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  • 3 years ago I saw Xiaoxiao pick wild berry on ruins near home. Sending photo later I saw her out with uncle. I shouted fr behind:” Xiaoxiao, look back!” As expected the photo in my hand to this day ... Reply
  • First things first is common sense. Bliss is it in that second things not at all. But first things not at all is very heaven - he put right things before first and second ones. Reply
  • The crying child has milk to drink. As to the child who does not cry, he either has no milk to drink at all or has much better quality milk to drink. Reply
  • As to sages words,take Confucius as an example. Too many people highly look upon“constantly review what they’ve learned.” How many of them “constantly examine what they’ve done”? Reply
  • Snow melts away without trace in the streets. Yet I can still see some snow in shady corners on the terrace. I respect snow-sweeping workers, but the stubborn un-melted snow worth my more respect. Reply
  • Real Name刘健平
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1960 -
  • HoroscopeCapricorn
  • Birthplace山东 潍坊
  • Residence江苏 南京
  • Blood TypeO

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Year In Year Out 2018-02-12
    In the Namibia girl ’ s eyes, the dog and chicken are aware that one room cannot have two masters. With this in mind, the dog ...
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the Dust has Settled 2017-12-15
The dust has finally settled. Walking up the slope was an open clearing, vague with morning fog. Deadly cool after boiling, the machines ...
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A Man with a “Patriotic” Cap 2017-10-28
“Take me a picture,” the man saw me camera in hand.  Promising I’d give him the photo after it’s printed, I pointed the words“Make Ame ...
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Fishing Trouble 2017-07-25
   Following is a piece of diary written ten years ago. The tea house closed years ago, the river bank close by is now quiet.  ...
(234) Views|(0) Replies
Postmark Retains Memory 2017-07-01
Twenty years ago today I sent home a letter from KL as a special day to remember.  To my dismay, its postmark on the envelope - Kuala ...
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