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  • Wife put a box of moon cakes on table saying: “leave some to daughter.”10 days have passed, still there’s one left for today. No wonder I’ve a lion share of family sweet food with blood sugar norm ... Reply
  • Inflation is to take out elders’ money and give it to youngsters. “Bang!”“Who’s out?” Mother-in-law: “ Yue Yue goes to deposit money. Let her well-off a bit.” Reply
  • Is From the New World a patriotic song? Or, a 30-year immigrant speaking home dialect misses his home town? New York & Prague, bright & dark at night, & $15000/year.Dvorak’s patriotic? Yes, in a way. ... Reply
  • I save the Weixin photo of sister & her granddaughter at Wolf Valley entrance, a newly built grassland scenic spot north of Huolinguole with the title Zhu Chao Yin Feng - build nest to attract phoenix ... Reply
  • A girl is not a “soldier” just in a camouflage coat. She is a one in her camouflage coat with a logo to prove to which unit she belongs. “Nan1912”, Aha, a freshgirl from Nanjing Arts University. ... Reply
  • Real Name刘健平
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  • Birthday1960 -
  • HoroscopeCapricorn
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  • Residence江苏 南京
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Fishing Trouble 2017-07-25
   Following is a piece of diary written ten years ago. The tea house closed years ago, the river bank close by is now quiet.  ...
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Postmark Retains Memory 2017-07-01
Twenty years ago today I sent home a letter from KL as a special day to remember.  To my dismay, its postmark on the envelope - Kuala ...
(139) Views|(4) Replies
Cultural T-shirt, a Brisk Business 2017-06-08
Nowadays, on the eve of college entrance exam, t-shirts with encouraging words worn on the 3-day exams are more and more popular among examinees ...
(163) Views|(0) Replies
Haste Makes Waste 2017-05-27
Typist’s computer out of order, Mr.Chen came to me in no time for the printed list of the last year's documents for the ones which would give hi ...
(145) Views|(0) Replies
Back Home from Airport 2017-03-22
Yellow cabs and motor tricycles drove close as the airport bus was entering the station. Before it had stopped, middle-aged men and women came up ...
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