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  范例:How do A Students like these do it? Brains are not the only answer. The most gifted students do not necesserily perform bestin exams. Knowing how to make the most of one‘s abilities counts for much more. Some of these high-achieving students actually put in fewer hours than their lower-scoring classmates. The students at the top of the class get there by mastering a few basic techniques that others can easily learn.

  1. 将前述词变为它相应的其他词性 ―― 派生词

  Indeed, until two centuries ago, the West was so backward in agriculture comparedto China, that the West was the underdeveloped world in comparison to the Chinese Developed world.(compare 和 comparison, 意思相同,但词性不同,这样就避免了重复。) Some of them might feel too much disappointed with the ignorance of the role that television plays in men’s lives. However, it turned out to be, as was ever surveyed, more than a single disappointment.

  2. 换为前述词的同义词

  A. 词的同 / 近义: And some tradition has been altered, though sometimes the changes may be invisible to a casual observer. A typical example is that… Another interesting illustration suggests that…

  B. 结构上同义: For example, no one knows who invented the wheel or discovered the productive use of fire. Little is known about the invention of writing and of numbers.

  C. 反义词: Fads are not unique to the United States. It is generally believed that fads are common in any country that has a strong consumer economy.反义词组: Some foreign visitors marvel at the local custom and behaviors which are, for sure, taken for granted in locals‘ eyes. Thus, a potential misunderstanding might be approaching.

  D. 换为上词目词 ( 将具体换为笼统 ) : Headache has arrived with the cold and wet conditions. The illness is striking almost everybody from infants to the elderly. Higher water levels in the lake area may also damage bamboo woods. That means giant pandas, which feed on these plants will suffer, too

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