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  • Not a few runners, even 100-meter sprinters, failing in the finishing line are winners on the starting point, in other words, early to rise often makes a man early to bed. Reply
  • Kicking an empty mineral bottle to a girl of 6 by a roadside shop,I: “Kick back.” She took heart. The bottle was then kicked to & fro till the bus came.“Play with your dad,”I said & got on board ... Reply
  • Dandan’s avatar below Yangtze Evening Post’s Dandan weather report is forever a smiling face,Ruskin style optimism:There’s no such thing as bad weather.Heavy rain is good weather in different kind ... Reply
  • Back after a meeting with colleagues,wife:“We didn’t sign,the agreement has a sentence…”I amused on seeing the poster on the door I’d posted days earlier. It says:Guard against the contract trap ... Reply
  • “Do you have Maotai?”Aunt:“No.Thought of buying it at 700yuan,now it’s double.”She once said:“I lost a million from Aodong.After I sold it at 16,it climbed all the way to 130!”Now its price:15 ... Reply
  • Real Name刘健平
  • GenderMale
  • Birthday1960 -
  • HoroscopeCapricorn
  • Birthplace山东 潍坊
  • Residence江苏 南京
  • Blood TypeO

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Real Business 2020-02-13
Kept indoors for days, many ladies are busily finding something to do, say, to let a broom stand on end.   Except daughter,who, busily ...
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Cat and Rat 2020-01-19
Dog eats rat we’d say “It’s none of your buisiness.”  What about cat eats rat?  “Good, but some other time. It’s pet now,”w ...
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Rat the Cowrie 2020-01-18
Now a rat crossing the street is met by people who are yelling “Well! Well!” instead of “Kill! Kill!” Time is the best choice before an ...
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On the Move 2020-01-11
Laptop broke down. I had to be hurry.  It started raining a few steps outdoors, drizzle at first and then more than drizzle…  Navi ...
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Sleep or Not 2020-01-03
Aunt asked me to translate a Chinese meditative poem to help her to sleep. Enclosed here is my rough translation: Worries away in the sti ...
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