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PHANTOM 2010-10-27
         In the dawn of a couple of days ago,when I was jogging along the lane of Waxing Square as usual,I ...
(1216) Views|(3) Replies
SHAMAN PRIEST 2010-10-12
       In the history of Warcraft 2,Orc originally is an ancient and peaceful race.They once created great civilizati ...
(1243) Views|(3) Replies
THE CUP 2010-10-05
       Although it's a little pity that all the candidates of China failed in the quaterfinal of the WCG of the warcr ...
(1141) Views|(1) Replies
SEQUENCE 2010-10-03
        Before holiday,I was nearly exhausted.Because I spent most of the daylights on the bus to meet ...
(1135) Views|(4) Replies
INTERVIEWS 2010-09-24
         It has been one week sharp since I began to look for a job.Last week I got four shots to ...
(1328) Views|(4) Replies

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Fionahere 2012-3-6 12:16
Long time no see, my friend.
Fionahere 2012-2-1 10:55
woods: Hi~
Hi, long time no contact huh~
possible 2011-12-30 14:50
liudan89 2011-12-28 15:15
Nice to meet you
Fionahere 2011-9-1 22:08
woods: Hi~
Hello, long time no see huh~
lucille02 2011-9-1 20:44
just can't think of which cartoon is your avatar in
yaping 2011-7-3 07:51
Fionahere 2011-4-27 16:52
woods: He,Fio,how's going?Did you receive your photoes?
Yes, i did. You really sent me most of the photos huh. Thanks. I like them very much. These days i am a little busy huh. How about you?
Tange 2011-4-10 20:38
woods: Hi~buddy.
how is your days ,
catnfish 2011-4-8 04:16
woods: I have a flight to Beijing at 11:40 this morning~Haha.
Travel tight! hey hope you enjoy the spring of BJ v much! and tells us how it goes then:)
Janice 2011-4-7 11:29
It's a long time since you last updated your blog huh~
Janice 2011-4-7 11:27
I'm back~~
catnfish 2011-4-7 01:40
woods: Hi~what's up?Melissa
Hey~ Back from Turkey 2 weeks ago and now am busy with study.:(.. got a lot on my plate for sure~~~How have u been?
Fionahere 2011-4-6 11:47
woods: Hi!
Fionahere 2011-4-3 23:00
While i was waiting for your answer, I noticed the time you left this message. You, naughty boy! I was fooled by you.
Fionahere 2011-4-2 07:17
woods: Fio,I'll stay in Beijing for two weeks after the Tomb-sweeping Day,haha~
Oh, really, cool. Where are you going to stay exactly? If you have time and want to see around, i 'm available to be your tour guide huh. Have a nice day~
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