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  • what a nice drink and dinner today !! lv it !! Reply
  • yeaaah!! Christmas !!! Reply
  • final day for this year study !! Reply
  • It's that everyone scare of hvin' their 30 years old birthday !! Reply
  • a guy who was asked by his girl friend for why he chucked her ! & he said: " how could i hanging out with a zombie !!" awesome !! Reply
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01/10/10 2011-10-01
Hope, hope there's a conversion, where we both admit we had it good, but until then, it's alienation i know that much i unsderstood, and i realize... ...
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yeah !! two weeks to go !! 2011-09-26
ok, it's closer & closer to the final , and i still cn't foucs on study !! what the hell am i doin' ? Anyway, new week 's comin' . well, last w ...
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hi !! comin' back again !!! 2010-12-13
hi u guys!! miss ya a lot coz i hvn't show up on this website for a long long time !!!  anyway not really a long time, innit,  just a coupl ...
(929) Views|(3) Replies
God ! i was so exhaused !! 2010-11-13
pepole alway felt down when they in really tough situation.....   woow , i was ... Final exam s coming in next week, i was just like fre ...
(892) Views|(8) Replies
that's really funny article share with u guys !!! oha! 2010-11-10
Boys, Boys, Boys: Dating Chinese Guys It’s not fair." I often whine to my French boyfriend. "It’s like a playground for you western guys her ...
(896) Views|(5) Replies

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possible 2011-11-4 19:45
glad to see you
J-Yinlein 2011-10-5 13:25
yeah i'm gd, sorry for late reply tho !!
summerhill 2011-10-2 23:45
how r u.?
yaping 2010-12-13 21:38
J-Yinlein: " Hey ya goin' " means "how you going"  is a informal way !!
Oh hmmmm I get it~~
yaping 2010-12-13 20:16
J-Yinlein: u should learn how to use that !! coz that s what we use in Aus while we use facebook !!!
But I don't know what is it mean!
yaping 2010-12-13 11:39
J-Yinlein: hello !! hey ya goin' !!
I really can't know what do u mean. especially about ur abbreviation
yaping 2010-12-9 13:05
Glad to see u~
J-Yinlein 2010-11-16 20:59
that s smile act !!
sedgehead 2010-11-16 03:16
J-Yinlein: hey u going !!  bro !! r u still in  China,  right now ??
I have never been to China.  I am in Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA.
uknowsue 2010-11-14 20:53
J-Yinlein: thnks 4 add me up, tho, I from Austalia.......... nice to mt u!!!
austrlia..oh .nice to meet you
bluephoebe 2010-11-11 13:59
J-Yinlein: Hey, i hv gn tho ur writing, that's great writting. innit tho, i found out that u always use sm tricky words.... Emm.. u'd better try to use simple wo
thank you very much for your kindly suggestion. I'll try but i am sure i could use many abs like you did.
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