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  Grandma sees me tossing and turning. "If you'll just watch for the breeze," she says, "you'll cool off and fall asleep." She raises the Venetian blinds. I stare at the filmy white curtain, willing it to flutter.

  Lying still, waiting, I suddenly notice the life outside the window. The bug chorus shouts. Neighbors, sitting on their verandas until late, speak in flowing drawl that soothes me.

  "Keep watching for the breeze," Grandma says softly, and I "uh-huh" in reply. Bugs ping the screen. Three blocks away a train rumbles by.

  I catch the scent of fresh grass clippings. Then I hear something I can't decode ―― perhaps a tree branch scratching the shop roof next door.

  Sleepy-eyed now, I look at the curtain. It moves……

  "Mom, did you hear that?" my seven-year-old blurts, tearing me from memories of old. "I think it was an owl family."

  "Probably," I tell him. "Just keep listening…… "

  Without the droning air conditioner, the house sounds are different, more peaceful, and with the windows open outside noises seem close enough to touch. I hope I'm awake tonight when the first breeze sneaks in. ( finished)










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