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  • (A mute witness)She sees it! The train is slowly moving on the railway bridge. She waves a hand across the window & across the bridge. In a second, the last compartment disappears into sight. Reply
  • Back home from US,son-in-law brings for me 2 Polo T-shirts bought in NY.Back fr UK in Oct 1990,I also bought a T-shirt for my father-in-law:a brand-less one on a street stall during stopover in HK. Reply
  • 9-year-old girl told housekeeping auntie while putting on her white skirt:“Don’t tell dad (fearing stains?) & I ’d say you put it on for me if he blames”I’ve no idea if the lie is white or black ... Reply
  • At the crossrd after 7am,I see boys & girls to & fro in all directions with/without escort.Some to this school,some that one,some to branch/attached school,others on their way to an experimental one. ... Reply
  • Why,you may wonder,few people are seen in the living area? Too early in the morn? No.Turning back to look over the other side of the bridge,I see so many people walking/running on trails by the creek. Reply
  • Real Name刘健平
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1960 -
  • HoroscopeCapricorn
  • Birthplace山东 潍坊
  • Residence江苏 南京
  • Blood TypeO

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Climbing is Climbing 2022-11-30
Mt Emei, a stock listed on Shanghai stock exchange, is really hopeless. At least till today.  I first bought it below 7 Yuan on broking ...
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The Art of Complaint 2022-06-25
“ Dig again!”Yet I do not complain in public. Instead I respond to the apologies of drilling workers outside the unit I live: “Convenience ...
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A Key Talk 2021-09-15
Now my turn comes to be forgetful.   This morning no sooner had I closed the door than I remember my key was inside. Things like this h ...
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Like Grandfather, Like Granddaughter 2020-08-30
Waiting at bus stop near Zijinshan   telpher  this morning, I heard a man in his 70s boasting of his granddaughter  (follow ...
(830) Views|(1) Replies
Men in Vigilance 2020-07-10
With two fried leek pies & a cup of soybean milk, I slipped through the small door into the community DT Homeland, the only side gate convenien ...
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