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Debbie Love Music [Favorites] [Copy] [Shares] [RSS] Hello! I'm Debbie, I love sunshine I love music I love to make friends ......


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  • come back from shenzhen, long journey in deed Reply
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  • I just make a decision that since I 'm at home and don't have some important things to do and I want try to write a blog everyday.hope I can do that and really can write something in blog!hehe Reply
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  • feel tired ! nothing happy!  Reply
  • Real NameDebbie
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1991 - 2 - 17
  • Birthplace湖北 武汉
  • Residence湖北 武汉
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Debbie 2013-5-26 22:09
JorainFrank 2013-5-26 16:56
Debbie 2012-7-3 10:49
don't be upset ,I especial upload her avatar in my album ,you can see her
Kimi011812 2012-7-2 14:37
Debbie: your avatar really looks like my high school friend ,I almost thought you were her!
Haha, glad and a bit upset mingled together when I heard what u sad. I guess u may know it. What made me happy is that I looks like one of ur friend and wish we could be good net friend, haha. What upset me is my common looks.
Debbie 2012-6-1 14:23
wilin 2012-5-21 23:45
so just enjoy the time ,may you happy
如主文 2012-2-10 19:24
Debbie: you are really productive
Thank you.I'll produce more in future.
jealousily 2011-5-28 14:53
Happy to be your friend
Karen_C 2011-4-9 22:15
you are a lovely girl.
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