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  • i need a girlfriend.. Reply
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  • read secend to get life.生命不永久,爱生命应读秒求生 Reply
  • qued my job Reply
  • communit e are so difficule ,true heart are so can direct in kind mind to come togeder.如何真心感受美妙情感 Reply
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go aheard继续 2011-07-30
learning, go aheard.miss mind,where is true?多歧路,难分辨,日子继续生命继续,危机隐伏。   迷失思想。everyday do what they not re ...
(1160) Views|(1) Replies
who delete me 2011-07-29
Delete suntree posted a new blog 15 hours ago keep mind注意 somebody delete me.why?no like may show here,learning ,any w ...
(784) Views|(0) Replies
what is wrong?什么问题?继续无视 2011-07-22
maybe neglect to love,massege to familly in MOBILE PHONE.tell them what happen every day,what change every day,what improve every day.know self and ...
(848) Views|(0) Replies
learn more,know more坐言起行 2011-07-20
learn more,know more坐言起行   learning like a war?win or die.the  mean is that in limit time finish your action that get win. &nb ...
(1030) Views|(0) Replies
sleep well?it is time to get up掌握生命的时间开始了 2011-07-18
good moning.let us find the life great power from now together if you want.maybe i do not know how to do,but i want to do it.maybe the heart is& ...
(835) Views|(2) Replies

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suntree 2011-7-5 06:56
yes.i need a girl who intersted in life
maturebaby 2011-7-4 07:05
are u along
suntree 2011-7-2 07:33
hi ,come for have a look?
linda@crab 2011-7-1 14:53
Tulips 2011-6-24 13:28
suntree: single?
what's your meaning?
yaping 2011-6-16 17:35
suntree 2011-4-1 16:28
littlegrass 2010-8-15 09:08
Offer our sincerest and profoundest condolences to the victims as the disastrous debris flow and the best regards and expectations to the alive!
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