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  • Holiday for Spring Festival will come soon, and it seems that I become lazier and lazier. Reply
  • That superior is a pain in the ass, it seems that he never wants you to live and work leisurely, he always appoints some annoying tasks to his subordinates. The luckiest thing is he stays at Korea. Reply
  • I have nothing to do and want to read something, but superior sits behind us. I couldn't do things freely, how poor I am. Reply
  • Life is unavoidably hard, and we always desire to lead a satisfactory life, in which we can do everything at our own will. Reply
  • Is it better for me to change a job next year? I would like to have a job which makes my heart filled with fulfillment. Sometimes I am really tired of working in current company. Leave or stay? Reply
  • Real NameKATE
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday7 - 21
  • Residence广东 惠州

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my poor english 2015-10-27
Today I go to a factory for interview, and the UK employer interviewed me fact to face. What a shame, my english listening skill is so bad, I cannot c ...
(1183) Views|(11) Replies
7-18 2013-07-18
This morning one of neighbour said she lost two chicks, as my parents are not at home at that moment, she shouted my granny to go over to ...
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my granny 2 2013-07-16
My granny said she would miss me very much if I go to work in the big city after this spring festival, and she would even cover her ...
(1315) Views|(5) Replies
my granny 2013-07-12
For a special reason, now I stay at home not go outside to work in the big city.   The person I would like to talk abou ...
(1319) Views|(4) Replies
2013-4-25 2013-04-25
Today is the last day I work at the company, for which I already have served more than three years and nine months. Originally, I  ...
(1339) Views|(7) Replies

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moli 2014-1-28 11:41
long time no see, and happy new year!
loly90 2013-10-26 14:02
Where are you? What are you doing now? Three months didn't see you here already, i miss you, dear, when you come back, contact me and add my qq, i'd like to be your friend
loly90 2013-10-26 13:53
Dear friend, long time no see you! How are you lately?
loly90 2013-5-9 09:10
heai88: Loly, thank you for your message. I never ever forget you all. As you all are my best and kind friends. Honestly, I like DIOENGLISH website very much  ...
   So nice to hear from you! Come on! May you have a good job! Good luck, my friend!
loly90 2013-5-1 22:35
Dea tomto, don't forget us! Do remember to see us here. So much thanks for giving us good memories here, thank you so much, u are a diligent person!
loly90 2012-12-18 21:34
heai88: ..Loly, I am glad and feel warmth when seeing your kind greetings. Our weekend is from Saturday afternoon to Sunday. And during this interval I
Happy to hear that your life is full of sunshine, well done, cheers! Happy everyday!
loly90 2012-12-17 21:25
Dear tomato, what are you doing now? How is your wok and your life?
Soar 2012-9-29 09:56
Happy Mid-autumn Day!
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