最佳情人节礼物 早晨的一个吻别

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Women don’t want sexy underwear for Valentine’s Day, research shows.


  In fact, most would rather have a kiss goodbye on the way to work than lingerie on February 14, a study of 5,000 adults found.


  And if men are intent on planning a grand romantic gesture, they would be much better off buying roses.


  Only 34 per cent of women said they wanted underwear as a gift, while twice as many, 65 per cent, liked flowers. Even so, almost one in five women had never been given flowers by their partner.


  But it might be best to skip the presents altogether, since both men and women said that a morning kiss was their most important routine, according to the research by AXA on little things that mean a lot to people.


  Psychologist Donna Dawson said: 'The statistics reveal that many of the little things that mean a lot to both men and women in a relationship are free.


  'Women's natures are constructed so as to make relationships and communication their top priorities, so hearing and receiving messages of affection will definitely strike a chord with them.


  'Men, on the other hand, prefer actions to words, and eating a meal (especially one made for him) reminds him of being cared for and loved.'


  Top ten things that matter in a relationship (Women):


  Goodbye Kiss in the morning


  Unprompted declaration of love


  Date night


  Going out for dinner


  Romantic walk


  Being bought a gift for no reason


  Romantic weekend away


  Having your favourite meal cooked for you


  Being bought flowers


  Flirtatious text or phone messages


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