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Weekend Sports: Badminton 2012-02-13
After a lazy spring festival, perhaps the most annoying thing is how many weight you got during the holiday. Nowadays, as the life level has bee ...
(524) Views|(4) Replies
Nightmare 2012-02-09
For a long time, I have been confused by a nightmare, I can’t get rid of it even though I have nothing to do with it now. Perhaps it’s a lit ...
(598) Views|(8) Replies
Keep going 2012-02-08
It's easy to start a thing but to stick it out. I'm exactly the right person described above. Always,I make a plan to do something with a f ...
(599) Views|(10) Replies
Damned Training 2012-02-06
Until my arriving at the company this morning, an email noticed that there’s a training for SAP in the conference room. By the way, SAP ( Syste ...
(528) Views|(9) Replies
Spring outing 2011-03-21
Last saturday,the company organized a spring outing to paly live CS. This was the first time for me to play live CS,and a soldier was al ...
(560) Views|(0) Replies

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mei2011 2012-2-9 15:15
Glad to be your friend in DioEnglish ...
shoney 2011-4-3 13:25
taho4012: Wow ,so many beautiful phtos.
shoney 2011-3-21 13:55
I come here!
shoney 2011-3-21 13:54
taho4012: Wow ,so many beautiful phtos.
haha~~~~thank you for your nice words.
admin 2010-12-6 16:50
taho4012: I remember clearly,one year ago, you celebrated that the registered users had broken through 10,000.It looks the situation is not that satisfactory,I'
admin 2010-12-6 16:35
taho4012: Could you tell me how many registered user on DioEnglish now?
There are 24811 members on now.
admin 2010-12-6 16:20
taho4012: Hi,big boss,I'm back to back you,say hello to u.
Hi, welcome back, my friend
lyh 2010-1-11 14:13
taho4012: If you have spare time,you can add more content to yr blog!haha
good idea, hehe....
superlucy 2010-1-10 22:19
,thank you very much!
leaving 2010-1-8 15:41
taho4012: just come by
sunshine2009 2010-1-7 13:26
I also come to see you
tantan 2010-1-7 11:37
taho4012: WOW,so early,so you should enjoy yr holiday for about two months.I envy you so much!
blackswan 2010-1-6 23:31
taho4012: Hand in hand?? So amphibolous.....Ok,let's do it.
Are u a college student?
lol...i am just kidding
yeah,u bet it, but i am going to be graduate
blackswan 2010-1-6 21:50
taho4012: It's my honor.wish we will have a good time here and improve our wnglish.
That's awesome....let's help each other hand in hand..
blackswan 2010-1-6 21:08
hi buddy thank u 4 the add and i am  glad to be a friend of u ...
tantan 2010-1-6 19:00
taho4012: yeah,you are right.
When will you enjoy yr winter holiday?
Already had a holiday。。
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