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  • Love to have millet congee with dates, love to be on a date. What about my pun?     Reply
  • Be nice Don't be mean  Reply
  • What do you guys wear in your city now?  Reply
  • I’ve been working for almost 2 hours, consecutively. I need rest. And I hope people would understand it correctly. I am not slack off at work.  Reply
  • wonder if this website is going down or losing its heat, because a lot of notices are published like 2 or more years ago... But I find my way using it anyway.    Reply
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lolita2012 2011-4-11 22:38
hi  would you like to be my friend~~~~???
littlegrass 2010-9-24 11:01
On this warm occasion, one of the most simple to you my friend: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wonder whether my wishes can reach you. Let me drink a toast for my rriend with my best wishes.
littlegrass 2010-8-15 10:39
Offer our sincerest and profoundest condolences to the victims as the disastrous debris flow and the best regards and expectations to the alive!
littlegrass 2010-8-3 17:43
click_lily: Men's Day?! Did you fashion it by yourself, comparing it with 3.8 Women's Day?
littlegrass 2010-8-3 17:11
Happy Men's Day!
MrVan 2010-4-28 06:33
click_lily : Chinese being arrogant and pretentious? I certainly can't agree with you, and I believe you will feel the same as I do if you were on my account--bein Bob Dylan said "I was so much older than that now"...Some one else said "youth is wasted on the young"...Samuel Johnson said language is the dress of thought" Because we speak a different language with a different biography there will be a bridge to cross...we must keep trying ...
MrVan 2010-3-6 15:22
I believe you are correct that this feigning of modesty is like a peacock raising its arrogant and pretentious a bain in Chinese character...why not just speak your mind...tell the truth be transparent...forget losing face. I'm white with blue eyes it would be rediculous to pretend to be something else. I am not modest!
liudongming 2009-11-12 06:13
click_lily : Your English is Really Good! I can't help saying that. ^^ And every piece of your Diary is so long. You do have a lot to say, I guess. The world of Dioenglish is special.For me,who is an elder blogger here,it is a good refreshment after few hours's of hard work.Here,there are so many young talent and when i read some articles of them.i think they,in  whole, are the immportant part of future,i would like to express some ideas here and want to be helpful to th ... ...
qinjinggggg 2009-10-31 23:28
click_lily: I study English.
then i see why your english is good.I have a friend who study english also,hehe.
qinjinggggg 2009-10-31 23:16
click_lily: I am a junior. You are so gratified to say that! What do you study? And how old are you? I mean, are you in the same year with me in college?
I am a junior,hehe.And i study accounting,i was born in 1988.what do you stucy?
qinjinggggg 2009-10-31 22:24
click_lily: Sure you can add me, but I sorry that I can't add any more for there is a limit for me. I don't know, maybe my points is not enough to do so. Whatever
You are one year younger than me,but your english is much better than me.hehe.are you a sophomore or a junior?
珞韩 2009-8-9 22:11
click_lily: Hey you~ humorious you~
humorious? me? why?
小莫 2009-7-21 08:02
Hello!Nice to meet you!
danielrayslee 2009-7-17 14:04
click_lily: What do u mean by ignoring me, why, I am annoying? Ok, sometimes...I'd love read your writing. Why not, I am impressed by your excellent engli
Thanks. I'd thought you ...Each one of us has got a bright side as well as dark shadow in his life. Sometimes don't judge me by one article.
danielrayslee 2009-7-17 11:04
click_lily: Yes, what I got is a charming confident talented young boy who likes to challenge himself to the goal he has been long aiming for, but still paradoxic
We all are paradoxical one way or another. But I'd thought you had imagined me the way like that of the pessimistic, which I am not. That's why such a bold self introduction to you.

We all have memories. I could have ignored you but I can't. You wanna read my novels?
danielrayslee 2009-7-17 08:27
This is my self introduction.
And when I say a text message could kill a person, I mean the text message is from your b f or g f.
You would feel the same way. Don't laugh at me like that.
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