Who waiting for your life

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Who waiting for your life

When she was two years old, once a  high fever, coma. Father held her to the hospital the same night, the road has been in a coma for one day, she suddenly opened her eyes, clearly called out: "Daddy!"

And her father was often mentioned it, those tiny  details, repeated again and again in his father, was carved into the landscape. Every time my father finished, will sigh: "You said that you only so small individual children, but  also in a coma for so long, how to wake up in?" At this time, his father/'s eyes are full of tenderness and love and affection. Put it more often, and she tired, take, then choking him, his  father does not care, just hey smile, be happy and satisfied. She/'s  arrogant and overbearing, then in his father/'s connivance in the jointing growth.

Father is not really a good temper, irritable. Often, just  for some stupid little things of life, he kicked a mother, and every time, all fights earth-shattering. Father alcohol per drink will be drunk, drunk will be noisy. She can remember from  the beginning, the family there have been few Wen Xinping and when the inside and out, always filled with the smell of gunpowder.

Father/'s tenderness and affection, only to her. He rarely in  front of her and her mother quarrel, if by  chance she met, regardless of quarrel more fierce, as long as she cried out: "Knock it off!" Bowed our heads at once menacing and my father, died down. So later, as long as parents of a  quarrel, they immediately called her brother, we all know: only her father/'s magic is uniform.

Her father/'s mixed feelings, she was sad for the  mother, who once thought: After looking for a boyfriend, the first requirement will be personality gentle, tolerant, and the second is not addicted to tobacco and alcohol. She will never find a man like his father: irritable, critical, narrow-minded, a little small to house so much noise for the great disorder.

However, as his daughter, and she knew that  he was happy.

She thought this happiness will last a lifetime, until  one day, his father suddenly told her solemnly, then, you live with their father. Later, she knows that the mother/'s divorce. Mother said to bother so many years of struggle of  life, tired. Father, a long stalemate, the final choice a  compromise, he proposed that the only condition that we should take her.

Although the mother/'s divorce, but she still  stubbornly to this account to his father/'s head count. She became a  cold and aloof from the children, refused to take care of his father, moved his school to live. To the school to find her father, holding boxes and filled full, was her favorite braised  ribs. Her without even looking, head down, straining to mouth Grilled rice, take a bite until Biechu eyeful of tears. Father sighed, begged her to go home, she cold face, silence. Father, raising  his hand to touch her head, pity to say, look, this a few days, you lean into it. She "snapped" to the book block with the hands of his father/'s hand, shouting hysterically: "Do not you care!" And  suddenly swept away, lunch box on the table, "bam" landing, the red sauce sprinkled over the floor ribs, thick The smell filled the  dormitory.

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His father raised his hand awkwardly stopped in mid-air. In his temper, for the others, I/'m afraid to slap down the back. She saw his father violently twitch muscles of the  face a few times, said: "In any case, my father will always love you!" Father Pro go out, looked at her back deeply. She watched his father run away, stick to the line sound of a crash  then collapsed, a person in the deserted dormitory, looking at the floor of the ribs, burst into tears.

She was only spoiled by his father for the  children ah.

Only from the autumn, under the night classes, has  some cool night wind. She had just left  the classroom, he saw a shadow in the window Yingyingchaochao, the heart of a tight call, Who? The man should be the sound immediately, Ya-Ya, do not be  afraid, is the father. The man went to her, the roll of things  to her, told her: "cold days, you grew to love kicking the quilt to sleep, be careful not to Dong Zhuo." Her dormitory, give the packet open, is a new cotton be. Bury  your head in, took a deep breath, full of the  smell of sun, she knew, it must be the father sun for  a day, and brought her to catch.

That day, she went home to get something. Opened the door, the father curled up on the  sofa, who fell asleep, television was still on. Father/'s hair into a dark green gray, looking haggard, but a year/'s time, high-spirited  father, suddenly old. She suddenly found that, in fact, dad was so lonely. Afford to stand for a long time, took the quilt to cover his father, the father  suddenly woke up. Saw her, he was a bit nervous, hurried to arrange the mess on the sofa, then remembered something, put down the things, incoherent to say: "not to eat  it? Wait, I do what you love to eat the braised pork ribs ... ... "She was going to say do not eat, I took something away. But expect to see his father and intense expression, heart  can not bear, they sat down. Excited like a  child/'s father, trotted into the kitchen, she heard the father put the spoon dropped to the ground, but also broke a bowl. She went in to help his  father pick up the pieces, the father said to her, embarrassed: "slippery hands ... ..." Her eyes wet, and suddenly some regret: Why do love hurt their people?


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