微笑对人们的影响 The influence of smile on people

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An air hostess failed to meet a passenger's requirement, which made him very angry. Although the passenger refused to pay heed to the air hostess, she still served him politely with a smile. Her sincere smile touched the passenger, who finally chose to forgive her. From where I stand, I am fully convinced that smiles play a significant role in our lives. To start with, a smile is a cure to one's anxiety. Every time we are nervous or depressed, a smile will work very effectively in helping us to relax ourselves a bit and relieve the pressure. Besides, a smiling face never fails to cheer up those around us since it creates such an enjoyable and harmonious atmosphere that people in it are feeling ease and comfortable. For me, the smile from my mother is the most beautiful one that I will always treasure in my life. Once I failed in a math exam, which made me very sad. I had been crying for a whole afternoon for math was always my best subject. Knowing what had happened, mom came by my side, stroke my hair and comforted me gently. Without finding the slightest disappointment on her face, what I saw was mom's sincere smile, the one telling me not to give up and encouraging me to go on fighting. Believe it or not, my mom's smile had such magic power that I regained my confidence and did a much better job in the following exam. As the old Chinese saying goes, a smile makes a person become younger. A smile costs none but means a lot. For your won goods and for others', please have a smile.


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