecting the air, and we can do something useful, too. For example, whenever we go out for a long distance, ride the bike or take the buses and subways instead of taxis. You may not have a clue how it works. Of course doing that only by one person is far from enough, but we can let more people do that together. In that case the result may be more than we bargained for.

  Another thing we need to work on is our English skills. Teachers and parents often put great emphasis on our English skills especially listening and speaking. I want to be a volunteer in 2008, to be an interpreter. For now, I must do something helpful to improve my spoken English. Rome isn’t build in a day, so is English. It can’t be improved in a day or two. It takes time and energy. There are no shortcuts to improve your spoken English; the most productive way is to grab all opportunities around you to open your mouth. For instance, taking part in all kinds of English contests is a good way, you can meet some excellent contestants, and you can share the experience of learning and some good method of learning. I will keep participating in all English activities to polish up my English. I’m sure by the year of 2008, I will be able to master English well just as my mother tongue.

  All in all, I’m sure that Beijing Olympic Games will be one of the most successful Games in history. I believe our long-cherished dream will be fulfilled in a perfect way!


  让我以环境为例,北京周围的大气环境比较令人失望,工厂和汽车不断地向空中排放废气,我们几乎用肉眼看不到蓝色的天空了。因为天空被一层厚厚的有害物质所覆盖, 天空成了灰色,而不是蓝色。令我们高兴的是,政府已经出台一些保护大气环境的相关法规。我们呢,也可以做一些有用的事情。比如说,每当我们要出远门的时候,骑自行车或乘坐公交车和地铁来代替出租车。你可能不知道这会有什么用。当然,只靠一个人的力量是远远不够的,但是我们可以让更多的人一起去做。 这样的话,结果才有可能收效显著。



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