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  Directions: If you are the teacher of the students' Counseloris office: P: steelpes, and you have received a letter for requesting for paid education leave from a student. Write him a memo to reply him including details:

  1) The result of his requirement.

  2) The reason for rejecting.

  3)some suggestions

  You should write about 100 words.

  To: Records Section

  From: P/ Steelpes, Career Planning

  Subject: Request for Paid Education Leave

  Date: May 22, 2004

  In response to your request for one year of paid education leave to take a degree in English literature, I have to inform you that we cannot authorize this leave.

  While we appreciate your desire to improve your knowledge, we feel that English literature is not directly related to your present position and to the goals of this organization.

  I am aware of your great interest in literature, and I would like to point out that you could gain advantage to apply for leave without pay.

  If you need another information on the above, do not hesitate to keep touch with me at any time.

  P. Steels

  * 首先要注意本篇备忘录的格式很标准。然后注意这个备忘录的个别词的用法,譬如:be aware of 注意到、当心的意思,point out 指出,request for 要求,in response to 反馈。


  Directions: You are a supervisor of a big company. The chief of operations wants to adopt the“punch-in”system to increase productivity. Write a memo to talk about this:

  1) Does the “punch-in”system benefit the company?

  2) If the company doesn't adopt it, what else can we do to increase productivity.

  You should write about 100 words.

  To. David Green, Chief of Operations

  From: Tony. Party , Supervisor

  Subject: Comments on the “Punch-in” System

  Date: March. 22, 2004

  This is further to your memo dated March. 20, 2004, in which you proposed that employees adopt the “punch-in” system.

  I fully agree with you that we must increase productivity. As far as your proposal that if the “punch-in” system is adopted, we would have a tighter control over the employees is concerned. However, I don't think so. I personally think that, to accomplish this, we should give the employees more incentives to work faster. I feel that if we ( the supervisors) could meet with you , we could discuss different possiblilities to create such incentiveness.

  Your consideration of this suggestion would be appreciated.

  Tony Party

  * 此篇是对一篇备忘录的回复。生产主管认为实行打孔考勤制度(“punch-in”system),有利于增加生产效率。但督察却不这样认为。他认为“should give the employees more incentives to work faster”。

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