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  • Woke up to see that it had rained, no wonder the air is so crisp. Sooo nice to go to work breathing such refreshing air! Reply
  • The person who believes he is the most clever is usually the most foolish. Under any circumstances, keeping a low profile is always the safest strategy. Reply
  • Who can imagine even in the wildest dream that nowadays it should be a luxurious treat to breathe in fresh air? Fortunately my son had the foresight to have bought 5 masks online. For your health, it  ... Reply
  • Never forget to smile whatever happens! What another person said inadvertently may affect your mood. It's natural and normal. The key is how to shake it off. Remember life is almost always better than ... Reply
  • To maintain the friendship, we don't need to call or write very often. But we do need to show our love and concern promptly at some important times. Reply
  • Real Namerich
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday10 - 10
  • Birthplace浙江 嘉兴

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Hello, guys! 2022-05-10
it's a long time since I last came here. I went through my share of ups and downs in past 6 years.  But the thing is: deep in my heart, I know I ...
(366) Views|(3) Replies
Happy New Year of the Sheep! 2015-02-18
Wish everyone here at dioenglish A very Happy Spring Festival and the best of health and happiness in the coming new year.
(1526) Views|(10) Replies
Enough is as Good as Feast 2015-02-17
You know this guy? He is Jose Mujica, the Uruguay president. He is famous for being the poorest president in the world. He lives on the farm, ...
(1378) Views|(7) Replies
Xixi's Childhood 2014-03-27
  Xixi was born into a special family in Luonan village, Hefei, Anhui province. Her father is polio ...
(1416) Views|(2) Replies
Story behind the Scene 2014-03-26
Can you guess what happened and why the girl is in the tree? As you can see, she is young and beautifully dressed. It's not common t ...
(1738) Views|(2) Replies

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raicy 2015-4-24 16:51
Hello Rich, long time no see. How are you recently?
Sheena1208 2014-3-12 21:00
rich : Hi, Sheena. Long time no see. So glad to see you again. Thanks for the nice words. I'm flattered, really. To tell the truth, I write less now. You may ... Haha, you are still so humorous and optmistic. I have known it from your other blogs, which startled me. I sincerely wish you have a sound body and a happy life. I can't tell for exact reason why I didn't come here. Maybe I was waiting for a day that everything goes better, like I wouldn't be worried about my work. Never mind. Th ... ...
Sheena1208 2014-3-12 18:48
Hi, rich. You are still here. Glad to see your blogs on the home page when I logged in just now. Today I watched the movie <to kill a mocking bird>, which reminded me of you. I remember you wrote a blog about it after you finished reading the novel. So much want to say, but in a word, you are indeed my idol cause you insist on writing here. Best wishes. I will read more later.  
沧海一粟 2013-7-26 11:55
Great writings!
Soar 2012-12-27 08:16
The New Year is coming. Happy New Year to you! Best wishes!
Soar 2012-9-29 09:55
Happy Mid-autumn Day!
bluephoebe 2012-9-6 16:47
rich: have been wondering where you've gone. how have you been lately, my friend? beginning to feel worried.
I'm fine now, thanks my friend.
Soar 2012-8-7 23:13
Long time no see. How's your vacation?
sedgehead 2012-6-12 11:28
rich : Hi Phil. I'm sorry to trouble you. While teaching, we came across a sentence which we're not sure of. "We won't be able to have much for Christma If you "make" such a present you would "make only one present for all of us" so the original sentence is awkward.  This often happens when non-native speakers make English tests!   The word "give" is good as you used it. pH ...
heai88 2012-4-27 17:38
You are a great teacher. Wish you have a nice Labour Day. Hehe..
Sheena1208 2012-2-7 14:02
rich: hi sheena! Happy new year! what's up? busy as a bee? nothing special, just kind of missing you. hehe. anyway, may the year of the dragon bring you hea
Happy new year. Wish you a wonderful 2012.
As for me, I didn't show up here for a long time, since I was extremely busy last term. I have so much to share with you. Heihei.
lushanshan9010 2012-1-22 19:01
Happy New Year,my dear teacher!
bluephoebe 2011-12-30 16:20
Time has no divisions to mark its passage. One day to go and New Year 2012 will be there. No bells ringing, no thunderstorm coming to announce this special moment except warming greetings from friends. Happy New Year to you and your family!
qinqinjennifer 2011-12-30 15:59
Hi Rich, Happy New Year to you & your family.
highfive 2011-10-18 19:06
oh, and is your birthday really in 10.10 or it's just a cover for the internet account, if it's true, happy b-day and best regards!
highfive 2011-10-18 19:02
rich : how are you doing? got a good job? somewhere in the south? think of you sometimes. i just want to say hi and best wishes. thank you so much!  I'm doing fine down the south.  still on the road, long trip, huh?  but it's gonna end somewhere along the way, so I think I'm gonna wrap up the journey and start anew somewhere along the southern coast before winter kicks in, cuz I totally love the weather and the environment here, much comfortable than the north, ... ...
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