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  • "Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves." Being a penny, I have been taking care of myself only, and never worry about daughter, the pound, and her own business. Reply
  • Two women walking by, I heard one said to the other:“Nowadays even the kids can speak English.” I asked Grace:”Hear what the granny said? Can you speak English?” Grace:“Of course,I’m an American ... Reply
  • Sometimes you have to wheel your trolley backward in order to pull it forward, and in this sense, a step by step back is in fact a step by step forward. Reply
  • A man’s life consists of“10000 miles & 10000 books”.10000 miles & 10000 books at same time? Or they complement each another? I prefer “a day’s travel brings me with a cart of knowledge.” ... Reply
  • “News is fire. Water is music, not news.” (A comment on hearing the IS leader dead and a London building on fire,) Reply
  • Real Name刘健平
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1960 -
  • HoroscopeCapricorn
  • Birthplace山东 潍坊
  • Residence江苏 南京
  • Blood TypeO

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Cultural T-shirt, a Brisk Business 2017-06-08
Nowadays, on the eve of college entrance exam, t-shirts with encouraging words worn on the 3-day exams are more and more popular among examinees ...
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Haste Makes Waste 2017-05-27
Typist’s computer out of order, Mr.Chen came to me in no time for the printed list of the last year's documents for the ones which would give hi ...
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Back Home from Airport 2017-03-22
Yellow cabs and motor tricycles drove close as the airport bus was entering the station. Before it had stopped, middle-aged men and women came up ...
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Tense Conscious 2017-03-20
Yihong Zhang, an interpreter of Guangdong, distinguishes “among” from “between” and “amid” in her article of translation skills with an ex ...
(144) Views|(0) Replies
Competition to Common Win 2017-03-16
  One man’s meat is another man’s poison is an English proverb; One man’s meat is dodged with toleration by another m ...
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