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  • Every one can be our teacher even a child in three years old. So be modest. Reply
  • Real Namemaxiaoqin
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  • Birthplace安徽省 巢湖市 无为县 牛埠镇
  • Residence浙江省 温州市 龙湾区 蒲州街道
  • Occupationmerchandiser
  • Blood TypeA

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To admit your mediocrity is also a kind of greatness 2023-04-23
 When I was scanning the new updating in QQ space. I found one of my previous colleagues sent a short message and suggested that she has been det ...
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About concentration 2022-11-27
   I am learning the driving licence these days. I had thought it is not so difficult. But may be I am totally wrong since I failed in subje ...
(514) Views|(2) Replies
leanr to change something about myself 2022-07-31
     When I was helping my little son to have a bath. He told me that if I can I make up myself. for example, use some lipstick or have ...
(336) Views|(0) Replies
the embarrased situation 2022-07-30
Today there is a woman client coming for buying post-stewed meat and cold dishes with her two little sons. There are about 6 people in our small shop. ...
(345) Views|(0) Replies
The mistake at work 2022-05-16
I made a mistake at work. It annoyed me a lot.  We print the labels. The US client require 1/4 " spcae before and after the barcode. And My boss ...
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sys 2017-6-14 10:31
I just want to say you are so unlucky on your marriage . To be honeysty , you must strong yourself first and don't yell to your husband . at the same time , pay more attention to your daughter. with the time past , you will the answer about your worried problem.  especailly speaking , trust yourself and to be passionate in life , don't interested in any other men before you are in better economy class.
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