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  • try to write something, but have nothing to say... Reply
  • Moving forward. Reply
  • The Chinese don't want to press North Korea because they're afraid of losing face.  Right?  Reply
  • I've had a gruelling day. Reply
  • It's not that easy. Reply
  • Real NameJuliana
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday2 - 18
  • HoroscopeAquarius
  • Birthplace江苏 南京
  • Residence江苏省 南京市
  • OccupationLegal
  • RelationshipMarried
  • Blood TypeB

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Can We Just Lie Flat? 2022-09-16
Lying Flat here means a mentality of rejecting rat race. Why do we have that conception? Because in this crowded (literally) country full of comp ...
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Suffering for Who I am 2022-09-02
I ’ m a person who ’ s very self-conscious and has a relatively low self-esteem. I realized that back in college. I obtained the highest score ...
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Dog Days are Over 2022-08-24
Finally, the dog days are over, gone with the electricity shortage, working-from-home, the burning, hot and humid feeling when you are exposed unde ...
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Coming back... 2020-03-07
I haven't logged in DioEnglish for more than four years and now I come back. Life has changed dramatically. I had a little baby girl and everythi ...
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This Summer I Travelled to Japan 2016-10-21
This summer, I spent seven exciting days in Japan. My Hubby and I visited Tokyo, Sapporo and several small cities in Hokkaido. We planned our trip on ...
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davidjuyong Yesterday  10:48
hello . how about is your situation now. It is a long time did not received your messages.
monkid 2012-4-23 21:21
Xtasy: Haven't seen you for a while... Where have you been?
Just have a lot of homework to do~
So busy!

How about you?
monkid 2012-4-10 18:07
corapaopao 2012-2-14 10:05
Xtasy: I might know this gentleman on your avatar. He looks familiar. Can you please kindly tell me his name?
Dont know whether i've replied succesfully or not cuz i cant see it. Anyway, this is Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey, known as the occasionally twittering Dandan dragon on twitter. Adorable, huh
corapaopao 2012-2-14 08:12
Xtasy: I might know this gentleman on your avatar. He looks familiar. Can you please kindly tell me his name?
Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey~大表哥嘛
monkid 2012-1-27 18:43
Why don't you write something to share with us? I really think you're good at writing~
2amlittle 2012-1-25 16:45
Xtasy: Another aquarius! Hey, your are my first visitor, nice to meet you!
Nice to meet you too.
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