Jane McGonigal Ted演讲:能让你多出10年额外寿命的游戏(中英字幕)

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当游戏设计者Jane McGonigal发现他自己在卧床不起甚至想自杀之后明白了如何好起来。她开始钻进科学研究,并且创造出有治愈效果的游戏“非常棒”。在这个感人的演讲中,McGonigal 解释了一个游戏如何能够增强人们的适应力,并且还保证能为你的生命额度增加7.5分钟!

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life 能让你多出10年额外寿命的游戏

I'm a gamer, so I like to have goals. I like special missions and secret objectives. So here's my special mission for this talk: I'm going to try to increase the life span of every single person in this room by seven and a half minutes. Literally, you will live seven and half minutes longer than you would have otherwise, just because you watched this talk.
我是一个游戏玩家,因此我喜欢得分。 我喜欢特殊的使命和神秘的目标。 因此,我这次演讲的特殊使命是: 我将尽力为这个大厅里的每个人延长 七分半钟寿命。 的确, 你将比你原来多活七分半钟, 就只因为你来看了这个演讲。

Okay, some of you are looking a little bit skeptical. That's okay, because check it out -- I have math to prove that it is possible. And it won't make a lot of sense now. I'll explain it all later, just pay attention to the number at the bottom: plus-7.68245837 minutes that will be my gift to you if I'm successful in my mission.
恩,你们有些人看起来有些怀疑。 没关系,看一看吧, 我做了算数去证明它是有可能的。 现在,听起来不符合常理, 我过一会解释, 只要注意一下最下方的数字: 加上 7.68245837分钟。 如果我成功完成我的使命这七分钟将是我给你们的礼物。

Now, you have a secret mission too. Your mission is to figure out how you want to spend your extra seven and a half minutes. And I think you should do something unusual with them, because these are bonus minutes. You weren't going to have them anyway.
现在,你也有一个秘密的使命。 你的使命是想想怎么花掉, 这多余的七分半钟。 我认为你应该用这点时间做点不寻常的事, 因为这是本不属于你意外的收获。你在其他地方可能都难以得到,

Now, because I'm a game designer, you might be thinking to yourself, I know what she wants us to do with those minutes, she wants us to spend them playing games. Now this is a totally reasonable assumption, given that I have made quite a habit of encouraging people to spend more time playing games. For example, in my first TEDTalk, I did propose that we should spend 21 billion hours a week as a planet playing video games.
现在因为我是一个游戏设计师,你可能正在想, 我知道她想我们在这几分钟里做啥, 她想让我们花时间玩游戏。 就现在而言,这是一个完全合理的假设。 就大家知道的而言我习惯鼓励大家, 多花时间去玩游戏, 比如说,在我第一次的TEDTalk 时, 我建议每个星期全球花两百一十亿个小时, 去打电子游戏。

Now, 21 billion hours, it's a lot of time. It's so much time, in fact, that the number one unsolicited comment that I have heard from people all over the world since I gave that talk, is this: Jane, games are great and all, but on your deathbed, are you really going to wish you spent more time playing Angry Birds? This idea is so pervasive -- that games are a waste of time that we will come to regret -- that I hear it literally everywhere I go. For example, true story: Just a few weeks ago, this cab driver, upon finding out that a friend and I were in town for a game developer's conference, turned around and said -- and I quote -- "I hate games. Waste of life. Imagine getting to the end of your life and regretting all that time."
现在看起来,两百一十亿个小时是很多时间。 真的是很多时间。 事实上,我看到的最多的, 来自世界各地的评论, 自从我做完那个演讲是: Jane, 游戏是好东西,但是在你临终前, 你真的希望你这一生应该花更多的时间打愤怒的小鸟么? 打游戏就是浪费生命是普遍存在的想法。 我们最终都会后悔,这是我确实到处都能听到的。 例如,有一个真故事:就在几个星期前, 这个出租车驾驶员,得知我和我的一个朋友, 是来参加一个游戏设计的会议, 他转过头对我们说, “我讨厌打游戏,那是浪费生命。想一想到生命尽头的时候, 会后悔浪费掉的时间。

Now, I want to take this problem seriously. I mean, I want games to be a force for good in the world. I don't want gamers to regret the time they spent playing, time that I encouraged them to spend. So I have been thinking about this question a lot lately. When we're on our deathbeds, will we regret the time we spent playing games?
现在,我想要认真的对待这个问题。 我的意思是,我想让游戏成为这个世界上好的影响力。 我不希望游戏玩家后悔他们花在玩游戏上的时间, 那都是我鼓励他们花的时间。 因此我最近一直在想这个问题。 当我们在临终前上,我们会后悔, 我们花在打游戏上的时间吗?

Now, this may surprise you, but it turns out there is actually some scientific research on this question. It's true. Hospice workers, the people who take care of us at the end of our lives, recently issued a report on the most frequently expressed regrets that people say when they are literally on their deathbeds. And that's what I want to share with you today -- the top five regrets of the dying.
现在这个可能会使你吃惊,但是, 在这个问题上确实有过一些科学的研究。 善终医院的工作人员, 照顾我们走完生命最后一程的人, 最近发表了一个报告是关于最常听到临终的遗憾。 的确是人们在临终床上说的。 今天我想跟你们分享的是---, 排前五位的临终遗憾。

Number one: I wish I hadn't worked so hard. Number two: I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. Number three: I wish I had let myself be happier. Number four: I wish I'd had the courage to express my true self. And number five: I wish I'd lived a life true to my dreams, instead of what others expected of me.
第一位:我希望我工作没有那么卖力。 第二位:我希望我和我的朋友们一直保持联系。 第三位:我希望我能让自己过得跟快乐些。 第四位:我希望我曾鼓励过我做真正的自己。 第五位: 我希望我曾为我的梦想而活, 而不是按照别人的要求苟活。

Now, as far as I know, no one ever told one of the hospice workers, I wish I'd spent more time playing video games, but when I hear these top five regrets of the dying, I can't help but hear five deep human cravings that games actually help us fulfill.
现在,据我所知,没有一个人告诉善终医院的工作人员, 我希望我曾花多一点的时间打电子游戏, 但当我听到这五个说得最多的临终遗憾时候, 我真的帮不上什么忙,而只能听听人类内心深处的渴望, 游戏其实能帮助我们活得充实。

For example, I wish I hadn't worked so hard. For many people, this means, I wish I'd spent more time with my family, with my kids when they were growing up. Well, we know that playing games together has tremendous family benefits. A recent study from Brigham Young University School of Family life reported that parents who spend more time playing video games with their kids have much stronger real-life relationships with them.
例如这句,我希望我工作没有那么卖力。 对许多人来说,这意味着,我希望我曾经花跟多的时间, 和我的家人在一起,陪伴我的孩子长大。 很好,我们知道一起打游戏有极好的, 家庭益处。 伯明翰杨大学最近的研一个, 关于学校的家庭生活研究报告指出, 多花时间和孩子们打游戏的家长们, 和孩子们在现实生活中的关系更紧密。

I wish I'd stayed in touch with my friends. Well, hundreds of millions of people use social games like FarmVille or Words With Friends to stay in daily contact with real-life friends and family. A recent study from [University of Michigan] showed that these games are incredibly powerful relationship-management tools. They help us stay connected with people in our social network that we would otherwise grow distant from, if we weren't playing games together.
我希望我和我的朋友们一直保持联系。 是呢,成千上万的人们, 借助社交的游戏像 Farmville 或者 Words, 在现实生活中和朋友们去保持每天的联系。 一个最近的 Michigan 大学的研究表明, 这些游戏是难以置信的有力的, 人际交往工具。 它们帮助我们保持和人际圈里的人一直联系。 我们就渐渐疏远了, 如果我们不一起打游戏的话。

I wish I'd let myself be happier. Well, here I can't help but think of the groundbreaking clinical trials recently conducted at East Carolina University that showed that online games can outperform pharmaceuticals for treating clinical anxiety and depression. Just 30 minutes of online game play a day was enough to create dramatic boosts in mood and long-term increases in happiness.
我希望我能让自己过得跟快乐些, 的确,我在这里还是帮不上忙但是想想 近来被东卡罗来纳州立大学, 进行的一些有突破的临床试验表明, 网络游戏可以更有效地超过, 药物对焦虑和忧郁症的临床治疗。 只需要每天花30分钟打网络游戏, 就足够能戏剧性的鼓励激情, 和长期增加和享受快乐。

I wish I'd had the courage to express my true self. Well, avatars are a way to express our true selves, our most heroic, idealized version of who we might become. You can see that in this alter ego portrait by Robbie Cooper of a gamer with his avatar. And Stanford University has been doing research for five years now to document how playing a game with an idealized avatar changes how we think and act in real life, making us more courageous, more ambitious, more committed to our goals.
我希望我曾鼓励过我做真正的自己。 对的,虚拟人物是一个能真正表现我们自己的方式, 我们可以变成我们最英雄,最理想化的版本。 你们可以从这个游戏玩家Robbie Copper的自我意识的画像, 和神的化身中看出。 并且斯坦福大学以后做了五年的教学研究, 去记录和一个理想化的化身打游戏怎么能, 使得我们的想法和行为在现实生活中改变。 可以让我们变得更大胆,更有抱负, 更能坚持我们的目标。

I wish I'd led a life true to my dreams, and not what others expected of me. Are games doing this yet? I'm not sure, so I've left a question mark, a Super Mario question mark. And we're going to come back to this one.
我希望我曾为我的梦想而活, 而不是按照别人的要求苟活。 玩游戏已经帮上忙了吗?我不确定, 所以我先留一个问号,一个很大的马赛克问号。 我们一会再回来解决这个问题。

But in the mean time, perhaps you're wondering, who is this game designer to be talking to us about deathbed regrets? And it's true, I've never worked in a hospice, I've never been on my deathbed. But recently I did spend three months in bed, wanting to die. Really wanting to die.
但以此同时,你可能会想, 这个游戏设计家有权威跟我们谈论, 那些临终遗憾嘛? 其实真的,我从来没有在善终医院工作过, 我也从来没有躺在临终床上过。 但是,最近我真的有花了3个月的时间在床上,渴望着死亡。 真的渴望着死亡的到来。

Now let me tell you that story. It started two years ago, when I hit my head and got a concussion. Now the concussion didn't heal properly, and after 30 days I was left with symptoms like nonstop headaches, nausea, vertigo, memory loss, mental fog. My doctor told me that in order to heal my brain, I had to rest it. So I had to avoid everything that triggered my symptoms. For me that meant no reading, no writing, no video games, no work or email, no running, no alcohol, no caffeine. In other words -- and I think you see where this is going -- no reason to live.
现在让我告诉你们那个故事吧。 这得从两年前说起,当我头被撞后我得了脑震荡。 直到现在,脑震荡还没有痊愈。 在那之后的30天后,后遗症是不停的头痛, 恶心,眩晕,失忆,精神模糊。 我的医生告诉我为了使我的大脑痊愈, 我不得不让它休息。 所以,我不得不避免接触可以导致那些后遗症在的事。 对我来着意味着,不看书,不写东西,不打电子游戏, 不能工作和写邮件,不可以跑步,不能喝酒,不可以吃有咖啡因的东西。 换句话说,你应该知道我将要到了什么境地了--, 再没有理由继续活下去。

Of course it's meant to be funny, but in all seriousness, suicidal ideation is quite common with traumatic brain injuries. It happens to one in three, and it happened to me. My brain started telling me, Jane, you want to die. It said, you're never going to get better. It said, the pain will never end.
当然,这听起来有点好笑, 但是老实说, 自杀的想法是十分的普偏的被, 大脑受伤后的精神创伤影响着的。 三个当中有一个中招,我就是其中一个。 我的大脑告诉我,Jane, 你想死。 说,你将再也好不起来了。 还说,疼痛恶魔会一直纠缠你不放。

And these voices became so persistent and so persuasive that I started to legitimately fear for my life, which is the time that I said to myself after 34 days -- and I will never forget this moment -- I said, I am either going to kill myself or I'm going to turn this into a game.
这些话开始持续不停,并且越来越有说服力, 我开始很合理地对生命有了恐惧, 在34天之后那时我对自己说-, 我一直都忘记不了当时的情形-, 我说,我要么自杀, 要么就就把它变成一场游戏。

Now, why a game? I knew from researching the psychology of games for more than a decade that when we play a game -- and this is in the scientific literature -- we tackle tough challenges with more creativity, more determination, more optimism, and we're more likely to reach out to others for help. And I wanted to bring these gamer traits to my real-life challenge, so I created a role-playing recovery game called Jane the Concussion Slayer.
就现在而言,为什么是游戏? 我知道打游戏心里学的研究已经有10多年了, 这是个科学的话题,当我们打游戏时候, 我们用更多的的创作力, 毅力和积极的心态去战胜棘手的困难。 我们会更可能去从别人那里找援助。 我想把我的这些好的游戏品质带到现实的困境中。 于是我设计了一个树立榜样康复游戏, 叫Jane 脑震荡杀手。

Now this became my new secret identity, and the first thing I did as a slayer was call my twin sister -- I have an identical twin sister named Kelly -- and tell her, I'm playing a game to heal my brain, and I want you to play with me. This was an easier way to ask for help.
现在这个游戏变成了我的新的秘密身份。 当时我当杀手的第一件事, 是打电话给我的孪生姐妹,我的双胞胎姐妹叫Kelly-, 告诉她,我现我要通过打游戏来促使大脑恢复, 我想你你一起打。 这是一个最简单的方法去要求帮忙。

She became my first ally in the game, my husband Kiyash joined next, and together we identified and battled the bad guys. Now this was anything that could trigger my symptoms and therefore slow down the healing process, things like bright lights and crowded spaces. We also collected and activated power-ups. This was anything I could do on even my worst day to feel just a little bit good, just a little bit productive. Things like cuddling my dog for 10 minutes, or getting out of bed and walking around the block just once.
她成我在游戏里的一个盟友。 我的老公Kiyash 后来也加入了我们, 我们一起识别坏家伙并和他们决斗。 这样做好像是会导致我的病症发作的, 痊愈的进展也会变慢, 有些东西,像是强光和狭小的空间。 我们也收集和激活能量。 这些都是在我最糟糕的日子里我所能做到的, 能让我感觉一点点好起来。 有一点小小的成绩。 比如,抱我的狗狗10分钟, 从床上爬起来,绕着一个街区走一圈。

Now the game was that simple: Adopt a secret identity, recruit your allies, battle the bad guys, activate the power-ups. But even with a game so simple, within just a couple days of starting to play, that fog of depression and anxiety went away. It just vanished. It felt like a miracle. Now it wasn't a miracle cure for the headaches or the cognitive symptoms. That lasted for more than a year, and it was the hardest year of my life by far. But even when I still had the symptoms, even while I was still in pain, I stopped suffering.
现在看来那个游戏真的很简单: 选择一个神秘的身份,招募你的盟友, 和坏家伙斗争,并激活能量。 即使就是这么一个简单的游戏, 就在我开始玩游戏后的一两天内, 忧郁的恍惚,和烦躁不见了。 它消失得无影无踪。感觉就像奇迹发生了。 现在看起来这并不是一个对于头痛, 或是认知病症的奇迹疗法 。 就这样持续了一年多, 那时到是我这辈子最艰难的一年。 但是即使我是觉得不舒服, 即使疼痛还在,我却没有那么痛苦了。

Now what happened next with the game surprised me. I put up some blog posts and videos online, explaining how to play. But not everybody has a concussion, obviously, not everyone wants to be "the slayer," so I renamed the game SuperBetter.
游戏之后的收获使我很惊讶。 我写了怎么玩游戏的博客, 并上传了游戏到网上。 显然,并不是每个人都曾有过脑震荡, 也不是每个人都想变成“杀手”, 现在我从新命名了游戏 叫 SuperBetter。

And soon I started hearing from people all over the world who were adopting their own secret identity, recruiting their own allies, and they were getting "super better" facing challenges like cancer and chronic pain, depression and Crohn's disease. Even people were playing it for terminal diagnoses like ALS. And I could tell from their messages and their videos that the game was helping them in the same ways that it helped me. They talked about feeling stronger and braver. They talked about feeling better understood by their friends and family. And they even talked about feeling happier, even though they were in pain, even though they were tackling the toughest challenge of their lives.
在此之后我开始得到从世界各地来的反馈, 他们开始选择他们自己秘密身份, 招募他们自己的盟友,他们开始变得”极了不起的棒“ 在, 面对挑战例如癌症,慢性疼痛, 忧郁和克罗恩病。 即使得了绝症像ALS的人也在玩这个游戏。 ALS(肌萎缩侧索硬化症) 我能从他们留言和录像中看得出来, 游戏像减轻我的痛苦一样, 减轻着他们的痛苦。 他们说他们感到更变强大,更勇敢了。 他们说他们感觉到更容易被他们的家人和朋友理解。 他们也谈到他们感觉到更加的快乐幸福, 即使他们的疼痛还在,即使他们应对, 着他们生命中最艰难的挑战。

Now at the time, I'm thinking to myself, what is going on here? I mean, how could a game so trivial intervene so powerfully in such serious, and in some cases life-and-death, circumstances? I mean, if it hadn't worked for me, there's no way I would have believed it was possible. Well, it turns out there's some science here too. Some people get stronger and happier after a traumatic event. And that's what was happening to us.
那时,我思索着,到底发生了什么? 我的意思是,游戏怎么可以如此有威力当它细微的介入, 到比较严重,和生死攸关情形中时候中? 我的意思是,如果它对我不起作用, 打死我也不信它真的有用。 但其实这也是有科学依据的。 有的人们变得更强壮和快乐在经历过精神创伤这后。 这正是我们亲生经历着的。

The game was helping us experience what scientists call post-traumatic growth, which is not something we usually hear about. We usually hear about post-traumatic stress disorder. But scientists now know that a traumatic event doesn't doom us to suffer indefinitely. Instead, we can use it as a springboard to unleash our best qualities and lead happier lives.
游戏使我们体验着, 被科学家称之为创伤后精神再生, 这不是一个我们常能听到的说法。 我们经常能听到“创伤后压力心理障碍症”。 但现在科学家发现精神重创事件并不, 注定会给我们无休止的痛苦。 相反,我们能用它做为跳板, 去发掘我们最大的潜力从而有个更快乐的人生。

Here are the top five things that people with post-traumatic growth say: My priorities have changed. I'm not afraid to do what makes me happy. I feel closer to my friends and family. I understand myself better. I know who I really am now. I have a new sense of meaning and purpose in my life. I'm better able to focus on my goals and dreams.
这是排在前五位的, 被创伤后精神再生的人们说过的话: 我做事情的优先级改变了。 我再也不害怕去做那些能让我开心的事了。 我感觉到我和我的家人和朋友们的关系更紧密了。 我能更好的了解我自己。我知道真正的自己了。 我对生活的意义有了新的定义。 我现在更能专注于我的目标和理想了。

Now, does this sound familiar? It should, because the top five traits of post-traumatic growth are essentially the direct opposite of the top five regrets of the dying. Now this is interesting, right? It seems that somehow, a traumatic event can unlock our ability to lead a life with fewer regrets.
现在听起来这些有点熟悉么吗? 应该的,因为这五大创伤后精神再生的特质, 正好基本上和五大临终遗憾是相反的。 现在看来很有趣,不是吗? 看起来在某种程度上,一次精神重创能开启我们的能力, 去成就一个遗憾相对少些的人生。

But how does it work? How do you get from trauma to growth? Or better yet, is there a way to get all the benefits of post-traumatic growth without the trauma, without having to hit your head in the first place? That would be good, right?
但是这到底是什么样的一个过程? 你怎么样能从创伤中再生? 更积极一点,有没有一种方法可以从获得, 创伤后精神再生的这些好处但不经历外伤, 你的头也没有被重击过? 这听起来很好,不是么?

I wanted to understand the phenomenon better, so I devoured the scientific literature, and here's what I learned. There are four kinds of strength, or resilience, that contribute to post-traumatic growth, and there are scientifically validated activities that you can do every day to build up these four kinds of resilience, and you don't need a trauma to do it.
我想去更好地了解这个现象, 于是我认真地阅读科学的文章,下面是我所了解到的, 存在着四种意志力或适应力, 都起源于创伤后精神再生, 有一些经过科学验证的活动, 你们可以每天做去加强这四类意志力, 并且你不需要通过受创来实现,

Now, I could tell you what these four types of strength are, but I'd rather you experience them firsthand. I'd rather we all start building them up together right now. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to play a quick game together. This is where you earn those seven and a half minutes of bonus life that I promised you earlier. All you have to do is successfully complete the first four SuperBetter quests. And I feel like you can do it. I have confidence in you.
现在我可以直接告诉你这是四种意志力是什么, 但我更想和你们一起实践, 我更想和你们一起开始去加强它们, 所以这是我们接下来要做的, 我们要一起很快地做一个游戏, 这样你就可以得到我刚才许诺过你们的, 那七分半钟的额外寿命, 你唯一需要做的就是成功地完成, 最开始的四个“超级棒” 任务, 我觉得你们可以做到,我对你们有信心,

So, everybody ready? This is your first quest. Here we go. Pick one: Stand up and take three steps, or make your hands into fists, raise them over your head as high as you can for five seconds. Go! All right, I like the people doing both. You are overachievers. Very good. (Laughter)
怎么样,每个人都准备好了吗?第一个任务来了。 选择一项做:站起来并走三步, 或者握起拳头,把它们高高地举过头顶, 保持5秒钟。开始! 太棒了,我喜欢两项都做了的人 你们是超预期的成功者, 非常棒 (笑声)

Well done, everyone. Now that is worth plus-one physical resilience, which means that your body can withstand more stress and heal itself faster. Now we know from the research that the number one thing you can do to boost your physical resilience is to not sit still. That's all it takes. Every single second that you are not sitting still, you are actively improving the health of your heart, and your lungs and brains.
每个人做得都很好。这是给身体意志力上加分, 意味着你们的身体能, 承受更大的压力和自愈得更快。 现在我们知道研究表明能, 增强身体意志力的最好方法是不要坐着不动。 就这么多, 在你移动地每一秒钟里, 你很积极得改善你的心脏, 你的肺和大脑的健康,

Everybody ready for your next quest? I want you to snap your fingers exactly 50 times, or count backwards from 100 by seven, like this: 100, 93 ... Go!
每个人都准备好下一个任务了吗? 我想你们打50次的响指, 或者从100 开始每隔七位数倒数,100,93......, 开始!


Don't give up.


Don't let the people counting down from 100 interfere with your counting to 50.
不要让数100的人, 扰乱你已经数到的50,


Nice. Wow. That's the first time I've ever seen that. Bonus physical resilience. Well done, everyone. Now that's worth plus-one mental resilience, which means you have more mental focus, more discipline, determination and willpower. We know from the scientific research that willpower actually works like a muscle. It gets stronger the more you exercise it. So tackling a tiny challenge without giving up, even one as absurd as snapping your fingers exactly 50 times or counting backwards from 100 by seven is actually a scientifically validated way to boost your willpower.
很好!哇塞!我第一次看到这样的场面, 又给身体意志力加分了。每个人都干得很好! 这是给大脑意志力上加分的, 这意味着你的精力更集中,自制力更强, 更有决心,和毅力, 科学研究告诉我们毅力, 实际就像一块肌肉, 你越练习它,它就越强壮, 所以为战胜一个小的挑战而坚持到底, 即使那个挑战有点好笑,比如打50下的响指, 或者从100开始每隔7位数倒数, 这都是有科学依据的可以增强你的毅力,

So good job. Quest number three. Pick one: Now because of the room we're in, fate's really determined this for you, but here are the two options. If you're inside, find a window and look out of it. If you're outside, find a window and look in. Or do a quick YouTube or Google image search for "baby [your favorite animal.]"
干得不错!我们来开始第三个任务, 任选一项:因为我们都在一个大厅里, 这使得我们没选择余地,但这两个选项是, 如果你在房子里,选一个窗户向外看, 如果你在户外,选一个窗户望里看, 或者快速地看一下Youtube 或者Google 搜素, “宝宝【你最喜爱的动物】”,

Now, you could do this on your phones, or you could just shout out some baby animals, I'm going to find some and put them on the screen for us. So, what do we want to see? Sloth, giraffe, elephant, snake. Okay, let's see what we got. Baby dolphin and baby llamas. Everybody look. Got that? Okay, one more. Baby elephant. We're clapping for that? That's amazing.
现在,你可以在你的手机找, 或者你就直接大声说出几个动物宝宝, 我将找几个把它们放在屏幕上, 好的,我们想看什么? 树懒,长颈鹿,大象,蛇。好的,看看我们有啥! 海豚宝宝和美洲驼宝宝。大家看看, 看到了么? 很好,再加一个,大象宝宝, 我们为他们鼓掌吧? 太神奇!

All right, now what we're just feeling there is plus-one emotional resilience, which means you have the ability to provoke powerful, positive emotions like curiosity or love, which we feel when we look at baby animals, when you need them most.
太好了,我们现在正在感受到的, 是给情绪意志力加分的事, 这意味着你有能力去激发, 强大而积极的感情例如好奇心和爱, 这是当我们看到动物宝宝时感受到的, 是我们最需要他们的时候,

And here's a secret from the scientific literature for you. If you can manage to experience three positive emotions for every one negative emotion over the course of an hour, a day, a week, you dramatically improve your health and your ability to successfully tackle any problem you're facing. And this is called the three-to-one positive emotion ratio. It's my favorite SuperBetter trick, so keep it up.
我现在告诉你们一个科幻文学中的秘密, 如果你能尽力去经历这三种乐观的情感, 去对待一个负面的情感在一个小时里, 一天之中,一个星期里,你会急剧地提高, 你面对任何困难时候, 的健康和对付难题的能力, 这就叫做三比一积极情感比例, 这是我最喜欢的‘非常棒’小技巧,所以我们继续,

All right, pick one, last quest: Shake someone's hand for six seconds, or send someone a quick thank you by text, email, Facebook or Twitter. Go!
很好,选一个,最后一个使命: 和任何一个人握手保持6秒, 或者说一声谢谢你, 通过短信,邮件,Facebook 或者Twitter。开始!,


Looking good, looking good. Nice, nice. Keep it up. I love it! All right, everybody, that is plus-one social resilience, which means you actually get more strength from your friends, your neighbors, your family, your community. Now, a great way to boost social resilience is gratitude. Touch is even better.
看起来很好,看起来很好! 太棒了!太棒了! 不要放弃,我很喜欢! 很好,每个人,这在社交意志力上又加了一份, 这意味着你真实地得到了更多的力量从你们朋友, 你们的邻居,你们的家人,你们的生活圈子里, 现在看来,一个最好的方式去提高你们社交的意志力是感激, 接触会更好一点,

Here's one more secret for you: Shaking someone's hand for six seconds dramatically raises the level of oxytocin in your bloodstream, now that's the trust hormone. That means that all of you who just shook hands are biochemically primed to like and want to help each other. This will linger during the break, so take advantage of the networking opportunities.
还告诉你多一个小秘密: 和另个人握手长达6秒钟, 会戏剧性的提高催产素在血液中的水平, 它是信任的荷尔蒙激素, 这意味着刚刚握过手的所以人, 从生物化学家角度上看很大程度上喜欢和想去相互帮助对方, 这一切休息的时候会一直持续, 所以,好好利用这些社交的机会,


Okay, well you have successfully completed your four quests, so let's see if I've successfully completed my mission to give you seven and a half minutes of bonus life. And here's where I get to share one more little bit of science with you. It turns out that people who regularly boost these four types of resilience -- physical, mental, emotional and social -- live 10 years longer than everyone else. So this is true. If you are regularly achieving the three-to-one positive emotion ratio, if you are never sitting still for more than an hour at a time, if you are reaching out to one person you care about every single day, if you are tackling tiny goals to boost your willpower, you will live 10 years longer than everyone else, and here's where that math I showed you earlier comes in.
好的,你们已经成功地完成你们的四个使命, 所以现在看看我是否也成功完成我的使命, 延长你们了七分半钟的寿命, 现在我还得和你们一起分享一点点科学, 最终那些经常, 增强身体,智力,感情和与人交往, 这四类意志力的人, 将会比一般人多活10年, 这是真的, 如果你经常达到三比一, 积极情感的比例, 如果你从来不会坐着不动超过一个小时, 如果你每天都主动联系一个你关心的人, 如果你通过实现你的小目标去增强你们毅力, 你将会比一般人多活10年, 现在我们看看刚才我给你看的算术是怎么得来的,

So, the average life expectancy in the U.S. and the U.K. is 78.1 years, but we know from more than 1,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies that you can add 10 years of life to that by boosting your four types of resilience. So every single year that you are boosting your four types of resilience, you're actually earning .128 more years of life or 46 more days of life, or 67,298 more minutes of life, which means every single day, you are earning 184 minutes of life, or every single hour that you are boosting your four types of resilience, like we just did together, you are earning 7.68245837 more minutes of life.
美国,和英国的平均年龄是78.1岁, 但我们从1000个同龄人的研究中看出, 你可以通过增强这, 4种意志力去延寿10年。 这么说来每一年你, 增强这4钟意志力, 你实际延长了你一年中寿命的0.128年, 或者说一年中寿命的46天,或者 67,298 个小时, 这意味这每天你要多活184分钟, 或者每一个小时里你增强你这四种意志力后, 正如我们刚才一起做的,你挣了你生命中, 多出来的7.68245837分钟,

Congratulations, those seven and a half minutes are all yours. You totally earned them.
恭喜了,这额外的七分半钟, 全是你们的了。真的是你们应得的,


Yeah! Awesome. Wait, wait, wait. You still have your special mission, your secret mission. How are you going to spend these seven and a half minutes of bonus life?
是的!太棒了! 等等,等等,等等! 你的特殊使命还在, 你秘密的任务, 你将要怎么样花掉你生命中多出来, 的七分半钟?

Well, here's my suggestion. These seven and a half bonus minutes are kind of like genie's wishes. You can use your first wish to wish for a million more wishes. Pretty clever, right? So, if you spend these seven and a half minutes today doing something that makes you happy, or that gets you physically active, or puts you in touch with someone you care about, or even just tackling a tiny challenge, you are going to boost your resilience, so you're going to earn more minutes.
恩,这是我的建议, 这一分半钟有的点像神给你的许愿, 你可以用第一个愿望再去许成千上万的小心愿, 很明智,不是么? 因此,如果你花掉了今天的这七分半钟, 做一些愉悦自己的事, 或者锻炼你的身体, 或是联系你关心的一个人, 再或者仅仅攻克了一个小小的难关, 你都将增强你的意志力, 因此你就会在原有的基础上再获得更多时间,

And the good news is, you can keep going like that. Every hour of the day, every day of your life, all the way to your deathbed, which will now be 10 years later than it would have otherwise. And when you get there, more than likely, you will not have any of those top five regrets, because you will have built up the strength and resilience to lead a life truer to your dreams. And with 10 extra years, you might even have enough time to play a few more games.
好消息就是,如果你坚持这样做, 在一天中的每个小时里,你生命中的每一天中, 一直到你的临终前, 比你本来的临终年推迟了10年, 当你真正到那个时候,很有可能, 你将不会有那5个常见的遗憾, 因为你将一直增强你的力量和意志力, 去实现你真正的梦想, 并且,用这多余的10年你可能就有多一些时间, 去玩多一点的游戏,

Thank you.


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