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Crazy boy 2010-10-28
  Thu, Oct 28, 2010  ZhuHai       Morning, I passed by my mother. My mother said to me: "Weared three, are y ...
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Forest birds are there any big. 2010-10-26
  Tue, Oct 26, 2010      Last night, I found an old man was selling tangerine when I went home from company. The first ...
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Trust you. 2010-10-20
   Like flowers sway in the wind, like rain moisten the earth. We leaned each other to live. In my depths of my heart, your gentle smile ...
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Argument 2010-10-12
     Arguments are everywhere      You may be surprised to hear that the word "argument" does n ...
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Rainning day 2010-10-10
     Rainning, Sunday, Oct 10, 2010      Rainning day, a relentless autumnal rain. It hardly ever rain like l ...
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yaping 2011-7-15 16:07
long time  no see u~
O'Bright 2010-10-20 15:35
Hi, nice to see you.
littlegrass 2010-9-24 11:00
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
miaomiaoxsi 2010-9-18 12:42
Rosslaw: Nice to meet you too.
r y in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center?
miaomiaoxsi 2010-9-17 17:08
Hi,nice to meet you~
sedgehead 2010-9-14 09:06
Rosslaw: I'm sure be friend with you will be fun and happy.
Better English: "being"

I use the -ing form for an action that is happening now!
sedgehead 2010-9-14 06:51
Rosslaw : I learn from American movie and Tvshow.    You have exeperience the rich tradition of Amercian! Only one?  HA!  Please forgive my humor!  I love to tease.  Why do I say "only one?"  Because you said, "I learn from American movie and TV show."  There's more than one, I would guess, so I would say "I learn from American movies and TV shows.  You have experienced the rich tradition of America and the Ameri ... ...
sedgehead 2010-9-13 16:37
Rosslaw: I like your blog,like to make friends with you. I love Chinese and American Culture.
American culture is very familiar to me for two reasons: I'm an American AND I have lived and worked in several different areas.  Chinese culture is very different.  It varies more across that country and it is not taught much in American schools.
waywendy 2010-9-13 10:11
are you studying in Guangzhou University ?
venus 2010-9-10 08:44
Rosslaw: Thinks&Nice to meet you!  
I went to Shanghai at 2008.02  I like Shanghai!
Glad to hear that u like Shanghai. Hope u have chance to come to my city again.
venus 2010-9-9 10:52
Welcome to Dio~
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