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  • Everything has changed, I just need to take a couple of days off to give my heart a break. Reply
  • sorry, I am late. Reply
  • Guys, happy new year, wish you guys everything gonna be fine. Reply
  • You will find the strength when people bring you down, they will see, if you would only noly believe. be strong, don't be afraid to succeed~~ Reply
  • Morning guys~~ Reply
  • Real NameBright
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday11 - 20
  • Residence四川 成都
  • Blood TypeO

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  Aubrey Beardsley, English, a great aritst. He is my favorite decorative picture artist. A genius like him is sad that ...
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May 3 2012-05-03
Nothing special, just met a heavy rain at noon. And, met a nice words, "Do you believe there is a kind of sentiment that will never be beaten b ...
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May day 2012-04-29
May day arrived, almost everyone of our dorm has gone home, only me stay~ My friend gave me a call that invite me come over to hang out with her sp ...
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Hang on 2012-04-28
  I know that I have been absent here for a long time. Just don't know why to be that, the passion of English is fading. In fact, ...
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xiaoquan 2013-1-24 08:40
O'Bright: back.
long time no see,sweetheart.How I miss u!!!
yaping 2012-7-22 17:40
Honey~ what's about ur vacation~
yaping 2012-4-28 14:30
O'Bright: Actually, Not very well. just alive~~thanks, honey~
yaping 2012-4-8 18:37
Hoeny~ what's going on?
yaping 2012-3-4 11:37
O'Bright: Welcome, I will back here as soon as possible. I miss this place. miss you all.
Missing u too~
yaping 2012-3-4 11:37
O'Bright: just so-so.
yaping 2012-3-2 14:12
O'Bright: Honey, I am back~~it's quite warm to be here.
Honey, i am here too~
yaping 2012-3-2 09:06
What's going on?
yaping 2012-3-2 09:06
Honey. i am back!
jeniffer 2012-1-22 09:41
happy new  year!
rachelzhaorui 2012-1-13 16:46
O'Bright: Busy, busy~~
Hi, dear, I'm finally back~~ Long time no see~~
xiaoquan 2012-1-9 19:51
O'Bright: Happy New Yeah~~beat wishes to you~~
yaping 2012-1-3 20:18
O'Bright: Honey, happy new year, happy everyday~~
The same to u honey
snowflying 2012-1-3 16:55
O'Bright: Happy New Year uh, sister S~~
so glad to receive your new year's greeting, xiaohong,ahaaa, i like the name. wish your new year more nice ,more beauty,more enjoying, more good luck!
xiaoquan 2011-12-6 20:51
long time haven't see you .miss you darling.
cabin 2011-11-10 06:01
O'Bright: Yes, sometimes I felt that too, it's really upset.
Cheer up, after all, it's rare not always, right? hehe.
morning, heny, i see you are always superstar in Dioenglish, xixi, congratunations!
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