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admin 2012-11-5 22:44
Miranda: Helllo, I am in China Agricultrual University, Haidian district. Where district are you in?
ChaoYan District
woods 2010-2-13 08:37
Happy New Year~
woods 2010-2-1 11:09
Miranda: hehe, still in the university, i'm being busy with the experiment those days.
Science achievement comes from repeated experiments.I suspect I have never done something like that,I wish I could stay in some laboratory~
woods 2010-1-29 21:26
Haven't seen you for a long time,where have you been?
olive214 2010-1-25 21:17
you haven't come here for long time!
winner 2010-1-22 14:53
long time no see .hehe .oh ,the exam ,the last one .there must be nothing but blood and dead body in the classroom .
woods 2010-1-16 12:23
Miranda: hehe, you're right. When I log in dioEnglish, I tried many english names, finding that they already have been used by others. So I remembered the film
Miranda 拉丁 令人钦佩或敬重的人
woods 2010-1-15 22:30
Hi,girl~how is your day?Suddenly,I feel curious why your english name is that one?Did you get the inspiration from The Devil Wears Prada?
olive214 2010-1-10 17:43
Miranda: hehe, don't learn to me, I haven't been here for a long time either. We should encourage each other!
i forgot the keys of this blog,and then im back!
taho4012 2010-1-6 20:39
moli 2010-1-4 08:33
Miranda: Happy new year!
taho4012 2010-1-3 23:20
Miranda: You are welcomed anytime.
thank u very much!Time to bed...
taho4012 2010-1-3 22:10
come,and go
Dolores 2010-1-2 10:14
Miranda: Darling, happy new year and wish you a good score in the coming English examination.
Happy everyday ,Honey!Wish you meet your prince this year!
Dolores 2010-1-1 19:18
Miranda: Darling, happy new year and wish you a good score in the coming English examination.
Thank you ,honey,I will try my best!Wish myself good luck!
Samaritan 2010-1-1 19:02
Miranda: Happy new year!
Happy new year!
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