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  • long time no see, my DioEnglish. Reply
  • selfish hurt me,self-respect have lost since quarreled last night.when will this hurt be cured absolutely? Reply
  • release yourself, hug nice tomorrow Reply
  • realse yourself, hug nice tomorow Reply
  • calm down,calm down. don't think too much. Reply
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write to my elder male cousin 2011-12-28
Elder male cousin is my unique brother in my whole family. we have same age ,only his age  is elder eight moth than my impression ...
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About Military Affairs of China 2011-12-26
I  have no interest in military affairs and politics all the time. maybe you feel that i am too numb,  indiferent or unpatriotic and so on ...
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couldn't cutting off love. 2011-12-05
only within two days, we had several quarrels with my love as a result of some piece of cakes.sometimes i think maybe i had made ...
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quit job one by one 2011-12-01
since coming present company last year, many people are continuely away . May i will ever feel a bit sad .with time past, i have been accustome ...
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thinking well before act 2011-11-23
These days i feel unconfident,dispointed and upset,only because i never think well before dealing with some things.bosom friend and boyfriend h ...
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rayshine 2011-12-12 16:29
Quncy: nice to meet you
Nice to meet you too,
kathena 2011-12-2 15:52
Quncy: nice to meet you, my friend. you look like so young and beautiful that i feel me get older and older. really hope keep young forever.
It's my pleasrue to see you,too. Don't say that,you are so young and charming. Actually I feel get old now either.
kathena 2011-12-2 15:48
Quncy: nice to meet you, my friend. you look like so young and beautiful that i feel me get older and older. really hope keep young forever.
It's my pleasure to see you,too. Don't say that. You are also so young and charming. In fact,sometimes I feel get old now,either.
WLC 2011-12-1 08:22
Quncy: i am glad to make friend with you, welcome to join us.
me too
SusieQ 2011-11-23 09:18
Quncy: your avatar is very pretty
Thanks,so many friends hold the same view as you.
Quncy 2011-11-18 15:22
ring_in_love 2011-11-18 09:08
Quncy: I'm very glad to make friend with you.
me too
sugar19860605 2011-11-10 15:38
Quncy: you must know a lot about Business English. may I make friends with you?
I am glad to be ur friend
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