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  [Directions]some people think educate children of different abilities together will benefit them. others think intelligent children should be taught separately and give special courses, discuss both side and give own opinion!


  Endowed by different talents, every individual is contributing to our society in different ways. Therefore, to treat every student equally is a common practice at existent schools; however, there is a tendency of growing popularity that schools are oriented by producing "elite students". It has aroused fierce controversies, for which reason I suggest that schools should keep their traditional strategy unchanged.

  To begin with, to separate students according to their individual competence can injure their personality development. Some seemingly intelligent students are instilled with a sense of superiority. Consequently, they place themselves over the rest of the class, but some findings have indicated that those are of great wise are not necessarily of great use.

  Secondly, to categorise students with a rigid rule can spur the rivalry between students, which is harmful for the academic atmosphere of a school. Schools are prestigious because of their inborn ability to provide children a relaxing and cooperative environment to study. To treat gifted children different would inescapably upgrade the competition between children. Arguments or infightings thus escalate.

  Admittedly, to devise particular courses for a certain group of students can find their way to benefit students' future. Some students have advanced their special interests in some subjects, such as philosophy, astronomy, and geography, to mention but a few. Those subjects, in general, demand fewer practitioners, compared with other profitable subjects, e.g., business, computer, and graphic design, etc. However, as emphasised before, it is rational to leave students options to choose, instead of forcing an inflexible rule

  In brief, to train students for specific purpose might be beneficial in some sense, but to coach them together is more favourable a strategy.


  Endowed=gifted 被赋予……(一般接天赋,能力一类的词)

  Environment-friendly (adj.) 有利环境的

  Profit-oriented=profit-driven (adj.) 以盈利为目的的

  Environment-interested (adj.) 对环境感兴趣的

  Environment-conscious (adj.) 具备环境意识的

  Rigid=inflexible=strict=rigorous=relentless: 严厉的,没有任何余地的

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