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  • Real NameLi Lianjie
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1981 - 10 - 20
  • Birthplace黑龙江 大庆
  • Residence黑龙江 大庆
  • Blood TypeAB
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It is weekend again ! 2009-10-30
How I hope it is weekend when Monday begins . Today it is Friday . Haha!!!How I am happy !!Tomorrow I can have a long and sound sleep . I needn't ...
(696) Views|(5) Replies
Try 2009-09-28
(632) Views|(0) Replies
Long time not to be here ! 2009-09-24
Recently I was busy with my job .So I hadn't got too much time to visit here .This morning I got up early for sports and came to  my workpl ...
(632) Views|(5) Replies
That is why?? 2009-09-15
Recently I found I can't sleep well ! Every time when I felt very sleepy , but when I lay down in bed , I couldn't get asleep. That annoyed ...
(734) Views|(7) Replies
We will never see each other this life ! 2009-09-15
Today one of my colleagues came to my office and asked me a question: What is the Chinese meaning of the following sentence : We will never see each ...
(640) Views|(5) Replies

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moli 2014-1-28 11:40
long time no see, and happy new year!
Oldguypeter 2009-9-30 18:14
Happy National Day and Best Wishes to the Diamond Jubilee of the Founding of Our Motherland!
waywendy 2009-9-10 17:39
Fly2you: Thank you so much !
You 're welcome
waywendy 2009-9-10 17:33
Fly2you: Thank you so much !
You 're welcome
waywendy 2009-9-10 12:39
Hey,Fly2you.  Happy Teachers' Day
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 16:08
Li Lianjie: I am sorry , I have to go for my work . Work time now . Haha
Keep in touch !!
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 16:03
Li Lianjie: Haha ! Here I am just a small worm . You know many e\xcellent English learners here . We can make progress together !
OK,let's make progress together!
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 15:56
Li Lianjie: I was a Normal University student before . I had left the school for 5 five years . I am older than you . Haha !
I hope I can learn something from you.Nice to meet you!
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 15:44
Li Lianjie: Haha ! Of course . it is not me . Your avatar looks like very young . and are you a university student now?
Yes,I'm a student in Xuzhou Normal University.What about you?
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 15:42
Li Lianjie: Is the avatar yourself ?
Yes,but iI believe that yours is not yourself
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 15:30
Li Lianjie: Is the avatar yourself ?
Yes,but I believe that yours is not yourself.
Daisy19890515 2009-9-3 15:23
Li Lianjie: Hello ! Welcome here !!
cssnhz 2009-9-3 15:18
Li Lianjie: Oh ! Is it true ?   It is my great pleasure .
yes, i just apply the space, maybe 15 minutes ago,so, you come.
welcome here!
cssnhz 2009-9-3 14:54
hello, glad to know you! you are the first person visit my space.
Amanda~ 2009-8-12 13:38
Fly2you: Thank you again ! Are there many menbers here ? Do the members here all write in English ?
you mean how many members here?There are 9658 membes registered here, and they are all English-lovers and write everything in English. more practice, friend, it's really helpful for us to write blogs here.
Amanda~ 2009-8-12 13:26
Fly2you: Thank you for your words ! I am new here ! I don't know what I should do here !So I really hope you can help me !
it's my pleasure~ If you have any questions, just come to me, I'll try my best to help u.
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