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  • For some reason the blog won't let me upload all of my pictures. :-( I'll try again later. Reply
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  • 5am here, woke and can't sleep! Reply
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Big Budha Big Budha Big Budha Oh Yea Big Budha 2011-05-03
Hello, Today was a very spiritual day. We went to a Buddhist temple and a Confusion Temple. Apparently these two beliefs are very different. I cou ...
(738) Views|(3) Replies
Last Few Days 2011-05-02
Hey, So yesterday I went to Tiananmen Square. I thought it was going to be a square that was filled with different things to do and see, but I gue ...
(755) Views|(1) Replies
Oh What A Day 2011-04-30
Wei, What a crazy, amazing, really long, and intense day. I hardly know where to begin, so I will just go in order. We woke up this morning and cl ...
(742) Views|(0) Replies
Beijing! 2011-04-29
Hey! There's not much to say today, because we've been traveling ALL day, but we made it to Beijing! It is so awesome here! Our hotel is in the mi ...
(695) Views|(1) Replies
Bitter Sweet 2011-04-28
Ni Hao, Today was my last day with my host family; I leave for Beijing tomorrow morning. I'm excited to go to Beijing; we have so much planned, an ...
(727) Views|(1) Replies

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zolin 2011-9-9 16:08
u r so beautiful
can we be  friends?
huangshulin 2011-5-14 13:36
JMZ 2011-5-7 21:16
Hi!you are beautiful girl,I like your sweet smile.
huangshulin 2011-5-1 20:29
I wish I could be your friend
anniehu 2011-4-28 15:02
Nice to meet u here ,U are teaching in beijing?
NicoleS 2011-4-24 18:24
Happy EAster!
You will be missed.
I love you,
wgmanoug 2011-4-22 15:32

Here's the link to the shoes I bought Maddie. They look way better in person though.
NicoleS 2011-4-19 04:10
Josh and I look forward to reading your posts everyday. Keep 'em coming!
: )
jmanougian2 2011-4-16 04:37
OMG, you dont know how long it took me and how much I had to figure out to finally be able to post that message!!!! And before I could post this one, it made me "wait 565 secods to proceed next operation." Seriously?! WTF?
jmanougian2 2011-4-16 03:59
Ta! I'm all caught up on your blog postings and they are great! I love that the kids are all over you, so cute. Did they call me a pretty girl too when you showed them my picture? That was so sweet of your host family to take you to KFC! And that's great that you love them and their house. So cool. Dad emailed us all today and told us that he talked to you. I'm going to try to get a camera to Skype you! Maybe from grandma's house some time! Can't wait to read more. Much love from NYC! Love you! ... ...
cool 2011-4-15 17:07
Hello,welcome to China,where are you from?
tmanougian1 2011-4-12 17:00
I love how you got an account! I will try to get a recipe, and don't worry the blogs will come everyday!
NicoleS 2011-4-12 09:33
Hi Tara!
Josh and I are enjoying your blogs! Please keep them coming :)
I am happy you are having such a great time. Since you mentioned that the food was so yummy you should ask for a recipe to bring back home. I would love to know how to make some authentic chinese food.
Jessfon 2011-4-11 22:26
Nice to meet you here.
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