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  • Back into the lift up after lunch  with Ms. Xiao and Ms.Shi. Xiao, looking at her hand phone, told Shi: “Oh, we did not finish today until after 11:40am.” Shi: “It’s simply a waste of life!” Reply
  • Dominance of FIFA world cup over, hundred flowers of TV sports programs are in full bloom again: tennis, biking, rowing, track & field events, women’s volleyball apart from the national Super League. ... Reply
  • The new hut of the rural market installed, a worker high up was painting the steel frames, under his feet beside happened to hang a sign board:“Do not damage public property.Do not smear at random." ... Reply
  • Elders & women who never watch World Cup are watching now. They also have their own heroes. But remember, that’s viewing. In real life few elders & women prefer their children to be such “fools”. ... Reply
  • Harmony & unity long way to go,harmony within disunity in my eyes: Before big screen the mother & son huddled together under a bath towel. Their face labels show one was with Swedish, another the UK ... Reply
  • Real Name刘健平
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  • Birthday1960 -
  • HoroscopeCapricorn
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  • Residence江苏 南京
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Year In Year Out 2018-02-12
    In the Namibia girl ’ s eyes, the dog and chicken are aware that one room cannot have two masters. With this in mind, the dog ...
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the Dust has Settled 2017-12-15
The dust has finally settled. Walking up the slope was an open clearing, vague with morning fog. Deadly cool after boiling, the machines ...
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A Man with a “Patriotic” Cap 2017-10-28
“Take me a picture,” the man saw me camera in hand.  Promising I’d give him the photo after it’s printed, I pointed the words“Make Ame ...
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Fishing Trouble 2017-07-25
   Following is a piece of diary written ten years ago. The tea house closed years ago, the river bank close by is now quiet.  ...
(287) Views|(0) Replies
Postmark Retains Memory 2017-07-01
Twenty years ago today I sent home a letter from KL as a special day to remember.  To my dismay, its postmark on the envelope - Kuala ...
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