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I have many hobbies, such as reading, skating, and watching TV. But reading is my favorite hobby.

I like reading for three reasons. First of all, books introduce me to a new world, which is colourful and without time and space limit, Through reading, I can trace back. to ancient Egypt, the cradle of human civilization.

It can bring myself to the United states, a glamorous land I have been longing to visit. Secondly, reading can better myself by showing me a new horizon.

In the past years, most of my knowledge has been obtained from books. I have learned from many people by reading about their ideas on scithee, politics, life and society. Thirdly, reading bridge the gap between my dream and my goal. In ordcr to succeed in my career in the future, I must keep reading, thinking and practising.

Reading has become part of my life. Every day, I spend some time reading books, news and magazines. At night, I can hardly go to steep without a novel in my hand.







Today, as I have nothing to do, my father decides to take me to the gym. There are people playing all kinds of sports. I see my father play badminton and he teaches me how to play. It is so easy for me to learn, after a while, I can play with my father. I fall in love with this sport, I will play it on the weekend.

今天,当我无事可做的时候, 爸爸决定带我去健身房。人们在玩各种各样的运动。我看到我的父亲在打羽毛球,他教我怎么玩。这对我来说很容易学习,过了一会后,我可以和父亲一起打。我爱上了这项运动,我会在周末去玩。


The white bird glided a beautiful arc over the blue sky,hit it hard with my racket, it turned back like a bullet aiming a target. "27th " I shouted to my sister.


We have been enjoy playing badminton since we have learnt the basic skills. For us , it was not just simply a sport but an old friend who entertained us during lots of bored afternoons. Happily, we would grab a pair of rackets and began a game which requirs precision and promptness. Controlling the bird between our rackets fufilled me with a sense of triumph and joy as if I was the first-class athelete! Playing badminton also taught me how we can gain happiness from a simple game. Meanwhile, keeping us mentally and physically fit.


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