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  • Iam back...haha Reply
  • Everyone of my dormitory is crazy about graduate paper now. Me, included, of course, with the complicated data to analyse. This shall pass, too..... in a month...... Reply
  • Let the past be the past We need to look to the future Even when we think we have seen it all Life can still surprise us And we can still surprise ourselves Reply
  • Today my plants list has reached 5900. oh yeah, i am near my aim. ps: it is interesting to listen to the Lecture of history online while doing repeated boring typing work.Reply
  • Today when i was in the greenhouse watering my young plants, I saw a big spider several times. It was awful. Oh my God, hope it disappears forever... Reply
  • Real Namewondercat
  • GenderFemale
  • Birthday1988 -
  • Residence北京 海淀
  • Blood TypeO

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good news bad news 2009-09-10
I passed the English test for graduate students. So happy and then I immediately went back to BJFU.  HAHA .... Although it took me one hour t ...
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Things get back to normal 2009-09-08
NOW I study in a new school, live in a new dormitory and play with some new friends. Everything seems familiar, normal school life, but I feel k ...
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Seeing the dawn 2009-05-30
After three days` striving at the lab, I finally finished half of my physiology experiments. And I finally make out what does Plant Physiology  ...
(529) Views|(15) Replies
Recession Career Guide: How to Move Up and On at Work 2009-05-27
Compare Your Paycheck You know what you make. But do you know what you could be making? Salaries are now pretty much an open secret, thanks to a fe ...
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To outstrip of authority

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liumaner_123 2009-8-6 14:50
Nice to meet you!
Edelweiss 2009-7-11 17:54
You 're named by Edelweiss,please visit my blog to read this blog--Got named by Shawle(Roll Call Game). Thanks for your participation.
Janice 2009-5-28 18:24
Nice to meet you.
rainygqh 2009-5-18 22:44
It's so cute here. I like it.
EC47 2009-5-13 21:33
are you busy ?
catnfish 2009-5-6 09:36
came to say thank you!! thanks for making life interesting! such a wonderful little lovely:)
catnfish 2009-5-5 20:31
hey cat I'm glad you are here online!!! would you please do me a little favor come and write something down on my blog :urgent call and I'd be really appreciated if you did so!!!
best wishes from catnfish!!
Thanks for your help first of all!!
catnfish 2009-5-2 17:16
seems the image of cute cat is very popular here :)
youngcq 2009-4-9 20:01
your icon is very cute
fangfeline 2009-3-30 22:40
Hello!Do you have something fresh recently?
Let's share your smile and tears together,please!
steven_hu 2009-3-24 23:03
Thank you so much! I will do it well.
I will keep an eye on you.
clark 2009-2-24 23:08
hi,how are you,I want to make friend with you,GOOD LUCK
bobwein 2009-2-20 09:46
hi , fat cat
shine-happy 2009-2-13 16:01
your space is very good,i hope i can study more things about english from you.
Donna 2009-1-31 22:40
Hello,it's you that take me into the English world.i found this space in baidu.
fangfeline 2009-1-5 15:24
wondercat: haha ,OK
I like your straight-lace!
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